The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas. Building permits are listed online Monday under Metro Business.

To our readers: The property transfer listings for Charles City, Cumberland, King & Queen and Sussex will be in future editions.

Louisa County listings will not be included until further notice.


609 W 26th St; Wong Christi S to Sanchez Ma De Jesus, $329,900.

404 W 30th St; Winn John W III and Susanna B to Kline Nancy, $351,000.

705 N 35th St; Bodnovich Heather L to Boyar Shane J and Stephanie C, $355,000.

1203 W 47th St; Clements James W and Cara L to Mathes Glenda, $346,900.

407 N Allen Ave, U1; McCormack Daniel M to Cooke Nicholas T III, $525,000.

2304 Barton Ave; Secure Home Buyers Solutions to Stearman Scott E, $289,000.

517 N Belmont Ave; Wood Bradley Ltd to Harris Joint Ventures Llc, $150,000.

5100 Boscobel Ave; Christopherson Xan to Crawford Joseph, $237,000.

3311 W Broad St; Nine Kids Llc to Clg Realty 1 Llc, $1,685,000.

3449 W Cary St; Cantu Property Llc to 3449 W Cary Street Llc, $490,000.

2016 Cedarhurst Dr; Davis Carol A to Moore Michael A Jr, $197,000.

4255 Cheyenne Road; Walters Douglas M and Julie B to Nichols Bradley Ray, $421,000.

1009 Circlewood Dr; Gap Investments Llc to Marhefka Joseph L Jr Trs, $179,900.

108 W Commerce Road; Ram Cat Realty Llc to Urban Development Associates, $230,000.

1121 Daniel St; Southside Community Development to Stingl Cybil A, $173,500.

2912 Edgewood Ave; Wells Rhonda M and James L to Macchi Amanda J, $315,000.

3863 Fauquier Ave; Gregory Paul A to Sigmon Jeffrey L and Tracey B, $355,000.

3317 Florida Ave; Hirsch Thomas A and Diane R to Banta Nicholas P, $221,000.

2118 Floyd Ave; Clancy Michael B to Glownia Robert and Jena, $505,000.

706 Freeman Road; Wilkins Aubrey J and Alvin Jr to Wilkins Clinton L, $153,000.

1824 Glencove Lane; Atlas Development Llc to Leadbetter Jesse R, $195,000.

3331 W Grace St; Hernandez Marissa J to Goss Alaina Sadick, $452,000.

9627 Greenleaf Lane; Gabor Linda R to Giles William G, $217,000.

16 Hampton Hills Lane; Ross Edward F Trs to Smith Christopher T, $1,150,000.

6702 Hanover Ave; Haefner Christopher J Jr to Schreiber James E, $457,000.

10347 Hobby Hill Road; Fleming Rives III and Suzanne to Chafin Bryon W and Nancy J, $391,000.

811 Idlewood Ave; Siwel Flips Llc to Lears Thomas J and Karen P, $340,000.

3327 Kensington Ave; Liebschwager Michael S and Kathi A to Moncol Virginia C, $628,000.

4618 King William Road; Tubbs Jeffrey T and Elizabeth B to Rodriguez Jonathan and Jennifer, $515,000.

2408 Langston Ave; Kozlowski Andrew to Garabelli Veronica, $160,000.

723 W Leigh St; Milligan Michael and Mary to Leach Walton J and Kimberly M, $236,000.

52 E Lock Lane; Bennett Richard R and Emily C to Rowe Amanda W, $463,000.

2414 Maplewood Ave; All American Construction to Shea Brian D and Ashlie J, $387,000.

1006 W Marshall St; Degratia Development Llc Llc to Saleem Rehan and Saima, $400,000.

719 N Meadow St; Russell Pamela to Red Cap Ltd Llc, $495,000.

3405 Montrose Ave; Roostrva Llc to Wood Joseph and Clements Mary, $338,500.

3114 Moore St; Pellicane Joseph S to Smith Marston Scott, $305,000.

1308 Oakwood Ave; Pendleton G F III and Lynn to Drawbaugh Mark B, $230,000.

8923 Old Holly Road; Booth Scott C to Horoschak Christopher, $199,950.

3210 Park Ave; Hess Barry W and Cecilia B to Harrison Mary Simmons, $461,500.

3306 Patterson Ave; Robertson Michael B to Dogal Natalie Marie, $400,000.

2327 Pineway Dr; Haley Brad W to Peregoy Alexander N, $212,000.

815 Porter St, U315; Borkey Walter F Jr and Kathleen G to Litaker Hania, $299,000.

1905 Roseneath Road; Tyler Oil Co Inc to 1901 Llc, $608,000.

2211 Seminary Ave; Richardson Sharon D to Jones Matthew R, $287,000.

700 Semmes Ave; Semmes Group Llc to Richmond 700 Llc, $2,800,000.

511 Somerset Ave; Benedict Dallas C and Sharon M to Golladay Donald I and Bonnie G, $525,000.

4319 Stratford Road; Kitzke Kristofer C to Talley Bradley J, $370,000.

404 Strawberry St; Toms Elizabeth Coleman to 404 Strawberru Street Llc, $535,800.

6532 Stuart Ave; Eicher James W to Knight Matthew G and Rachel D, $500,000.

5309 Sylvan Road; Chappell David A to Landers Dustin Alan, $340,000.

4174 Traylor Dr; Torres Angela Nicole to Nieman Eric G and Charlene L, $425,000.

301 Virginia St, U1210; Hollingsworth Llc to Jankovic Vladan, $285,000.

3005 Weymouth Dr; Maggi Michael J and Lauren C to Jessup Harold G Jr, $242,000.

2921 Windsorview Dr; Brandis Wellington to Martin Troy A, $239,950.


10234 Acworth Dr, Glen Allen; Reed Deborah W to Grosse Matthew Daniel and Lindsay Swinson, $300,000.

1987 Airy Cir, Henrico; Mundy Zachary W to Clarke Wendy W, $184,950.

7601 Ansley Rd, Henrico; Ashworth Teresa A to Talcott Justin, $152,000.

5010 Argus Ln, Henrico; Nelson Ellen H to Ggc Associates Llc, $179,000.

2404 Asker Ct, Henrico; Conjar Ryan Anthony and Mary C to Richins Travis L and Chandra, $513,000.

707 Baldwin Rd, Henrico; Limerick William R and Joan C Dixon to Fisher Ryan R and Kathleen M, $330,000.

210 Bay Coat Dr, Henrico; Bryant Dwight B and Sharon D to Powell Bruce P, $155,900.

5615 Benoni Ct, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Chamala Vivek and Sandhya Pajjuri, $349,941.

11933 Blandfield St, Henrico; Pringle Michael and E D to Livingston Brian L and Nao Hagiwara, $390,000.

12312 Bradington Ter, Glen Allen; Marciante Sebastian Trustee to Davari Mohammad Reza and Leila Torabi Asr, $420,000.

8755 Brays Fork Dr, Glen Allen; Sadler Paul C and Mary B to Blassic Kim Wagner, $495,000.

3329 Bryson Dr, Henrico; Muron Michael and Wanda L to Knopp Benjamin and Julia, $259,000.

10900 Bush Lake Ln, Glen Allen; Hickey Thomas E to Sofilake Llc, $206,500.

9508 Carterwood Rd, Henrico; Huffstetler Jason W and Hilary L to Pope Justin T and Elizabeth B, $510,000.

503 Chandler Cir, Henrico; McCabe Mary Elizabeth Trustee to Binder Adam G and Danielle R, $410,000.

10800 Cherry Hill Dr, Glen Allen; Dotter James F and Cathleen E to Stein Ryan T and Kimberly M, $970,000.

2220 Clarke St, Henrico; Greenwood Frederick R Jr to 4 East Grace Street Llc, $151,613.

4712 Coachmans Landing Ct, Glen Allen; Levan Michael A and Amy L to Hamilton Kevin L and Diane R and L P Bailey, $455,000.

4804 Cobblestone Landing Pl, Glen Allen; Saunders John M and Crystal to Seaberg Kelly B, $535,000.

3701 Corrotoman Rd, Glen Allen; Wilson Richard E and Sandra K to Ross Donald S and Barbara H, $460,000.

2126 Cox Rd, Henrico; Nichols Maribeth to Black Kathryn and Timothy Ulatowski Et Al, $250,000.

9116 Danielsdale Dr, Henrico; Deal John G and Karen L and L J D Burnside to Barton Karen H, $214,000.

5524 Danley Ln, Henrico; Pritchett Tina E and M A Loughridge Et Al to Smith Steven J, $200,000.

9004 Derbyshire Rd, Henrico; Mtglq Investors Lp to Anbe Llc, $211,000.

9111 Derbyshire Rd, Ug, Henrico; Lynn Avery M and Theresa S to Wolfrey Gregory K and Betty P, $160,000.

1725 Dillyn Ter, Richmond Va; Crown Land Llc to Hancock Kathleen E and Christopher L, $194,000.

1906 Dresden Rd, Henrico; Us Bank Na to Kaplan Josh, $183,750.

12527 Eagle Ridge Rd, Henrico; Bird Charles A and Kalin R Herrick to Spiker Daniel and Shannon Thomas, $365,000.

6214 Ellis Ave, Henrico; Michel Brandy M to Volta Christina, $168,000.

17 Emerson St, Henrico; Backus Karen M and Latisha A Browder to Cox Grenda, $170,000.

6919 Everview Rd, Henrico; Mighty Fine Llc to Siwel Renovations Llc, $205,000.

9425 Farmington Dr, Henrico; Straub Ralph G to Nationstar Reo Sub 1b Llc, $174,874.

7417 First Landing Ct, Henrico; Dagostino Joseph S and Mary Ellen Trustees to Brown Milton K and Myrtle H, $260,000.

9221 Fisk Rd, Henrico; Highfill Austin T to Allen Logan and Cody, $239,500.

1516 Fort Hill Dr, Henrico; Lester Timothy W and Elizabeth M to Cronly John and Wilson Flohr Et Al, $174,000.

725 Foundry Park Ct, Glen Allen; Royal Dominion Homes Inc to Narayanan Prabhahar and Suchitha Ravi, $642,385.

2406 Fruehauf Rd, Henrico; Hightower Lynda M and E M Harris Trustee to Gyruik Matthew and Dominique M, $195,000.

2570 Gaskins Rd, Ua, Henrico; Timmons Investment Llc to Brown Brothers Llc, $530,000.

2924 Ginter St, Henrico; Koogler Courtney Ann to Rock Rebekah H, $255,000.

12707 Glenkirk Rd, Henrico; Golden Nancy Krause to Hendrick Kyle W and Elizabeth F, $355,000.

10331 Greenwood Rd, Glen Allen; Liberty Homes Inc to Vance Jacob and Kelly Bauer, $299,485.

11500 Grey Oaks Estates Run, Glen Allen; Robert P Bain Construction Inc to Dhaka Devang and Shilpa Bhatt, $700,000.

1516 Harborough Rd, Henrico; Alferink H J Jr and A H R Trt to Cox Kevin M and Katherine Gartland, $414,000.

7206 Harrison Ave, Henrico; Liberty Homes Inc to Nguyen Johnny Du Hoang and Phuong T, $237,000.

7326 Hermitage Rd, Henrico; Jenkins Sarah E Estate to Hill Roxanne, $195,000.

3720 Heverley Dr, Glen Allen; Cooke Matthew D and Anita to Lambright Antonio V Sr and Ludmilla L, $725,000.

2504 Hollybrook Ave, Henrico; Landrum Joseph A and Meredith A to Hannay Laura P, $155,000.

10842 Holman Ridge Rd, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Kariuki Peter N and Charity M Njagi, $538,935.

6110 Impala Dr, Henrico; Nash Mary W to Fogler Dennis Jr and Sarah, $175,000.

2805 Irisdale Ave, Henrico; Morley Kelly R to Jones Robert B, $230,000.

12197 Kain Rd, Glen Allen; Ida Mae Marshall Trust to Njj Enterprises Llc, $253,600.

6 Kambis Dr, Henrico; Owen Joyce M to Barker Bobby L and Yuliia Ihorivna, $259,950.

9641 Kingscroft Dr, Glen Allen; Jenkins Michael D and Sarah E to Cocchiola Michael W and Sarah Ann Mincher, $252,500.

1003 La Von Dr, Henrico; Stewart Kerri M to Oberholtzer Jeremy Edward, $165,500.

410 Lakewood Dr, Henrico; Woodley William D and Garnett V to Chaffee John Alexander and Kathleen S, $525,000.

3212 Lavecchia Way, Glen Allen; Reilly Thomas Patrick and Lindsey N to Adkins Brian W and Heather, $510,000.

2906 Leffingwell Pl, Henrico; Corey Russell T and Jeannine to Blondin Jacob A and Nicole A, $535,000.

12300 Locustgrove Rd, Henrico; Wimmer Matthew M and Tonya B to Hanna Gergis K and Abeer S Saeed, $265,250.

8503 Lynn Ave, Henrico; Weiss Peter to Fulton Brittany Lynn Zuniga Et Al, $200,000.

16 W Magruder St, Sandston; Jones Brandon Scott to Lynch Shana Brown, $153,200.

8303 Mark Lawn Dr, Henrico; Lynch Jean to Insley Robert W III, $174,000.

5401 Masons Ln, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Nord James Payson and Sharon K, $438,380.

2213 Mendota Dr, Henrico; Allen Logan T and Cody S to Rhudy Jonathan and Michele A, $195,000.

9102 Minna Dr, Henrico; Tarr Evelyn M to Fitzgerald Sarah B, $180,000.

5300 Monument Ave, Henrico; Goodwin Bradford E to Ramirez Ryan Alexander and Kelsey Ann, $365,000.

12300 Morning Creek Rd, Glen Allen; Van Horn Bradley R and Sherri R to Perretti Debra and Sean Mahedy, $590,000.

4810 Morrison Rd, Henrico; Roszel Christopher D and Mariana Droniak to Bowyer Elizabeth Ellen, $330,000.

1721 Naselle Ln, Henrico; Morris Ada Darlene to Schmidt Ronald and Deon, $239,900.

4229 New Hermitage Dr, Henrico; NVR Inc to Aguilar Maria, $260,900.

1613 New Settlement Dr, Henrico; Backmon Kenneth E and Rodenia L to Griffiths Conrad D and Janet E, $294,500.

9018 Norwick Rd, Henrico; Lightfoot Mark R and M C B-L to Rudolph Kurt and Kimberly, $737,500.

1870 Old Hanover Rd, Sandston; Caylor Caroline to Hancock Harry III and Jayne, $166,500.

11069 Old Millrace Ter, Glen Allen; Yang Weiping and Jinghui Guo to Zhu Guizhi and Lei Mei, $535,000.

5072 Park Commons Loop, Glen Allen; Meyer Arnold I and Naomi Trust to Walker Ralph T and Mary K Trustees, $450,000.

11820 Park Forest Way, Glen Allen; Harper Keri Anne to Zou Jiaxi, $284,000.

2338 Pathfinder Cir, Henrico; Travers William D and Jennifer S to Mitro Gregory J and Abigail M Jergenson, $276,000.

10410 Perennial Dr, Henrico; Ridgefield Green Llc to Vo Hien T and Aubriel L Rivera, $323,613.

7510 S Pinehill Dr, Henrico; Helmick Georgia L Estate to Blevins Edward C II and George T Speros, $150,000.

6850 Poplar Spring Rd, Henrico; Harlow Kathy Hamil to Barker James E Sr, $168,800.

2017 Raintree Dr, Henrico; Johnson James B II and Elaine C to Bush Kristel M and Jeffrey L, $352,000.

7021 Ravenscraig Cres, Henrico; Ross Run Llc to Robinson Brandon J, $264,640.

10012 Reedville Ave, Glen Allen; Olio John F and Marlyn M Trustees to Hanks Page Endicott and Janice Forney Trst, $429,000.

12318 Ridgefield Pkwy, Henrico; Schrinel Justin to Gutierrez Luis and Maria Espiritu, $239,900.

7108 River Rd, Henrico; Supple Frank D to Forsythe Anne Cabrie, $380,000.

4940 Riverplace Ct, Glen Allen; Narra Subhashini to Naphade Hemant and Vaishali, $465,000.

8516 Rolando Dr, Henrico; Robinson Pamela Elaine to Birmingham Sarah Orsi, $190,000.

11624 Rolling Leaf Ln, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Pittman Luciana and Michael, $754,184.

3804 Sage Ct, Henrico; Schuyler Norma M to Burd Harry R and Susan L Blackmore, $533,500.

2924 Sara Jean Ter, Glen Allen; Cheong Mei C and R Chow to Altman Matias Hernandez, $155,000.

310 Seabury Ave, Sandston; Ladd Kelly Lynette to Smith Timothy E, $150,000.

9002 Silverbush Dr, Henrico; Ellis James W to Jones Amy E, $194,900.

3915 Southwinds Pl, Glen Allen; Warness Kenneth to Towner Cheryl A and Jeffery B Cumming, $322,000.

8602 Springwater Dr, Henrico; Fender Memory K to Pinaprolu Navata and Ramesh Danduri, $184,500.

10231 Steuben Dr, Glen Allen; Hatton Chadwick and Lacy to Cook Philip Trent and Amanda Whitworth, $348,000.

8008 Stonemeade Dr, Henrico; Foster John H Jr to Spencer Travis J and Lakiyah K, $234,000.

4822 Summerest Ave, Henrico; Landis Tyler J to Jenkins Thomas G Jr, $154,000.

1021 Tall Grass Ct, Henrico; Mlg Dream Realty Llc to Clayton Bernard R, $195,000.

9424 Telegraph Run Ln, Glen Allen; Friday William S and Frances C to Seay William E Jr, $229,000.

10717 Timber Pass, Glen Allen; Wyatt Christopher B Sr and Robin N to Highfill Austin, $271,000.

5132 Topping Ln, Glen Allen; Hodge Ernest L and Deborah to Ahluwalia Satnam Singh and Suminder, $465,000.

7353 Townes Rd, Henrico; Thorpe David A Jr and D F J to Yates Harry R IV and Jessica L Glidewell, $230,000.

8200 Tudor Springs Ln, Henrico; Moseley Emory F Estate to Coleman Alton J and Deneen Carter-Coleman, $360,000.

551 Turka Dr, Sandston; Hostinsky Joshua to Birkoski Cody and Laura, $207,500.

5413 Van Ave, Henrico; Smith Desmond L to Federal National Mortgage Association, $170,100.

4604 Village Run Ct, Glen Allen; Cumming Jeffery B and Cheryl A Towner to Richey Dana E and Melinda M, $360,000.

1303 Waltham Ct, Henrico; Pena Deiry J and Corin Sanchez to Pennymac Loan Services Llc, $287,550.

2566 Wanstead Ct, Henrico; Spengler Sadie H and Mary E Page Trustees to Wade Robert B and Cheryl A, $280,000.

2832 Waterford Way East, Henrico; Jennings William T and Chris Y to Krodel Joshua and Lindsay, $362,000.

2209 Wedgewood Ave, Henrico; Beck Brian C and Susan C Hutchison to Bunce Ryder and Elisabeth Kirchner, $275,000.

11216 Westcott Ridge Ct, Glen Allen; Jeans David P and Melissa A to Hart Jason Edward and Christina Leigh, $798,000.

441 Westover Pines Dr, Henrico; Rowe Teaneasha to Brake Cotina Lee, $180,000.

9608 Wildbriar Ln, Henrico; Stewart Nelson H to Reuling Thomas M, $369,000.

4101 E Williamsburg Rd, Sandston; Bowman David W and Sherry L to Adams Michael P, $209,000.

11808 Willpage Pl, Henrico; Binder Adam G and Danielle R to Beck Briand Christopher and Susan C H, $352,000.

2517 Winston Trace Cir, Glen Allen; Stoudemire Sherri to McLamb Kimberly G and L E and S G George, $236,000.

11495 Wood Brook Ct, Glen Allen; Parham Tammy Jo Trustee to Williams Clayton Thomas and Amanda Marie, $467,500.

203 Wootton Rd, Sandston; Disse Bradley T and Amanda R to White Wanda Lavon, $169,950.


216 Aldersmead Rd; Haney Richard L and Pamela O to Angel Christopher Bryan, $260,000.

16000 Alsdell Rd; Nourse Adam and Elsa to Williams Adam M and Brittany, $465,000.

2617 Amherst Ridge Lp; Hawkins Jason R and Rocquel K to Williams Sandra I, $234,950.

5124 Andradell Ln; Dixon Arthur G Jr to Resto J M and Burgos Cuadrado P, $170,950.

2413 Arrowood Rd; Connelly Mark A to Augustin Idelin, $193,500.

14424 Ashleyville Ln; Nguyen Peter and Dacanay Jinah Z to Jethava Ashif and Nazneen, $334,000.

5818 Autumnleaf Dr; Schwind Martin P Contractor In to Carey Dion, $237,000.

5609 Backwater Tr; McKinley Wade A and Dione N to Wyche Yulonda Raneese, $209,500.

21201 Baileys Grove Dr; Liberty Homes Inc to Donovan Roger E, $194,000.

12002 Beaver Spring Ct; Morgan Steven N and Carmen W to Taraky Roselina, $250,000.

8252 Ben Nevis Dr; Brown Matthew C to Lane Christopher S and Childs M, $287,000.

4618 Benmore Ct; Lukitsch Stephen and Kimberly A to Davis Jacob and Holly, $370,000.

13820 Bermuda Orchard Ln; Hunt David J and Deborah N to Davis Mark Ray and Kathryn, $160,000.

12144 Blossom Point Rd; Cole Edward H Jr to McGhee D W and Wells W A Jr, $265,000.

6900 Bluff Ridge Ct; Simone Gregory R to Mason Jonathan D and Christina L, $335,000.

14714 Boyces Cove Dr; Shepherd P A and Helbing M S Trs to Farris Beth, $230,000.

8119 Braidstone Tr; U S Bank Nat'l Assoc Trustee to Love That Home Llc, $332,077.

8525 Brechin Ln; Bordelon Gordon L and Jessica E to Upshaw Carrie H and Jobette T, $337,000.

3180 E Brigstock Rd; Rogers H Allen to Stokes Brenda, $364,500.

13307 Burley Ridge Ln; Burns Samuel A and Nancy Lee to Cooper Jimmy and Cynthia, $295,000.

3718 Cannington Dr; Bachert Brian A and Rebecca B to Malcolm Tricia Lynn, $232,500.

13313 Carters Way Pl; Secretary Of Veterans Affairs to Kenney William D Jr and Kimberly, $288,495.

14118 Charter Landing Ct; Donofrio Gregory M and Kristin E to Lee Chong Y, $503,250.

2160 Chepstow Tr; Snead William I Jr and M A to Appelbee Justin L and Lauren L, $410,000.

14300 Chimney House Rd; Greer Stephen J and Jeanne E to Wright Scott S and Lindsey J, $361,000.

703 Claypool Tr; Mattox Henry Samuel Trustee to Waybright Joshua C and Lisa M, $197,000.

14300 Clear Springs Pl; Kettlye Richard J and Kathy I to Spiegel James A and Heidi L, $272,500.

2601 Colgrave Rd; Reagan Building Llc (The) to Rosenthal Curt and Deborah, $195,000.

7630 Cotfield Rd; Schillereff Joshua A and Nichole to Garcia Jose Antonio, $180,000.

7418 Crathes Tr; Lambert Sean D and Loranne to Vaughn Edgar Scott and Jodi W, $439,950.

10113 Cravensford Tr; NVR Inc to Fazio Lawrence and Stec Kathleen, $342,798.

12331 Declaration Av; Taylor Virginia E to Cushionberry Shandrease L, $372,500.

2109 Deer Meadow Tr; Hildebrand John B and Kathy L to Karnolt Thomas and Yoon Sohhyoun, $240,000.

9400 Donachy Dr; Stewart Corey W to Schairbaum Mark P and Jensen K A, $321,000.

11336 Dumaine Dr; Moretti Matthew J III and J A S to Kelly Christine Marie, $197,000.

11719 Duxbury Ct; White Bryan Weston to Gardner Traci E and Robert, $345,000.

5912 Eagles Crest Dr; Moss Cherie to Valdes Carolyn S, $222,000.

9303 Elkwood Rd; White Allison F to Kernan Kirby M and Brigitte K, $295,000.

1626 Elmart Ln; Miller Larry S Sr and Constance to Thompson Matthew Hays, $305,000.

15124 Endstone Tl; Gregoire Development Corp to Hendrick John H Jr and Kerri A, $459,530.

516 Enon Church Rd; Harris Will R and Delores to Lusk Ross E and Keri A, $350,000.

15113 Fairen Ln; Robb Celestene to Holmes Angela Rainey, $307,000.

2517 Falkirk Dr; Stinnette Woodrow and Virginia to Corsoro Michael G and Mirelys M, $265,000.

5824 Fire Light Tr; McWhorter Mose A Et Al Trs to Taylor Terence C and Bridget J, $445,000.

15508 Fox Club Ct; Umansky Philip H and Carol E to Anderson Ronald J and Amanda, $357,000.

14417 Fox Knoll Dr; Beer Barry H and Doreen E to Stephenson Erica D and John M, $308,000.

4007 Frederick Farms Dr; Yeatts Michael D to Martinez Diana Chinchilla, $187,500.

12112 Gardengate Rd; Four C's Services Inc to Hopper John W Jr, $195,000.

4007 Frederick Farms Dr; Yeatts Michael D to Martinez Diana Chinchilla, $187,500.

12112 Gardengate Rd; Four C's Services Inc to Hopper John W Jr, $195,000.

14411 Gildenborough Dr; Wolcott Philip F to Diel Steven S and Tracy M, $730,000.

8972 Glen Royal Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Woods Rashida H, $448,401.

4106 Gloucestershire St; Rogers Michael R Jr to Israel Silvana, $180,000.

12000 Goldenbrook Dr; Ruble Bradley W to Wells Fargo Bank N A, $151,470.

17506 Great Falls Cr; NVR Inc to Nemec Vincent F and Alison Rae, $378,473.

2290 Greenfield Dr; Larsen John E and Heather to Hutchinson Jacob, $172,500.

8518 Halstead Rd; Frick Donald R Jr and Kristy T to Campbell Craig H Jr and Jennifer, $357,000.

13154 Hampton Meadows Pl; Cruz Ricardo V to Archambault James C and S G, $305,000.

912 Hartford Ln; Mizell Ashley L and Pigg J E to Huff Ashleigh M, $197,000.

1243 Hawkins Wood Cr; Mason William E III and Nicole S to Xue Juanjuan, $328,000.

9115 Hickory Rd; Hicks Bryan A to Childers Tracy L, $221,450.

5706 Holden Rd; Bank Of New York Mellon Tr to Romero Reina, $205,070.

12020 Hunters Hawk Ct; Hayes Grant M II and Bowen R D to Hartsoe Donald Lee and Gail Dunn, $250,000.

1813 James Overlook Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Huskey Matthew A and Jasmine A, $417,000.

5512 S Jessup Rd; Luna Edgar A to Rush Christopher T, $189,000.

10703 Kelmont Ct; Miller John E II and Eileen E to Bing Andy A and Lisa C, $236,000.

325 Kernel Ct; Candler Mary B to Hill Joyce T, $270,000.

5830 Kingsland Rd; Mills Robert A and Melinda M to Gunter Venson A and Kimberly, $265,000.

7428 Kousa Dr; Cimo Stacey and Peale Kelly to Soper Thomas A and Barbara A, $270,000.

3900 Lake Hills Rd; Kuhnle Kurt S and Melissa B to Belcher John Edward IV, $275,000.

13207 Langford Dr; Manning Gregory to Conner Thomas A and Terrie A, $445,000.

14701 Lavenham Ln; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Cruz Vincent D and Melanie R, $369,950.

9007 Lavenham Pl; Main Street Homes to Medina Richard Sr, $438,347.

8324 Longlands Pl; Gatti Brian M and Kristin J to Tell Kenneth J and Heather D, $439,000.

9124 Mahogany Dr; Gordon Morris A and Sara R to Miller Donald D and Anita P, $361,500.

8111 Marwood Dr; Lounello Mark A and Rhonda K to Haber Stephen L and Elaine, $265,000.

3536 Maurer Ct; Williams Clifton H III and Carol to Bryant Earl A, $160,000.

401 Michaux View Tr; Boothe Wayne T and Rachel A to Salter Johnny R Jr and Amy Jo, $295,000.

7801 Mill River Ln; Scott Scotti J E and Janet B to Virginia Home Buyers Llc, $161,500.

11229 Mistyhollow Rd; Scott Linda G to Varner Joan M, $225,000.

3704 Morgan Trail Dr; Dickerson Teresa A to Mason Malekah A, $170,000.

13300 Mulligan Ct; Carrique Bartolome and Sandra S to Fuller Regan Jr and Lori B, $286,500.

1907 Muswell Ct; Biringer Builders Inc to Shapiro Deborah E and Mullally E, $965,000.

7718 Nathan Ln; Escobar Nelson Herrera to Henein Youssef I and Ghaly S M, $207,000.

14524 Needham Market Rd; Hastings Gregg A to Marion Darrell G and Lisa A, $328,000.

5503 Nordic Ln; Aarstad Derek to Jordaans Dustin D, $189,950.

5501 Oak Center Dr; Newbery James W and Sharon M to Alderson Nathan T and Rikki M, $245,000.

1606 Old Hundred Rd; Mitten Troy Allen and Beth B to King Rebekah M, $289,000.

6000 Omo Rd; Lease Buy Own Llc to Moore Justin and Ramos Alicia, $169,900.

5551 Onnies Dr; Baldwin Harry W Jr and Rose H to Varmecky Thomas G and Anna Marie, $185,000.

16606 Otterdale Pointe Dr; Morrison Linda C to Frost David T and Nicole A, $320,000.

4107 Paces Ferry Rd; Holloman Frank A Jr and Amy K to Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp, $195,000.

1713 Parkway Ln; Equity Trust Company Et Al to Kearney Nathaniel L and Tekeya, $166,000.

7404 Pennbrook Ct; Brown Audrey S to Stevens Warren J and Ana C, $190,000.

11705 Perdue Tr; Yarrow Peter to Wyatt Jeffrey A and Laura C, $232,000.

14507 Pleasant Creek Dr; Ratliff Robert D and Janette M to Hanft Edward, $325,000.

9109 Prince James Mw; Souder Timothy P and Ann T to Verhaeghe Lavon J and Stacey E, $404,900.

1269 Providence Knoll Dr; Hewitt Lorraine C to Becerra Saenz Jorge L Et Al, $273,000.

10600 Qualla Rd; Hewes Holly E and Jonathan E to Temple David A and Abigail L, $169,900.

109 Reams Ct; Franzyshen Henry D and Natalee S to Aarstad Derek N and Laura Smith, $205,000.

6230 Regal Crest Dr; Thompson Robert to Cuttino Christee, $266,000.

5536 Retriever Rd; Sullivan Walter Brandon to Russell Elizabeth R, $158,000.

13501 Ridgemoor Dr; Huang Allen Z to Laffont Celine M, $240,000.

16401 River Rd; Kidd Wayne R and Kimberly R to Riversol Llc, $280,000.

2711 Robys Wy; Hyatt Shannon M to Miksa Andrea Kay, $677,000.

5253 Rollingway Rd; Koger Deborah K to Houghton Derrick, $152,500.

3513 Rossington Bl; Henshaw H Keith and Ken Contr In to Covington Tyrone and Pamela, $270,800.

218 Rossmere Dr; Schmidt Josephine Bowles to Mansfield Patrick and Heather, $327,500.

14513 Sailboat Cr; Eagleson Rebecca E and Martin E to Cleavenger John D and Gina H, $305,000.

7219 Salvers Pl; NVR Inc to Collins Cheryl, $295,740.

16225 Saville Chase Ln; Spencer Mark G and Heidi B to Jolaoso Ismail A and Oduah E I, $658,000.

2600 Scarsborough Dr; Stock Thomas K and Kelly G to Lowery Aaron D and Erin R, $365,000.

3307 Seven Oaks Rd; Kottraba Emily Danielle to Shimosaki Koichi and Noriko, $245,000.

6812 Shasta Daisy Tl; Mancini Brian and Tara to Mei Alexis I-Hsun and Ahn Sang Y, $406,000.

4840 Shop St; Talley Damon D and Valecia R to Becerra Gilberto Meza, $180,500.

2401 Showning Ln; Biringer Builders Inc to Benedict John P Jr and Katherine, $776,906.

13201 Silverdust Ln; Napolitano Robert J II to Palm Donald E III, $420,000.

9218 Sir Britton Dr; Williams Adam M to Rhodenizer Aaron C and Melissa S, $384,000.

1313 Southwick Bl; Appelrouth Kimberly D to Chibbaro Brian and Bunting N, $185,500.

14900 Spruce Av; Sla Construction Llc Trustee to Slate Carl H III and Wall Lori S, $240,000.

12513 St Thomas Ct; Kirk Kathryn G to Jernigan Royal E Et Al Co-Trs, $263,000.

100 Stanmore Rd; Stewart Gloria J to Ferrara Joseph P and Egger M T, $214,000.

11200 Sterling Cove Dr; Hicks Steven W to Terpenny Russell J Jr and Lucy D, $370,000.

9112 Stonecreek Club Pl; Herman Ronald I and Mary Jane to Evans Robert E and Deborah L, $344,990.

5000 Stoney Creek Py; Thurston Robert J and Maria E to McGuffin Gabriel S and Amber J, $274,500.

11801 Sunflower Ln; Pharr Brenda to Corner Jason L and Martha-Lynn, $260,000.

2615 Teaberry Dr; Watson W N and Watson W N III to Whitaker Leo and Cathy W, $428,000.

5214 Terrace Arbor Cr; Lennon Wayne M to Murray Matthew, $272,500.

14124 Thrushwood Turn ; Chaplin Courtney Locke to Applewhite Sean and Herring Kara, $187,500.

1407 Tomahawk Creek Rd; Corbin Kimberly M to Alderman Gerald L and Robson D C, $409,950.

2430 Trefoil Wy; Zwicker Michael and Margaret to Pfluger Glenn E III and Joanna M, $300,000.

14225 Triple Crown Dr; Black Michelle Sheri to Davidson Michael and Monica, $238,000.

1613 Turnmill Dr; Cota Alessandro and Isabela Y M to Ashmore John H and Joann S, $267,000.

10849 Tuscola Dr; Paul Joshua to Wilson Daniel C, $225,000.

18525 Twisted Oak Tr; Brown Ronald L Jr Et Al to Vesprey Rashad K and Kristina M, $210,000.

1807 Upperbury Dr; Day Scott and Amanda to Fogg Adam Louis, $270,000.

11519 Village Garden Dr; Moore Cathy C to Robertson Sean K and Stacey B W, $310,000.

407 Villas Ct; Presswalla F B Et Al Trustees to Lawrence Beryl M and Tucker D M, $295,000.

6404 Walnut Bend Dr; Sippel Joyce M to O'Neill Brandon Paul and Aleea M, $330,000.

1709 Walthall Creek Dr; Kellenberger Joseph and G to Morgan David L and Jennifer L, $286,500.

3801 Waverton Dr; South River Custom Homes Llc to Stevens Darren E and Jessica C, $539,635.

900 Westwood Village Wy; Smith Daniel M and Alana C to Gabor Linda, $214,900.

10426 White Rabbit Rd; Hicks William D to Balderson Lesley, $170,000.

12212 Wiesinger Ln; Lowery Colin and Abigail to Fessenden Andrew and Rachel, $377,000.

2008 Williamstowne Dr; Taylor Ulysses R Jr and Anna M to Chaffins David W and Glenda D, $256,000.

6650 Wilmoth Dr; Lester Frank E III to Crouse Vera Marie, $168,000.

7101 Windy Creek Cr; Gonzalez Priscilla Lynn to Hayes Matthew T Sr, $244,900.

15221 Windy Ridge Rd; Lee Paul D Trust to Bragdon Stefanie Tonzola, $287,000.

1940 Woodmont Dr; Card Michael W and Sharon B C to Chagri Nabil and Renee Michelle, $230,000.

17401 Wynstone Park Ln; Lee Gary A and Singleton Ivy B to Byrne John F and Rhonda Kay, $319,900.


104 Ashcake Road, Ashland; Genesis Property Services LLC to Jessica L. MacDonald, $243,950.

8320 Bald Cypress Drive, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders to Joyce M. Owen, $318,565.

14126 Bethany Church Road, Montpelier; S. Scott Clem to Jonathan R. Watson, $330,000.

11205 Blunts Bluff Court, Ashland; Marcia E. Mendez to Darlene P. Lindsey, $249,950.

8399 Burnside Drive, Mechanicsville; Charles John Furlough to Alberto E. Galliano, $155,000.

8487 Cheraw Road, Mechanicsville; Travis Hughes to Samuel Hartness, $266,000.

16305 Coatesville Road, Beaverdam; Stephen Leslie Bland to Stephen M. Phillips, $490,000.

8339 Colmar Drive, Mechanicsville; Michelle Hutcherson Owens to John E. Larsen, $220,000.

15275 Devonwood Road, Montpelier; Scott E. Stallings to Jesse Perrone, $310,000.

10995 Elmont Woods Drive, Glen Allen; Russell A. Williams to Allison H. Lindenau, $329,900.

15180 Fawn Hollow Trail, Doswell; Legault Homes LLC to Michael J. Ishler, $430,000.

10993 Founders Place, Mechanicsville; Mike S. Soiland to Thomas B. Dail, $412,000.

121 Giddy-up Lane, Ashland; David Gray to Robert Wendall Hales Jr., $365,000.

8025 Gold Pebble Way, Mechanicsville; Matthew N. Coleman to Jerry H. Darley Jr., $339,000.

12506 Greenwood Road, Glen Allen; Robert W. Schermerhorn to Landen J. Braxton, $170,000.

12104 Herman Pines Lane, Ashland; James Robert Ostrander to Walter D. Walden, $549,000.

13626 Hewlett Trail Drive, Ashland; HHHunt Providence LLC to Usoro E. Udo, $353,910.

9264 Howard Drive, Mechanicsville; Martin Deane Cheatham III to Amanda M. Thayer, $251,000.

6026 Ironworks Court, Mechanicsville; Sandra L. Borden to Amber B. Valadez, $224,900.

8125 Janice Ave., Mechanicsville; Lizzette Morales to Donald A. Shinn Sr., trustee, $305,000.

11180 Lesfield Court, Mechanicsville; Kevin W. Lestourgeon to Jason L. Tucker, $299,909.

2160 Mandeville Trail, Mechanicsville; Dora Ruth Caudell to Thomas L. Hilton, $285,000.

10825 McCann Place, Ashland; HHHunt Providence LLC to Nolan Felts, $353,427.

7115 McClellan Road, Mechanicsville; Federal National Mortgage Association to Rebecca Web, $265,000.

6431 Midday Lane, Mechanicsville; Justin B. Hill to Gary Ray Dowell Jr., $339,950.

8315 New Ashcake Road, Mechanicsville; Mechanicsville Holdinigs LLC to James P. Hicks, $206,900.

1663 Old Church Road, Mechanicsville; Sheryl L. Brooks to Joshua K. Smith, $270,000.

8115 Perrincrest Place, Mechanicsville; Robert T. McEachern Jr. to Lavonda S. Bailey, $375,000.

8217 Perryville Court, Mechanicsville; Craig A. Holl to James A. Campbell, $275,000.

6320 Queens Lace Circle, Mechanicsville; Aisha Washington Gad to Matthew E. Durden Jr., $215,000.

2125 Retreat Drive, Mechanicsville; Commonwealth Trustees LLC to Tonya D. Witherow, $206,101.

7056 River Pine Court, Mechanicsville; Kenneth E. Parker Jr. to Thomas M. Whitaker, $240,000.

5364 Santa Maria Drive, Mechanicsville; Daniel E. Kyle to Christopher J. Eads, $460,000.

17423 Sleepy Hollow Lane, Doswell; Thomas Edward Dwyer to Scott Sherrod, $242,025.

13456 Spring Branch Lane, Ashland; Stephen M. Phillips to John Nord, $590,000.

10383 Summer Hill Road, Mechanicsville; James L. Popek to Benjamin F. Pully, $285,500.

863 Sweet Tessa Drive, Ashland; Adam Ligh to Kimberly D. Siler, $175,952.

3427 Tanglewood Court, Mechanicsville; Bruce K. Meyn to Robert Mervyn Nikel, $279,900.

6051 Turkey Hollow Place, Mechanicsville; Newell Anderson to Kichia T. Fisher, $425,000.

6398 Wedgewood Road, Mechanicsville; Hunter Homes LLC to Michael Allen King, $239,000.

17155 White Pine Road, Beaverdam; Lisa D. Corbett to Gerald R. Witzman, $355,000.

4713 Wyngate Lane, Mechanicsville; Shurm Construction Inc. to Michael C. Harper, $550,000.


2104 Autumn Oaks Lane, Powhatan; Roberta Turner Hudgins to Kyle H. Cook, $234,000.

2501 Butterwood Circle, Powhatan; Darren E. Stewart to Mark Davis, $354,900.

318 Clayville Road, Powhatan; Paul Ruocco to Bryan A. Hicks, $406,000.

2709 Daphne Lane, Powhatan; Clyde L. Williams III, executor to Thomas P. Robinson, $170,000.

2745 Dorset Ridge Circle, Powhatan; James E. Pfeiffer to Mark A. Lounello, $337,500.

2419 Founders Creek Court, Midlothian; Eagle Construction of Virginia Properties LLC to Jerry Tyree Reed, $642,582.

19075 Founders Knoll Terrace, Midlothian; Anne Elizabeth M. Reeve, trustee to George T. Gitchel, $550,000.

1390 Giles Bridge Road, Powhatan; Trademark Builders Inc. to Aaron M. Douberly, $375,000.

1873 Hope Meadow Way, Powhatan; Timothy J. Bangley to Jason C. Adams, $498,000.

3319 John Tree Hill Road, Powhatan; John S. Mason Jr. to Charles M. Davis, $290,000.

3385 Lone Draw Court, Powhatan; Mark E. Whitesell to Robert H. Donathan, $266,000.

3851 Mapuche Trail, Powhatan; Mikkon Construction Co. to William F. Kimbrough, $429,035.

5560 Old Buckingham Road, Powhatan; Martin H. Dunivan to Tyler J. Robinson, $253,500.

1961 Pine Creek Ridge Terrace, Powhatan; Melissa A. Christian to Timothy Curtis Morrisette, $279,000.

6127 Preakness Stakes Lane, Powhatan; Dean T. Patrick to Jessica Jarrell, $301,994.

915 River Estates Court, Powhatan; Joseph C. Layman to Daniel W. Mink, $351,000.

3215 Sherwood Ridge Drive, Powhatan; Thomas W. Broyles to Matthew J. Benkovitz, $295,000.

2118 Urbine Road, Powhatan; Robert H. Donathan to Rachel H. Hinson, $218,000.

842 Westwood Pine Court, Moseley; Jonathan R. Hansen to Adam Seong Eun Rich, $359,000.


4099 Cedar Plains Road, Sandy Hook; New Ventures Real Estate LLC to David Copsmith, $277,500.

2505 Crest Hollow Court, Goochland; Kyle A. Yeatman to Edward Robert Freeman, $464,500.

4605 Fox Chase Run, Gum Spring; Bonnie Sue Dean to Tina T. Agnew, $315,000.

2329 Lanes End Place, Maidens; W.V. McClure Inc. to Brian Terrance Hill, $573,346.

854 Merewood Court, Manakin-Sabot; Boone Homes Inc. to Kevin D. Rotty, $809,289.

355 Pond View Lane, Manakin-Sabot; Sylvia P. Melton to Monica L. Powers, $540,000.

2446 Saddlebrook Drive, Goochland; S. Sheree Huang Leong to Joseph Edward Wolford, $385,000.

2307 Stanwood Drive, Manakin-Sabot; Vicki G. Mistr to Brian W. Williamson, $290,000.

901 Sunset Drive, Manakin-Sabot; Renovatio III LLC to Windley P. Gravatt, $522,500.

4008 West Chapel Drive, Goochland; Lisa M. Eckert to Diego A. Gomez Romero, $240,500.


3241 Forest Hills Road; Anthony J. Mills to Pamela Chambers, $194,500.

730 Park Drive South; Lorber LLC to Leon Wilson Scott, $250,000.


2618 Exeter Mill Road, Church Road; Demsie A. Wells to Brenda Shipplett, $180,000.

22140 Lake Jordan Drive, North Dinwiddie; David W. Hoylman to Christopher J. Winstead, $291,000.

1311 Sutherland Road, Church Road; Albert F. Marek to David B. Hale, $250,000.


118 Hampton Drive; Robert W. Tatum to Luis Antonio Serna Agosto, $212,000.

410 Norwood Drive; Sara M. Fletcher to Jennifer W. Tunstall, $200,000.

311 Pickett Ave.; KAG Homes LLC to Joanna L. Abraham, $191,000.


Lot 18, Section 2, Cambridge Estates; Atlantic Trustee Services LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $164,738.

Lots 7-9, Block 21, Day; Thomas A. Tokarz to Mandy Blackburn, $153,000.


8036 Arbor Ponds Terrace, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Brandon Lipford, $276,250.

1140 Creeks Edge Road, New Kent; W.V. McClure Inc. to Gregory K. Wills, $537,293.

10335 Deerlake Drive, New Kent; Dale A. Boyum to Jonathan M. Howard, $313,000.

7957 Eagle Circle, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Anna Burnette, $324,660.

11818 Kings Pond, Providence Forge; Ae Cha Kim to Charles Alan Rawls, $345,000.

7248 Longview Drive, Quinton; Donald A. Shinn Sr. to Rachel M. Shrewsbury, $255,000.

3101 New Kent Highway, Quinton; BMR Investments I LLC to Nancy L. Devers, $284,500.

6520 Parrish Road, Providence Forge; Melissa Eden to Tiffany L. Mullen, $225,000.

8761 Rock Cedar Road, New Kent; BMR Investments III LLC to Anthony L. Wiggins, $270,000.

7769 Sedge Drive, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Michael Denas III, $361,905.

4146 Virginia Rail Drive, Providence Forge; Stacy C. Anderson, trustee to Ernesto D. Barrantes, $349,000.


1104 Butternut Drive, North Prince George; 1104 Butternut Drive Series to Janaye N. Cotman, $184,000.

5610 Courthouse Road, Prince George; Jody M. Kane to Patrick Maguire, $245,000.

990 Eagle Place, North Prince George; NVR Inc. to Kelvin Nichols, $364,825.

12488 Griffin Road, Prince George; Joseph A. Kvasnicka to Kate N. Gibson, $400,000.

13049 James River Drive, North Prince George; Nicholas O. Smith to Richard D. Byrne Jr., $268,000.

414960 Lebanon Road, Spring Grove; Ira T. Crouse to Keil Scott, $305,000.

17776 Loving Union Road, Disputanta; Misti Binford Culler to Raymond Lane Jr., $205,000.

4700 Prince George Drive, Prince George; Robert E. Forehand Jr. to Jerry L. Cole Jr., $188,000.

5208 Takach Road, Prince George; HSBC Bank USA to Angela McComber Foster, $181,000.


11720 Granary Hills Drive, Amelia Court House; Federal National Mortgage Association to Christopher Wygal, $291,000.

12200 Old Chula Road, Amelia Court House; Carolyn Faye Garnett to James Elson Biggs II, $165,000.


15042 Burruss Lane, Ruther Glen; Robert T. Muniec to Marilyn Coleman, $190,000.

625 Cicero Drive, Ruther Glen; John Robert Conroy to Joshua Cheek, $203,000.

10611 Gallant Fox Way, Ruther Glen; Justin A. Jordan to Terrell L. Artison, $279,000.

818 Houston Drive, Ruther Glen; Stephen Lowden to Stephen Scott Brooks, $205,000.

16 Johnson Drive, Ruther Glen; Markus L. Lange to Robert Gordon, $275,000.

119 Lake Caroline Drive, Ruther Glen; Stephen A. Spagina Jr. to Charles R. McConnell, $262,000.

7131 Marsh St., Ruther Glen; Tuan A. Pham to Andrea Lugtu Pope, $189,900.

17129 Perinchief St., Ruther Glen; Carlton D. Hatton to Jessie L. Allen, $187,700.

24384 Richmond Turnpike, Ruther Glen; Barbara C. Willis to Darrel J. Templeton, $387,000.

18231 Sparta Road, Milford; Ironwood Investments LLC to Jake Edward Spruill, $299,900.

650 Welsh Drive, Ruther Glen; Gerardo A. Villareal to Jose A. Quintana, $185,000.

18267 White Pine Drive, Milford; David S. Ayers to William Ketchum II, $214,248.


7743 Dabney's Mill Road, Manquin; John M. Niess to Stephen R. Sanders, $170,800.

5513 Herring Creek Road, Aylett; Betty W. Wallace to John Froman Wallace, $288,000.

1002 Lee St., West Point; Christian A. Hannes to James G. Armstrong, $208,000.

303 Madison Court, Aylett; RCI Builders LLC to Brian J. Stuller, $265,088.

111 Parkwood Drive, Aylett; S&C Building Co. to Bobby W. Crouch, $287,100.

64 Rosewood Court, Aylett; John M. Jordan to Keith W. Wright, $184,000.

2970 Southern Avenue, West Point; Frederick R. Bell to Anthony G. Pastore, $210,000.


116 Exmoor Court; Catherine A. Adams to Michael C. Savidis, $335,000.

15 Priorslee Lane; Robert J. French, successor trustee to Desiree Glinden, $156,000.

202 Robert Elliffe Road; George J. Panos to Kimberly Allen, $207,000.

409 Zelkova Road; Barbara C. Every to Janice Dee Hembree, $248,000.


8405 Addison Terrace, Toano; HHHunt Hampton Roads LLC to Ramona Taylor, $329,209.

707 Autumn Trace, Williamsburg; Gayle K. Basler to Clayton Burdette, $230,000.

210 Belmont Drive, Toano; David Scott Gardner to Justin T. Currier, $199,999.

139 Brookhaven Drive, Williamsburg; Scott Wilson to J. Asca Guillermo III, $259,900.

4530 Cedar Point Lane, Williamsburg; PW Development Inc. to David Blaine Utley, $209,000.

6326 Cordelia Road, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Janet Kay Winslow, $300,000.

3817 Cromwell Lane, Williamsburg; Stephen Cauley to Mary B. Fauteux, $200,000.

4056 Dunbarton Circle, Williamsburg; Vernon H. Smith to Trina Nguyen, $402,000.

113 Evergreen Way, Williamsburg; David B. Pegram to Stanley K. Ware, $368,000.

313 Farmville Lane, Williamsburg; Cheryl Jean Tate to Allison J. Wichmann, $195,000.

5202 Foundation St., Williamsburg; Greensprings Plantation Inc. to John Eugene Hall, $265,000.

3461 Frances Berkeley, Williamsburg; Luyi Xing to Kristen H. Elder, $580,000.

3431 Hickory Neck Blvd., Toano; HHHunt Hampton Roads LLC to Richard T. Jacob, $438,670.

104 Holdsworth Road, Williamsburg; Kenneth M. Cowden to Cherie Dianne Charles, $600,000.

132 John Pott Drive, Williamsburg; H. Wade Trump III to Mudit J. Monsi, $442,100.

4723 Levingston Lane, Williamsburg; Marilynn L. McKenney to Ronald L. Sheldon, $372,000.

2636 Meadow Lake Drive, Toano; Joan W. Eveland to Bruce M. Gilliam, $237,750.

3305 Morning Mist Lane, Toano; MCR Properties LLC to Kevin L. Runkle, $449,900.

140 Oslo Court, Williamsburg; Cozy Homes Inc. to Wesley D. Parker, $170,600.

5801 Persimmon Place, Williamsburg; Pauline T. Ridgway, trustee to Bruce L. Thomas, $385,000.

124 Peyton Road, Williamsburg; William B. Dorris, trustee to David Wapelhorst, $470,000.

2328 Plowman Drive, Toano; Sheila G. Plott, co-trustee to Sean Robert Klaver, $310,000.

210 Reflection Drive, Williamsburg; Tam Thi Nguyen to Hau D. Trieu, $175,000.

6539 Revere St., Williamsburg; HHHunt Hampton Roads LLC to Olamide O. Sabageh, $250,000.

1701 Rustads Circle, Williamsburg; Maria C. Johnson to Christine M. Powers, $256,000.

105 Southpoint Drive, Williamsburg; Emily Irby McDowell to Yann A. Le Goullec, $463,000.

5545 Swan Road, Williamsburg; Marie W. Vass to Kenneth D. Robinson, $325,000.

3947 Thorngate Drive, Williamsburg; Karen Christine Wilson to Ravi G. Chhatrala, $630,000.

3840 War Hill Green, Williamsburg; Pamela Mariana Musko to Mary R. Windley, $167,000.

3126 Weathers Blvd., Toano; Jose Felix to Wanda M. Hill, $174,900.

3036 Whittaker Island Road, Williamsburg; Brent H. Thalacker to Kyle Weaver, $375,000.

104 Winster Fax, Williamsburg; Joel R. Fortune to Steven B. Ralph, $220,000.

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