The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas. Building permits are listed online Monday under Metro Business.

To our readers: The property transfer listings for Sussex will be in future editions.

Louisa County listings will not be included until further notice.


209 N 19th St, U31; Alexander Steven S to Ihsan Zahra, $164,500.

1114 N 24th St; Schihl Joseph Benjamin to Baumgartner Colin and Johann, $256,000.

605 W 26th St; Tincher Daniell J and Lindsey B to Oplinger Michael R, $370,000.

523 N 28th St; Derenthal Lindsay B to Morgan Laura J, $305,000.

425 N 31st St; Cox Dawn M to Albee Lauren and Mathews Grant, $364,000.

412 N 35th St; Ridge Point Real Estate Llc to Neumann Benjamin Del Barrio, $452,000.

824 W 42nd St; Lee Nathaniel A and Ashley R S to Mischo Amanda Beth, $303,000.

2920 A Hawthorne Ave; Gunzburg Avi to Top Properties Llc, $219,500.

2920 A Hawthorne Ave; Gunzburg Avi to Top Properties Llc, $219,500.

4207 Augusta Ave; Ingroff Ana V to Richmond Hill Design Build Llc, $360,000.

3020 Barton Ave; Brown Merchant H Jr to Stonecrest Development Llc, $154,900.

513 Boroughbridge Road; Noble Michael J to Floyd Justin J, $169,500.

3608 E Broad St; Gay Rebecca K to Cosic Elvis, $350,000.

5431 Burtwood Lane; Adams Samuel L and Annie E to Solano Roberto Carlos Hernandez, $162,000.

508 E Cary St; Barrett House Partners Llc to Pmf Properties Llc, $1,200,000.

3201 Chesco Road; 3201 Chesco Road Series Of The to Mann Deborah Gail, $153,200.

905 W Clay St; D & S Property Rental Llc to Ng Grace, $355,000.

7542 Comanche Dr; Vega Ryan J and Lindsy D to Blosser Daniel C, $360,000.

3703 Custis Road; 3703 Custis Llc to Hassig Lee Elliott, $485,000.

5121 Devonshire Road; Jenkins Addis F and Ryan D to Morgan Elizabeth C, $365,000.

2916 Ellwood Ave; Ellwood Richmond Va Land Trust to Smith Clayton Rex, $430,000.

3957 Fauquier Ave; Cosby William S Jr and Bonnie B to Hamm Stuart and Alexandra, $319,950.

4105 Forest Cir; 88 Houses Llc to Throwbridge Jonathan C, $299,000.

3000 E Franklin St; Rva Sugar Llc to Parsons Eric J and Diana C, $535,000.

1007 W Franklin St, U4; Twin Pines Investments Llc to Carnifax Ann Marie, $162,500.

2506 W Grace St; McGlynn Sean P and Amy N to Wlaz Mark W and Deborah L, $929,000.

1101 W Grace St, U9; Conway Thomas G and Elizabeth J to Revay Thomas Eugene Sr, $232,000.

2619 Grayland Ave; Dudley Robert W to Craighill Sally L, $267,000.

3916 Grove Ave; Perry Katherine M to Shell Blair and Patricia, $380,000.

409 N Hamilton St, Uc; Williams Jerome L to Andrews Karen L, $205,000.

2821 Hanes Ave; Simmons Crystal L to Hanchin Carly, $280,000.

4519 Hanover Ave; Mihalko Meagan to Crowder Michael E and Cynthia L, $321,000.

3519 Hanover Ave, Ub; Lehman Stephanie E to Smith Connor K, $166,000.

3556 Hermitage Road; Findlay Julie Runner to Austin Jesse, $377,000.

1605 Hull St; Church Hill Ventures Llc to Ralston Development Lc, $212,500.

815 Jessamine St; Opalak Charles F and Maria E to King Maria J, $310,000.

4333 Kenmare Lane; NVR Inc to Giles Outlaw Soraena Vielka C, $275,740.

4800 Kensington Ave; Gargis Carolyn S to Grossman Jedidiah Lee, $645,000.

3421 Kensington Ave, Ub; Hopkins Claire T to O'Connell Cathleen Revocable, $230,000.

5306 Kingsbury Road; Leone Jill C to Phinney Maureen, $670,000.

4612 Leonard Pkwy; Baber Charles W to Trevor Park Llc, $376,000.

10 Libbie Ave; Carroll Seth R and Lauren B to Lancaster Kathleen, $632,500.

32 N Lombardy St; Berns David and Carolee to Olson Michelle L, $444,000.

2206 E Marshall St; Flores John A to Crosbie Elizabeth Maureen, $320,000.

1624 Matthews St; Southside Community Development to Brown Shamay, $177,000.

3005 Montrose Ave; Empowering Properties Llc to Widmer Charles Brooks, $376,000.

2805 Monument Ave, U2; Wlaz Trust Trs to Slone Jeffrey Neil, $534,900.

4016 Mt Vernon St; Willis Patrick K and Deanna J to Burgess Ann T Trust Trustee, $340,000.

4207 New Kent Ave; Smith Travis to Cohen David Joshua, $284,000.

3807 Noble Ave; Roth Douglas M to Morgan Rebecca L, $302,400.

7014 Old Jahnke Road; Munn David G and Margaret R to Williams Michael A, $165,000.

5017 Park Ave; Lowden Marie C to Levin Bethany, $289,000.

459 Patrick Ave; Hodges Marlene T to Isiah Raymond A and Medina T, $155,000.

724 S Pine St; Cichanowicz Richard T to Kren John C, $425,000.

2610 Q St; Benson Bradley M to Farris Miriam, $200,000.

806-1/2 Rex Ave; Goode Allen H III and Renee V to Williams Nigel L, $187,000.

7733 Rockfalls Dr; Vinson Michelle F to Shroder Landon M and Rector Amy, $515,000.

1224 Rothesay Cir; Bogese Michael K Jr Revocable to Williams Amy M and Steven R, $2,900,000.

2100 Sheila Lane; Woody Real Estate Investment Llc to Courthouse Land Llc, $400,000.

5604 Southern Pine Dr; Burgess Harold W III to Waters Jill Noelle, $220,000.

20 S Stafford Ave; Bohm Christopher T to Engle Brett, $490,000.

6732 Stuart Ave; Swartzbaugh Zachary S to Griffith Charles Calvin, $360,000.

301 Virginia St, U913; Hanley Christopher B and Katie to Filho Marcelo Pinto Scarpa, $440,000.

1417 Westbrook Ave; M W Fowler Properties to Cuje Holle E, $445,000.

2906 Windsorview Dr; Sawey Edward J and Jacquelyn E to Price Richard M and Susan, $266,000.


2103 Aeronca Ave, Henrico; Collins Richard D to Coleman Mary R, $215,000.

3418 Amburg Ln, Glen Allen; Evans Thomas R Sr to Englebreth Donald C and Gweneth W Trustees, $310,000.

9010 Avalon Dr, Henrico; Koebler Andrew C and Kristeen A to Lilly Richard L Jr and Johanna C Garrity, $297,000.

1221 Balustrade Blvd, Henrico; Monument Square Llc to Carlson David J and Linda M, $835,252.

8996 Becton Rd, Glen Allen; Austin Laura A to Miner Paula F, $240,000.

900 Belva Ln, Glen Allen; Elder Daniel E and Ronald E Keller to Smack James W and Christina O, $540,000.

10640 Benmable Dr, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Graves Margaret D, $380,670.

5408 Bethlehem Rd, Henrico; Forster Stephen to Boser Alex E and Jillian C, $245,000.

2414 Boissevain Rd, Henrico; Daniel Jaymes P to Williams Lauren E, $259,950.

3 Bridgehampton Pl, Henrico; Gagnon Cynthia A to Rigsby Mitchell E and Katy M, $410,000.

2230 Brightmoor Ct, Henrico; Housman David to Nelson Lauren Amanda, $197,000.

4656 Broad Hill Dr, Henrico; Saunders Station Towns Llc to Sharma Kapil and Madhuri C Motwani, $329,359.

6012 Broward Pl, Glen Allen; Noonan Luke S and Maggie Ann to Ford Samuel E and Tricia J, $479,950.

305 Burnwick Rd, Henrico; Smith Richard A and Susan J Buchanan to Regrut Jon A and Stephanie Cade, $299,100.

3812 Candlebrook Ct, Henrico; Evans Kyle P to Caudill Lester F Jr and Debra S, $470,000.

5 Carterham Ct, Henrico; Scott Michael J P and Allison J Beardall to Robertson Ryan N and Kristin L, $815,000.

1716 Chadwick Dr, Henrico; Beatty Mark J and Brandi A to Silver Gary D and Laura G, $360,000.

2036 Chartwood Ln, Sandston; Kenney John F and Lorraine to Greene Kristonta and Sterling Lee Royal, $228,000.

13012 Chimney Stone Ct, Henrico; Kirtley Gregory W Jr and Maria L to Hogan Patricia A, $300,000.

12012 Club Commons Dr, Glen Allen; Kern Thomas F and Macrina C Trustees to Mullenax Sheila Ann, $535,000.

3215 Conningham Ln, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Rogers Steven A and Kathleen M, $743,425.

9509 Cottesmore Ln, Henrico; Handy Monica J to Hou Dong Dong, $200,109.

6404 Crescent Pkwy, Henrico; Moore Heather to McDonnell Eva Gizella and Eva M, $225,000.

2417 Crystal Ridge Rd, Henrico; Ciejek Ian M to Harcum Stephen C and Michael S, $275,000.

5248 Cynthia Ct, Henrico; McAlinden Pamela J to Benson Bradley M and Jill U Bauer, $263,400.

5509 Dendron Dr, Henrico; Manning Daryl K to Johnson Porsche, $152,000.

500 Diane Ln, Henrico; Sutton Elaine R to Roxburgh Latroyal Smith and Sean, $265,000.

10010 Dulaney Ct, Henrico; Golden Catherine F and John R to Branson Louise J, $190,000.

3404 Edwardsville Dr, Glen Allen; Telliard William A and Joanne W to Dorin Allen G Jr and Nancy C, $445,000.

9407 Emmett Rd, Glen Allen; Chowdhury Nazimuddin A and Kamrun Naher to Habib Hafiza Sana, $246,000.

7509 First Landing Ct, Henrico; Sutton Eva R to McLaughlin Sherman L and Marie F, $284,950.

1925 Flintwood Dr, Henrico; Jahn Jason F to Perkins Patrick and Kelli Dawn, $304,500.

5409 Forest Brook Dr, Henrico; Beau Llc to Wood Victoria M and William Haas, $266,000.

7807 Four Mile Run Pkwy, Henrico; Young Nathaniel R and Marceita S to Robinson Meredith F and Tyrone L, $254,000.

6612 W Franklin St, Henrico; Gilbo Paul T and Cassandra to Griffin Jordyn R, $400,000.

12400 Gayton Meadows Pl, Henrico; Raschke John P and Rebecca to Seal Steven D, $335,000.

6309 Glendale Woods Dr, Henrico; Kaufmann Mara A and Laura J to Butler Michelle, $349,950.

6457 Goldenrod Ct, Henrico; Green Tammie to Walters Syreeta, $220,000.

9209 Great Oaks Dr, Henrico; WV McClure Inc to Worrell Phillip Thomas and Susan Ann, $329,291.

11524 Grey Oaks Estates Run, Glen Allen; Bradford Homes Inc to Shaia Hang D and Matthew P, $932,402.

11612 Hainesland Dr, Glen Allen; Masapari Kiran to Patel Bhupendra and Shreenal and Hemal, $535,000.

5216 Harvest Glen Dr, Glen Allen; Hambrick Jonathan H and Kathryn W to Cowan Timothy M and Susan L Parish, $640,000.

4804 Hearthstone Rd, Glen Allen; Shadbolt Lee A and Christi B to Hill Carol A and Raymond K, $547,500.

1603 Heritage Hill Dr, Henrico; Aldrich Lauren C to Stanford Joan E, $170,000.

8407 Holly Hill Rd, Henrico; Gorman Michael D and Cristina M to Hall Tim, $225,000.

9304 Howze Rd, Glen Allen; Balallo Amante A and Esperanza D to Sanchez Rene Garcia, $229,950.

2109 Ingleside Ave, Henrico; Kepler Properties Llc to Crone Carolyn P, $183,163.

1901 Johnson Ct, Henrico; Branch Nicole T to Granger Brandon B, $180,000.

6207 Joseph Way, Glen Allen; Pelais Scott and Theresa to Payyavula Raja S and Rajeshwari Maddipatla, $368,500.

2424 Kenmore Rd, Henrico; London Julie M to Curry Stephanie Dawn, $311,000.

9590 Kimberly Lynn Cir, Glen Allen; Cao Chau Tuong to Stevens Mark, $179,900.

4206 N Lakefront Dr, Henrico; Smitran Ostoja and Kata to Stout Charles P, $245,000.

10832 Leabrook Dr, Glen Allen; Heller Arnold J IV and Mary M to North John M and Marjorie S, $715,000.

12319 Liesfeld Farm Dr, Glen Allen; Boone Homes Inc to Hariharan Ganesh and Priya G K, $720,000.

11738 Lincolnshire Ct, Glen Allen; Harvill Steven G and Barbara B to Ritchie Patrick James and Laura Griffith, $675,000.

3051 Macallan Pkwy, Henrico; Lanehart Maurice A and Tanesha S to Gateway Mortgage Group, $210,600.

6204 Manor Park Ct, Glen Allen; Hyltegard Kjell J R and Lindsay W to Nutaitis Matthew J Jr and Nell, $434,950.

8908 Mapleton Rd, Henrico; Ryan Kimberly A to Yesbeck Jacob and Jennifer, $210,000.

2019 Marroit Rd, Henrico; Future Properties Llc to Dominguez Sylvia I, $233,000.

4912 Meredith Woods Rd, Glen Allen; Morris Grover H and W T Trs to Amdeeyesus Eyob H and Tiffany J, $279,950.

6412 Millhiser Ave, Henrico; Hayes Terrie B to Harkema Joshua T and Matthew, $275,000.

204 S Mooreland Rd, Henrico; Roberts Robert M Jr and Stuart C to Steitz John M and Susan M, $1,275,000.

10461 Mountain Glen Pkwy, Glen Allen; Tremblay Pierre D and Sonja to Indelicato Paul N and Carrie E, $325,000.

2803 Murano Way, Glen Allen; Jashnani Yogesh to Gupte Harshavardhan J and Shubhangi H, $305,000.

3384 New Heritage Loop, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Johnson Shirley, $311,100.

1313 New York Ave, Glen Allen; Harris David K to Castro Maria L Chicas, $183,500.

407 S Oak Ave, Henrico; Southard Linwood to Jenkins Robert W, $152,000.

2203 Oakwood Ln, Henrico; Starnes Josephine F Estate to McCurdy Allison Gayle and Alex Bayer, $160,000.

1439 Old Oakland Rd, Henrico; Mumpower Rebecca Y to Thompson Tara C, $165,000.

11524 Oscar Pl, Glen Allen; Fleming Larry L and Stephanie M to Kumar Sudhir and Sangeeta, $412,000.

9612 Palomine Ct, Glen Allen; Felton Eric M and Ruben Stephenson Jr to Felton Eric M and Reuben Stephenson Jr, $311,000.

11721 Park Forest Ct, Glen Allen; Kashif Mohammad and Asiya Farheen to Hardy Joshua V and Natalie O, $317,000.

1904 Parma Rd, Henrico; Matlala Levy and Audrey to Patterson Michael, $229,000.

4709 Penick Rd, Henrico; Stelter Michele M to Camus Sarah Page, $230,000.

2274 Perennial Cir, Henrico; Ridgefield Green Llc to Lansing Kristine Mary, $354,685.

7708 Pomeroy Ct, Henrico; Singleton Pauline to Sidenberg Arnold C, $155,000.

1715 Pump Rd, Henrico; Ksh Llc to Cabral Antonio and Brigida, $234,000.

10 Raines Ave, Sandston; 10 Raines Avenue Series to Olivo Carlos Perez, $195,000.

1907 Reagan Rd, Henrico; White Vernon L to Us Bank National Association, $171,000.

300 N Ridge Rd, U9, Henrico; Culbertson Timothy E Estate to R E Plus Llc, $200,000.

4002 Rivermere Ln, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Shah Rakesh K, $285,120.

4020 Rivermere Ln, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Sharma Amit, $276,175.

8205 Rocky Branch Ln, Henrico; Harview Brenda L to Lannetti Joseph K and Colleen Macrae, $250,000.

302 Running Cedar Ln, Henrico; Bruch Christopher A and Kathryn B to Raidabaugh Adam Daniel and Holy Renee, $645,000.

211 Santa Clara Dr, Henrico; Minardi Richard A Jr and Archer G to Kasiri Sahab and Anisa Kasiri, $540,800.

1524 Selma Ln, Henrico; Adkins Crystal J and Delano F Lipscombe to Thomas Jon, $262,950.

6921 Seven Kings Cir, Henrico; Ross Run Llc to Brandon Erika Denise, $346,393.

6904 Sir Galahad Rd, Henrico; Ross Run Llc to Parker Derrick C and Jershawnda C, $307,615.

12339 Smith Grove Ct, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Soundarajan Karthikeyan and P K, $496,101.

6469 Springcrest Ln, Henrico; Richmond Dawna A and Gloria J Russell to Hpa Us1 Llc, $255,000.

1911 Springdale Rd, Henrico; Stone Darrell R to Smith Bernard C, $198,000.

1307 Stoneycreek Dr, Henrico; Bank Of New York Mellon to Hunter Homes Llc, $189,000.

2524 Sutton Pl, Henrico; Mbr Business Trust to Revels Brian M, $251,500.

1008 Tall Grass Ct, Henrico; Robinson John I Jr to Townes Ashley, $189,000.

1503 Thistle Rd, U104, Henrico; Orlando Brenda K to Orlando Brenda K, $150,000.

11725 Triple Notch Ter, Henrico; Ruch Richard L and C G to Mallory Trent S and Jean L, $449,950.

3404 Vasko Dr, Glen Allen; Emerson Mill Llc to NVR Inc, $200,000.

813 Wales Dr, Henrico; Virginia Home Buyers Llc to Ross Dominique and Ronald Young, $250,000.

9011 Weldon Dr, Henrico; Nguyen Hung D and Hue Chi T Vo to Nguyen Thai-Bach Duy and Ann, $195,000.

3512 Westcliffe Ave, Henrico; Jones Bobbie B B and Sharronda M to Josephsen Eric, $150,000.

4900 White Oak Pl, Sandston; Aveson Crystal O Trustee to Pack Perry G and Gianna B, $245,000.

7513 Willow Crossing Ter, Henrico; Dorsey Desiree S to Phanse Adeet M, $220,000.

5504 Wintercreek Dr, Glen Allen; Egan Mykl and Elizabeth to Suresh Jane, $345,000.

7502 Woodley Rd, Henrico; 7502 Woodley Road Llc to Castles Ann Prescott, $215,000.

7804 Yolanda Rd, Henrico; Rice Karen C and David W Cinsavich Et Al to Sammon Vladimir and Iosif, $210,000.


1512 Abelway Dr; Dziedzic Gerald C and Nancy P to Drummond Jared, $372,500.

9806 Aldersmead Pl; Kim Christopher to Adie Jonathan and Hyehyun, $225,000.

8406 Amington Ln; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Nuhn Bryan P and Jennifer M, $395,990.

6232 Anise Cr; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Bracciodieta S A and Haddson M, $286,955.

6205 Arbor Park Dr; Foss Daniel R to Honsberger M A and K R, $276,000.

1312 Ascot Hill Tr; Homesmith Construction Inc to Gielowski Brian R and Cristina N, $682,687.

2805 Autumn Woods Ct; Williams Susan Elizabeth to Cuttino Barbara A, $255,000.

12818 Bailey Valley Dr; NVR Inc to Pillot Alexander and Salva Keren, $388,837.

5578 Bankstown Ln; Finer Homes Inc to Ni Kong Guang, $405,000.

7240 Beach Rd; Liberty Homes Inc to Deletis J S and Principe R H, $300,000.

13125 Beech Hill Dr; NVR Inc to Maberto Debra Renee, $420,963.

4707 Belfield Tr; Helms Kristopher W and Christa L to Nester Nicole L, $263,000.

8308 Bethia Rd; Blakely Investments Llc to Perkins Edward A and Jessica L, $269,950.

5530 Bison Ford Dr; NVR Inc to Suber Kane Rolanda Rachelle, $297,600.

15831 Blooming Rd; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Ellis Michael E and Patsy B, $496,811.

11921 Bollingbrook Dr; Winstead George W and Carolyn L to Heindel Peter J and Katelyn, $375,000.

1473 Braisden Rd; D R Horton Inc to Serrano Blake, $417,000.

7823 Breaker Point Ct; Thompson Joseph E and Remy A to Rodgers Martha A, $229,000.

640 Brighton Dr; Faircloth Edward H and Pamela R to Gulyas Ann E, $265,000.

9100 Buffalo Springs Dr; NVR Inc to Tucker Brett N and William D, $329,747.

1912 Buggy Dr; Thomas Veronica L to Lewis Kimberley, $190,000.

15600 Cambrian Cove Bl; NVR Inc to Kea Dany and Try Sovanna, $399,301.

14210 Candlewick Rd; Meighan Andrew Kelly to Lineberry Andrew C and Denise A, $280,000.

12613 Capernwray Tr; Lifestyle Home Builders to Dayton Ritchard A and Savannah R, $466,438.

9212 Cattail Rd; Turner Kenneth E Sr and Donna M to Steinmetz Ellen A, $488,000.

10531 Centralia Station Rd; NVR Inc to Upchurch Lawrence Sr and K, $418,800.

14107 Charter Landing Ct; Ali Raziuddin and Mohiuddin S M to Yourth Jeremiah M and Katherine, $460,000.

4809 Chatham Grove Pl; Care Doreen B to Jenkins Stephen D and Melissa E, $230,000.

16408 Chinook Dr; Cousins Johanna to Allen Roscoe A, $192,000.

3101 Clintwood Rd; Huband Max S and Audrey R to Nguyen Minh-Vu Tran, $185,900.

10812 Collington Dr; Hummingbird Holding Co Llc to Morris Robert and Judith, $320,000.

8725 Corcoran Pl; Garvin Christopher J and Holly J to Dehart Tina, $265,000.

6901 Courthouse Rd; Bletsas Kostas and Anna to Straightline Dev Solutions Inc, $180,000.

15043 Creekbank Ct; Martin Benjamin S to White Patrick and Virginia, $222,000.

7005 Deer Thicket Dr; Fisher Matthew W to Thomas Jayson Amado and Karmina, $225,000.

6936 Desert Candle Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Woodman Shane R and Bowen A D, $304,541.

7021 Desert Candle Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Hixson Theodore Walker and Mary, $314,615.

3828 Dogwood Av; Ctd Properties Llc to Thomas Jacqueline N, $169,900.

7737 Drexelbrook Rd; Redinger Amanda J to Traner Christy and Russell Cedar, $190,000.

4420 Dunraven Rd; Gundlach Charles A and Megan R to Moore Nikita, $299,950.

7000 Dyer Ln; Woodfin Joseph G IV and Munn T W to Drullard David and Mills Robin, $379,000.

4852 Ecoff Av; Gandara Richard and Perley K E to Kimenhour John P and Brazeal B S, $200,000.

3460 Ellenbrook Dr; Dunn Nicholas and Roxana to Bost Justin E, $278,000.

4937 Empire Py; Rick Adrian G and Kathleen M to Harris James M Sr, $252,000.

8406 Evening Star Pl; NVR Inc to Butler Andrea, $269,475.

8209 Fair Isle Ct; Russell George A and Karen J to Lacheney Kyle D and Mackenzie R, $420,000.

430 Farnham Dr; Finch Samuel J and Margaret S to Leidner Kenneth W and Patricia R, $385,000.

1409 Fernleaf Dr; Vaught Kathy Johnson to D and M Property Llc, $162,633.

4032 Flintridge Rd; Allen Garland W and Donna C to Mackenzie Shea A, $242,000.

2731 Founders Bridge Rd; McMurtry David A and Christine C to Vita Mark R and Theresa Anne W, $665,000.

6100 Fox Haven Ct; Bemberis I and Bemberis J Trs to Dasent Andre and Dawn Ramsey, $405,000.

15300 Gamecock Rd; Garber M A and Garber S B Trs to Pfautsch Leonard J and Janet I, $339,000.

5910 Gates Mill Pl; Summers Guy G III and Teresa S to Lucid Investments Llc, $196,000.

3712 Gleaming Dr; NVR Inc to Wolff Kenneth Wayne and Deborah, $327,665.

8955 Glen Royal Dr; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Anhalt Patrick W and Tracey A, $475,735.

932 Gorham Ct; Walekr Burton T and Donna W to Walker Burton T and Donna W, $304,950.

10504 Gravel Neck Dr; Maurer James H and Anita I to Schnell Kenneth A and Karen C, $429,900.

10251 Greglynn Rd; Trivette Shirley Spain Trustee to Banks Jamone, $198,000.

9821 Groundhog Dr; Prue Chelsea J to Weston William Isaac, $184,000.

6712 Hagerty Ln; Jones Agnes B Trustee to Allgood Brandon D and Ashley D, $165,000.

7924 Hampton Glen Tr; Sec Of Housing and Urban Dev to Hoffman David E Jr, $357,000.

7642 Hancock Farm Ln; Yeary Troy E and Witczak D M to Barraza Mauricio R and Fadely A, $285,000.

1509 Hardwood Ct; Ferguson Trevor S and Kaneik T to Suitt William Edwin, $284,000.

15101 Hazelbury Cr; D R Horton Inc to Kobus James G and Beth A, $366,000.

6806 Hedges Rd; Simpson Craig M to Cheale Walter and Eyiah E, $219,999.

4706 Hidden Falls Pl; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Gordon Kenneth B and Wendy P, $676,376.

3867 Homeward Rd; Moomau Lawanda to Conde Rose Marie, $180,000.

9207 Hunters Trail Rd; McClaugherty Thane to Wagner Lucas and Olivia, $176,000.

5920 Iron Bridge Rd; Neubert Paul J and Marie Gill to Southside Bapt Ch N Chestfld, $235,000.

5607 Jessup Meadows Dr; Wright Adrian to Bowden Linda and Edward, $221,050.

10505 Keithwood Py; McGintey Loryn to Freeman E J and Mothershead R M, $208,000.

4320 Ketcham Dr; Bates Bonnie L to Blackwell Thomas J, $221,000.

1638 Knollwood Dr; Hammer Janice K to Mason Aaron Tg and Brown S E, $185,000.

6425 Lake Caroline Ct; Thorpe Theophilus A and Gloria E to Lee Christopher J, $254,000.

11003 Lansdowne Tr; Goodman Robert E and Marsha J to Drake Ryan Patrick and Ellen M, $795,000.

3860 Laroux Av; Majors Andrew and Heather to Barbeau Michael and Krista, $357,200.

8937 Lavenham Lp; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Langford Kellie S and James K, $343,350.

5300 Lingle Ln; Mosley Quentine and Chinn Dawn to Redding Derek A and Leah P, $210,500.

12530 Little Pond Ln; Lederman Rosalyn C to Franklin Rachel R, $209,000.

5001 Locksley Pl; McKissick Tanika and Craig to Silva Stephanie M, $220,000.

14708 Loren Dr; Spiers Richard M III to Dickerson Deanna S and Mark R, $155,000.

1530 Lundy Tr; Biddle William G III and Nadia E to Dillon Thomas Christopher, $505,000.

2325 Magnolia Grove Wy; Kelley Charlotte H to Lappan Debra L, $310,000.

11502 Maple Landing Pl; Spurlock Allen to Jpmorgan Chase Bank Nat'l Asso, $234,000.

12407 McAllen Ct; Brown Melanie P to Angeles Christopher, $230,000.

418 Michaux Creek Pl; Martyn William C to Cox Eugene T, $220,000.

6005 Mill Spring Ct; Kennedy Homes Inc to Reed Joshua R and Shannon R, $242,500.

5400 Mossy Oak Rd; Main Street Homes to Zeh Terrence E and Jennifer L, $435,950.

730 Nailor Wy; Shafeik Mokhles N and Fahiem T Z to Betton Omar C and Sophia, $299,900.

10200 Nestor Rd; Larson Kim A and Larson Paula C to Thurston Hunter Jerald, $410,000.

7412 Newbys Ct; Silva Samantha M and Minns K S to O'Grady Carrianne, $180,000.

7338 Norwood Pond Pl; Hearn Robert L and Nancy E to Worley Steven L and Sheila A, $275,000.

5501 Oakdell Ct; Bergman Matthew William to Mercenario Mario Flores, $220,000.

16206 Old Castle Rd; Homesmith Construction Inc to Stoloff Stephen L Et Al Trs, $870,343.

5301 Old Glory Rd; Barbour Crystal M to Maxey Kellam and Madison, $280,000.

14909 Orchard Grove Dr; Straub James K and Wendi T to Jenkins William D III and Stacy, $310,000.

3308 Overcreek Ln; Wolfsheimer Kelly D to Costa Hugo and Leticia, $257,000.

3009 Passaic Av; Williams David A to Smith Merrit, $228,000.

7211 Pineleaf Dr; Ferguson K A and Ferguson R G Jr to Capers J C and Lewis Brandon C, $196,000.

1204 Providence Knoll Dr; Sherwood Dorothy K to Hart Edward K, $286,000.

8821 Providence Ridge Ct; D'Amato Michelle to Rogers Dawn Michelle, $285,000.

5307 Quarter Horse Ln; Main Street Homes to Baburajan Anandavally Biju, $412,500.

13725 Queensgate Rd; Alexander Stephen E and Belinda to Mannino Ernest John and Amie P, $375,000.

10632 Red Queen Rd; Nott Vicki B to Guthrie Nina, $245,000.

3218 Rimswell Ct; Dhankani Ishan R and Lata I to Hayes Michael Francis, $276,000.

10451 River Rd; Tomahawk Properties Llc to Garrett Clyde E and Ellis Lara A, $160,000.

408 Rivers Bend Cr; Crawley James E Jr and Patricia to Coker Jason E and Ann C, $329,000.

14330 Roderick Ct; Farnsworth Dennis R and E E to Campbell James D and Valerie B, $604,100.

7342 Round Ridge Pl; Haydu James J and Lori J to Nwosu Gilbert C and Christiana, $263,000.

3901 Saldale Dr; Smith Troy Anthony to Almarante Ulises, $237,000.

12301 Sandbag Rd; Dozier Andrew to Dozier Andrew T, $290,000.

6019 Sara Kay Dr; Hudson Robert H to Clark Joshua D and Neal B L, $192,777.

3625 Seaford Crossing Dr; NVR Inc to Oakes Angela C and William F, $496,958.

14005 Seven Oaks Ct; Asselin Suzanne Raymonde to Vaden Traci Anne, $239,950.

16419 Shefford Dr; Morris James W Jr and Lauren R to Schmidt Nathan G and Lauren S, $550,000.

17706 Silver Farm Dr; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Hart Randall K and Hart E Trs, $596,842.

11700 Smoketree Dr; Smith Noval A Jr and Sheryl M to Ellsworth Ian and Jennifer, $276,000.

8907 Sonnet Hill Ct; Robinson Iris I and Robinson C A to Alvardo Rosales Jose A, $204,000.

14319 Spyglass Hill Cr; Tagnesi Jeffrey T and Tracy C to Lowman Cameron, $328,000.

11037 Stilton Dr; Hamlin Martin W and Mary Caudle to Rutkowski Donna M, $196,000.

2504 Stuts Ln; Van De Wiel R and Barnhardt M D to Powell William Paul, $485,500.

1007 Sun Valley Wy; NVR Inc to Cook Julian Jr and Barbara, $350,020.

606 Sycamore Springs Dr; Secretary Of Veterans Affairs to Croley Brad S and Hartman L M, $250,000.

3805 Terjo Ln; Osier Jordan L to Smith Scott R and Ellis Stephen, $222,000.

5124 Timbercreek Dr; Thompson-Brown Candice N to Brockington Joann, $195,000.

8536 Trabue Rd; Jeffrey Aaron L and Amanda L to Fannon Michael Shawn, $405,000.

1719 Turnmill Dr; Povedano Sidney R and Liliane G to Ramirez Vincent and Deanna, $230,000.

18019 Twin Falls Ln; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Tuck Jason H and Kimberly N, $413,670.

7716 Valencia Rd; Stockhaus Petra to Snow Roy E and Haley A, $180,000.

4413 Village Creek Dr; Johnson Martin L to Petty James W and Sherry A, $329,920.

12619 Village School Ln; Polyak Frederick K and Ellen M to Nguyen Diep and Phien, $266,500.

3402 Walkers Ferry Rd; Quackenbush Jeffrey and Linda E to McFarlane Christopher B and Amy, $365,000.

12508 Walton Lake Dr; Larkin Michael P and Lisa A to Marshall Brian and Amy O, $510,000.

9927 Warson Ct; Burke Jennifer C and Crosby G M to Jones Stephanie L, $175,000.

4748 Wedgemere Rd; Beasley J R and Pemberton A R to Maddox Dominique M and William T, $269,000.

6309 West Branch Rd; Singletary Gregory H and Judith to Boadi Kwame and Eboni, $470,000.

1030 Westwood Village Wy; Copeland J N and Copeland G Trs to Gergely Katalin, $235,000.

1512 White Mountain Dr; Wolford Brian P to Yatsuda Wagner Y and Michele, $392,000.

4756 Willesden Rd; Four C's Services Inc to Flores Joaquin and Martinez M R, $165,500.

14900 Windjammer Dr; Gandhi Punit K to Aryal Sulabh and Dikchhya B, $345,000.

2906 Woodbridge Crossing Dr; Reynolds Debra L to Myers Taylor E and Alston C M, $152,000.

2406 Worchester Rd; Cheatham Ann G to Bendersky Joseph W and Carmen M, $549,000.

13612 Yoko Ct; Andrews Glenda L to Lucas Gordon R Jr, $248,411.


7500 Academy Drive, Mechanicsville; Mechanicsville Holdings LLC to Benjamin Roane Saval, $199,900.

10979 Emerald Rock Lane, Mechanicsville; Jonathan M. Dzielak to Michael Anthony Sekerdy, $433,000.

Atlee Station Village; Colonial Homecrafters Ltd. to Royal Dominion Homes Inc., $360,000.

6431 Bellflower Circle, Mechanicsville; Susan B. Blackwell to Thomas Louis Higgins Jr., $222,000.

11221 Blunts Bluff Court, Ashland; Julius M. Wallace to Zachary Johnson, $340,000.

8925 Briarthorn Court, Mechanicsville; Patricia C. Smith to Jason C. Robeson, $254,500.

16170 Buckfast Place, Beaverdam; Kimberly S. Hodge to Portia Carter Hairston, $285,000.

6455 Cardinal Way, Mechanicsville; Jamie L. Potter to Justin Basham, $269,950.

12130 Catlin Farm Lane, Hanover; Chris E. Meadows to Steven Burgess, $319,900.

7143 Cherry Lane, Mechanicsville; Patrick O. Spainhour to Lindsey C. Palmen, $180,000.

8218 Christopher Paul Drive, Mechanicsville; Jerry W. Clark, trustee to Clarence R. Brooks, $238,000.

7988 Colony Drive, Mechanicsville; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Renee Dowdy, $173,737.

7112 Creighton Road, Mechanicsville; Thomas Warren Durvin to Jeremy Durvin, $210,000.

12110 Deer Ridge Court, Ashland; Wayne A. Brule to Joseph J. Owens, $415,000.

7502-C Dress Blue Drive, Mechanicsville; Keith L. Smith to Henry B. Hundley, $295,000.

9036 Fascine Court, Mechanicsville; Christopher Reid Martin to Abla M. Husseini, $366,500.

8221 Ferrill Court, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Brian Haynes, $568,170.

9131 Garrison Manor Drive, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Ladonna Laurie Myers, $533,835.

7318 Habes Court, Mechanicsville; Robert J. French to Sheena Meredith, $324,950.

7456 Hartpine Court, Mechanicsville; William Nault to Olukemi A. Sinclair, $290,000.

10014 Holly Road, Mechanicsville; Lynne H. Pauley to Robert Pauley Jr., $165,000.

7284 Jay Way, Mechanicsville; Lula B. Harksen, trustee to Charles M. Swinford, $260,000.

8954 Kings Charter Drive, Mechanicsville; Dustin Chase Dyer to Tyler Allen Hawbaker, $468,000.

7041 Lantana Lane, Mechanicsville; Jason J. Ramsey to Kenneth Michael Brown, $294,000.

7233 Lone Cedar Drive, Mechanicsville; Lei Ann Davis to Salah M. Eltobah, $289,000.

319 MacMurdo St., Ashland; Robert S. Trainham to Alyssa Steuart, $163,000.

7841 Marshall Arch Drive, Mechanicsville; Frederick Smith to Beth I. Cappetta, $284,950.

10016 Meadow Pond Drive, Mechanicsville; Kelli J. Springs to Bruce W. Hills, $575,000.

7508 Normans Bridge Road, Hanover; William C. Kreye II to Joshua M. Pross, $225,000.

17032 Old Ridge Road, Montpelier; EDOS LLC to Robert Willis, $220,000.

8064 Pebblepatch Parkway, Mechanicsville; Elizabeth Ann Gordon to Elise A. Hogge, $329,000.

8103 Prospect Lane, Hanover; L. McCauley Chenault to William F. Branch, $710,500.

15225 Quaker Church Road, Montpelier; Mapledale LLC to Jonathan Duane Sharps, $292,900.

7415 River Pine Drive, Mechanicsville; Anthony C. Stolfi to Bradley A. Maxwell, $222,000.

9338 Saddle Court, Mechanicsville; Steven M. Moulson to Shannon D. Eckert, $329,000.

12285 Shop Creek Drive, Rockville; Stephen J. Kelliher to Alan C. Todd, $447,500.

5451 Spotslee Circle, Mechanicsville; David M. Mack to Linda Marie Moody, $205,000.

7903 Sugar Pine Road, Mechanicsville; Randolph L. West to Michael F. Winston, $268,100.

10212 Toliver Trail Circle, Ashland; Chris Mowry to Adam W. Murphy, $415,000.

11158 Verdon Road, Doswell; Jeffrey B. Johnson to Justin P. Brown, $199,900.

8551 Woodsage Court, Mechanicsville; Grace V. Morelli to Jeffrey J. Ferrara, $288,000.

10421 Woodside Meadow Terrace, Glen Allen; CFalls Builder LLC to Cherrie Ivey, $425,818.


529 Bel Crest Terrace, Midlothian; Kevin T. Corby to John F. Depew, $675,000.

1563 Dogwood Road, Powhatan; Daniel Shearin to Benjamin J. Martell, $203,000.

15049 Fox Branch Lane, Midlothian; Patrick T. Middlebrooks to Michael R. Moss, $265,000.

2574 Judes Ferry Road, Powhatan; Melinda Fore Elliott to Ernest Tracy Spaur, trustee, $168,000.

2806 Maple Grove Terrace, Powhatan; Vertical Builders to Andrew C. Rasberry, $554,370.

2029 Moseley Road, Powhatan; Finer Homes Inc. to Kyle R. Wood, $405,603.

3478 Olivia Lane, Powhatan; Joseph B. Stephenson to Jennifer A. Adkins, $299,000.

970 Preservation Road, Midlothian; Blue Ridge Custom Homes LLC to Christopher E. Adcock, $784,000.

3223 Sherwood Ridge Drive, Powhatan; Jenny L. Carson to Sannidhya Rudra, $322,000.

3520 Timberview Road, Powhatan; Matthew S. Allison to Austin Patrick Liles, $329,950.

2306 Westwood Pine Drive, Moseley; Leonard F. Price to Kevin M. Hughes, $369,950.


104 Boxelder, Richmond; Robert Marshall Bearman, trustee to Theodore L. Chandler Jr., $830,000.

12138 Branch Overlook Drive, Manakin Sabot; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Kenneth B. Kahn, $589,173.

5217 Chimney Springs Drive, Goochland; Peter M. Donovan to Stuart Merridew, $291,000.

2784 Hadensville Fife Road, Goochland; New Ventures Real Estate LLC to Eric L. Rogers, $251,000.

4070 Lake Killarney, Gum Spring; James T. Martin to Jennifer Liston Bigelow, $393,950.

1505 Manakin Road, Manakin Sabot; Thomas L. Hallman to Joy-Scott LLC, $165,000.

2963 Pitts Drive, Goochland; Cabell M. Guy to Gwendolyn R. Parrish, $392,000.

3701 River Road West, Goochland; Mark L. Granger to Zachary Norman Davis, $221,000.

107 Willway Drive, Manakin Sabot; Anthony C. Mitchell to Sallie W. Foster, $360,000.


3341 Denise Road; Commonwealth Trustees LLC to Eagle Home Mortgage LLC, $174,150.

534 Scott St.; Darren B. Wood to Natasha D. Williams, $158,000.

1929 Westover Ave.; Richard C. King to Kenneth Martin, $232,000.


17910 Bonneville Lane, Dinwiddie; Hillard J. Frie to Michael E. Good, $217,000.

12512 Courthouse Road, Dinwiddie; Clarence E. Roberts to Johnathon L. Monteau, $217,000.

22131 Lake Jordan Drive, North Dinwiddie; Roger L. Alston to Jhomari Grandison, $292,500.

15514 Nash Road, Dewitt; Allen G. Jones Jr. to Jason Gene Humphrey, $250,000.

4903 Sonya Court, North Dinwiddie; Sonya Marie Henshaw to Shirley W. Davis, $193,000.


319 Comstock Drive; Harold J. Tyler to Luis A. Beltran, $635,000.

305 Fairmont Drive; Randall R. Grenier to Sheila L. Henshaw, $215,000.

225 Kennon Pointe Drive; Marcia P. Campbell to Felicia J. McDougald, $235,000.

1355 Riveroaks Drive; Nicha K. Monhollen to Randy Sprinkle, $255,500.


2700 Danville St.; Justin Matthews to Christian Castro, $160,000.

1400 Peterson Mill Road; Ronald Woodswon to Christian Stacy, $159,950.

1823 Stewart Ave.; Maurice P. McCarthy to Nicole S. Palmer, $164,950.


1601 Arrowhead Road, Quinton; Stone Property LLC to Deana L. Machenberg, $185,000.

4820 Colby Drive, Lanexa; Marcus A. Rivers to Steven C. Ohliger Sr., $460,000.

7583 Flower Magnolia Lane, Quinton; Eastwood Homes of Richmond LLC to Roy B. Kegley II, $415,895.

2710 Kings Cross Quay, Quinton; Anthony J. Canale to Joshua Michael Buzzell, $337,500.

13440 New Kent Highway, Lanexa; Wendell Jacob Kistner II to Mayi C. Henriquez, $294,000.

15015 Pocahontas Trail, Lanexa; Randall D. Fryer to Charles E. Hall, $210,000.

3373 Rock Creek Villa Drive, Quinton; Shurm Construction Inc. to Phyllis Hayes, $285,000.

1400 Yakima Court, Quinton; Shurm Construction Inc. to Chandler McKnight, $307,895.


10709 Beaver Castle Road, Prince George; Larry G. Hash II to Westley M. Spicer, $152,650.

2404 Burgage Lane, Petersburg; Richard I. Webster to Monica P. Alvarado, $200,000.

12461 Foxwood Drive, Disputanta; Alan Carmichael to Richard C. Bride, $300,000.

8163 Hines Road, Disputanta; Kimberly S. Garcia to Christin Nicole Leonard, $260,000.

14375 Lancaster Farms Drive, Disputanta; Stephen G. Spence to Brian Buyalos, $323,500.

650 Maggie Lane, South Prince George; Equity Trustees LLC to Bogese Realty and Construction Inc., $222,733.

5904 Rachael Court, Prince George; Boris Hall to John Francis Tyson Jr., $249,900.

15822 Springfield Drive, Disputanta; Erik P. Walker to Megan Yohe, $341,000.

3599 Willow Creek Drive, Disputanta; David T. Walker to Marc L. Leonard, $320,000.

Charles city

3281 Fuqua Farms Drive, Charles City; Christopher Taylor to Kathy Fohl, $212,000.

5601 Pleasant Ridge Drive, Providence Forge; Joseph M. Edwards, trustee to Charles Harwood Schreiber, $190,000.


13428 Butlers Road, Amelia Court House; Judy G. Smith to Megan K. Hill, $262,300.

14514 Meade Road, Amelia Court House; R & J Investment LC to Craig H. West, $184,000.

17611 Whitaker Road, Amelia Court House; Dwight A. Rouch to Ryan Bradsher Lewis, $175,000.


15 Bonsell Court, Ruther Glen; Diane Deibel to Martin A. Pratt Jr., $172,000.

615 Clover Hill Drive, Ruther Glen; Miller & Greene Homes LLC to Isaac Timothy Shanks, $230,000.

7111 Durrette Road, Ruther Glen; Scott Evan Sanders to Danielle A. Perrilloux, $225,000.

226 Hollyside Drive, Ruther Glen; Brittany Coleman to Michelle B. Hyman, $219,999.

392 Lake Caroline Drive, Ruther Glen; Darl W. Jewell, trustee to Mark E. Ireland, $485,000.

17190 Library Blvd., Ruther Glen; Phillip N. Snow to Joshua Roger Jewett, $267,000.

17130 Perinchief St., Ruther Glen; Earl Timothy Harris Jr. to Megan L. Rasnick, $324,000.

210 Roper Drive, Bowling Green; Stacy Arnold Wood to Girard Larry Thompson, $241,000.

648 Welsh Drive, Ruther Glen; Tanja Hines to Alyse Lacava, $224,900.

148 Yorktown Drive, Ruther Glen; Dimas M. Santos to Zachary David Dieck, $220,000.


401 Jackson Ave., Farmville; Tomahawk Properties LLC to Jon Sherred Adams, $174,900.

177 Royal Oak Road, Columbia; Lee D. Perschino to Charles A. Smith, $263,000.


776 Courthouse Landing Road, King and Queen Court House; Chad D. Sharpe to David Hacker, $249,500.

448 Dabneys Mill Road, Manquin; Steven D. Shannon to James Edward Huber Sr., $158,000.


1126 Commins Road, Aylett; Nico G. Verlinden to Roland C. Loving, $210,000.

317 Dylan Drive, Aylett; Welford B. Bruce Jr. to Rachel Lee Heller, $202,500.

16 Martins Branch, Aylett; Matthew D. Wright to Daniel J. Janke, $290,000.

138 Ogden St., West Point; Jason T. Cisneros to Jonathan J. George, $203,700.

1250 Riverview Drive, West Point; Gwendolyn Nichols Ward to Jesse J. James, $270,000.

134 Spring Hill Lane, Aylett; Brian E. Bourque to Bonnie Egger, $228,500.


203 Captain Newport Circle; Philomena O. Stevenson to Anne K. Reidinger, $220,001.

706 S Henry St.; Grover C. Outland III, trustee to Michael P. Grady, $186,000.

109 Patrick Henry Drive; Brian S. Kreydatus to Tyler W. Davis, $246,000.

111 Washington St.; Ralph W. Fairbank to Amaris Irina Jitaru, $445,988.


102 Acacia Court, Williamsburg; Gail K. Burger, trustee to Jennifer Paisuco, $512,000.

6045 Allegheny Road, Williamsburg; David C. Frederick to Raymond J. Heberlig, $315,000.

108 Augusta, Williamsburg; Jeffrey M. Whitson to Shane M. McGowan, $427,000.

5316 Beverly Lane, Williamsburg; HHJV LLC to Sharon Dye, $340,000.

4808 Blue Bill Run, Williamsburg; James M. Gabel to Harold M. Larsen, $319,500.

5599 Brixton Road, Williamsburg; Meyer Homes LLC to Michael D. Vidlak, $379,900.

4337 Casey Blvd., Williamsburg; Dulcie L. Holland to Michael Dunfee, $365,000.

3229 Chickahominy Road, Toano; Eddie Vincent to James Chamberlain, $183,500.

122 Congressional, Williamsburg; Charles E. Turnelle Jr. to Clayton J. Duncan, $770,000.

4311 Creek View East, Williamsburg; Grace Mary Bowie to Ronald A. Johnson, $295,000.

3409 Deerlope Trail, Williamsburg; Jeffrey T. Horvath to Jason Christopher Franklin, $283,000.

311 Dogleg Drive, Williamsburg; Ronald C. Snyder to Gary M. Malmstrom, $305,000.

126 Edward Wakefield, Williamsburg; Harold P. Seamon to Shannon R. Hayes, $326,700.

4233 Falcon Creek, Williamsburg; Berniece Ann Cook to Kevin G. Pietrzak, $260,000.

117 Formby, Williamsburg; Jonathan C. Patten to Eugene F. McGough, $475,000.

3736 General Gookin Court, Williamsburg; Joseph C. Mazzitti to Gregory D. Manges, $321,000.

6224 Glen Wilton Lane, Williamsburg; Richard H. Newsome, trustee to Sandra M. Hall, $280,000.

4271 Harrington Commons, Williamsburg; Charles R. Williams Sr., trustee to Kris Shekitka, $435,000.

3323 Hickory Neck Blvd., Toano; Noel Ruiz to Jarrell E. Clemmons Jr., $344,000.

3008 Holly Brook Drive, Williamsburg; Dennis F. Wilkie, trustee to Alexander Perez, $315,000.

108 Jeffersons Hundred, Williamsburg; Edward L. Chambers to Sean B. O'Connell, $559,000.

1408 Katherine Shaye, Williamsburg; Lee M. Lobeck Marks, trustee to James Andrew Gress, trustee, $699,000.

4360 Landfall Drive, Williamsburg; William Moseley to David W. Homard, $575,000.

2756 Linden Lane, Williamsburg; Patti M. Lanier to Daniel B. Wood, $390,000.

101 Macaulay Road, Williamsburg; Blue Water Real Estate LLC to James A. Howard II, $450,000.

6240 N Mayfair Circle, Williamsburg; Megan S. O'Brien to Keith Evans, $350,000.

3505 Merestep Way, Toano; Robert E. Bunch Jr. to Jarvis Shedrick, $355,000.

117 Molesey Hurst, Williamsburg; Vera Ardell Jones, co-trustee to Marylucy A. Nkangaghwe, $650,000.

3777 Mulberry Lane, Williamsburg; Derek Cunningham to Michael D'Alessandro, $325,777.

137 Old Field Road, Williamsburg; Robert M. Hines to James Goodson, $244,500.

8576 Pocahontas Trail, Williamsburg; Habitat for Humanity -- Peninsula and Greater Williamsburg to Markisha Hawkins, $183,900.

403 Promenade Lane, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Joy L. Morgan, $224,139.

409 Queens Crescent, Williamsburg; John E. Lane to Allyson Lynn Short, $150,000.

4015 River Moor, Williamsburg; Larry Talmage Baker, trustee to Scott W. Peterman, $410,260.

100 Roger Smith, Williamsburg; James B. Madden, trustee to William C. Ross, $427,500.

4308 Sconce, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Youngju Seo, $233,990.

2681 Sir Thomas Way, Williamsburg; Roger L. Hill to Amy N. Fahey, $295,000.

101 Stanley Drive, Williamsburg; Giuseppe Antognozzi to Leslie E. Cochrane, $249,000.

857 Sugarloaf Run, Williamsburg; Steven M. Gauche Jr. to George E. Benson, $225,000.

160 The Green, Williamsburg; Noel P. Monahan to Margaret Perdue Price, $395,000.

2913 Thomas Smith Lane, Williamsburg; Paul M. Arrowood to David A. James, $485,000.

7524 Twilight Way, Williamsburg; Gregory Eike to Jaysen C. Deramus, $247,500.

847 Vail Ridge, Williamsburg; Philip J. McLawhorn to Brian D. Pierce, $230,000.

4217 Wedgewood Drive, Williamsburg; James R. Pittelli Jr. to Michael D. Riha, $389,000.

2544 William Tankard Drive, Williamsburg; Ronald G. Shafer, trustee to Kevin S. Haeberle, $630,000.

3304 Windsor Ridge South, Williamsburg; Jae Wan Park to Ryan W. Loer, $475,000.

4178 Winthrop Circle, Williamsburg; Raymond M. Cwalina to Richard C. Tajirian, $370,000.

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