The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas. Building permits are listed online Monday under Metro Business.

To our readers: The property transfer listings for Cumberland will be in future editions.

Louisa County listings will not be included until further notice.


1521 N 19th St; Cava Capital Llc to Boyd Molly K, $196,000.

813 N 24th St; Aaron Ogburn Llc to Lawler Daniel, $350,000.

621 N 29th St; Lewis Mark Winston to Deaderick Robert, $365,000.

621 N 32nd St; 621 N 32nd Llc and 621 N 32nd to Fisher Michael, $366,500.

1220 N 33rd St; Watchtower Homes to Brown Catherine R, $329,950.

2818 4th Ave; Sinddhu Investment Group Llc to Voss Krystle, $260,000.

1304 Apperson St; King Brian A and Julia A to Phillips William R and Marla A, $199,500.

16 S Arthur Ashe Blvd, U1a; Phelps John A to Reddy Nitya G, $312,000.

7218 Berwick Road; Keehner Philip M to Dunbar Vincent A and Stacy L, $346,000.

2806 E Broad St; Dennis Carroll W to Bixler Colin D and So Vivienne, $395,000.

3907 Brook Road; Fagalde' Juana L to Cava Capital Llc, $215,000.

1602 Carlisle Ave; Brook Melissa Z H to Klecak Jennifer D, $185,000.

802 Catherine St; Rhodes Antonio Q L to Mallard Marsh Properties Llc, $215,000.

327 S Cherry St; Witherow Tonya to Relyance Venture Llc, $175,000.

3100 Cliff Ave; Hatcher R M Trustee to Mw Heritage Holding Llc, $160,000.

3440 Cooper Road; Winn Eustace Gordon to Kelley Jonathan and Erin, $320,000.

4612 Cutshaw Ave; Nguyen Ngoctram T to Stuck Kathleen McKay, $400,000.

513 Deter Road; Harris Queen E to Mosley Chanda Y, $191,500.

4309 Dover Road; Nelson Ryan P and Charlotte K to Reese Ollie III, $1,710,000.

8934 Elm Road; Rutledge Cory R to White Taylor M, $245,000.

2913 Fendall Ave; Hildebrand Richard L Jr to Goss Christopher James, $239,000.

5530 Forest Hill Ave; Mella Terry J and Dorcas R to Sivak Brian, $180,000.

3319 W Franklin St; Rosanelli Cabell T to Schmitzerle David and Ivanka, $619,000.

616 E Gladstone Ave; Decisive Real Estate to O'Brien Scott Michael, $235,000.

3322 W Grace St; Holmberg Homes Llc to Lange Mark A and Tiffany P, $525,000.

1216 Greycourt Ave; Eggleston Ruth H to Hedke Edward James, $300,000.

3401 Grove Ave; Miller Nan L to Saini Harsimran, $700,000.

3226 Hanes Ave; Richmond Hill Design Build Llc to Lee Jeffrey D and Elizabeth M, $426,000.

4202 Hanover Ave; Burr William and Virginia Hetzer to Grymes Margaret S, $601,500.

408 Henri Road; Kordahi Rony C to Paulette William and Sarah, $735,000.

7606 Idlewyld Road; Dixon Michael P to Owolewa Adebayo A, $420,000.

3921 Kenmore Road; Carney Bruce A and Sarah S to Henderson Ann Burnham, $340,000.

5102 King William Road; Johnson Gregg and McElroy Craig to Slyder Duane and Ingrid, $440,100.

333 S Laurel St; Flick Teri L to Martinez Daniel, $260,000.

1731 W Leigh St; Skeeter and Associates Llc to Rodriguez Raymond J and Ramon J, $251,000.

303 Lock Lane; Crowley John S and Martha C to Moore Walter W and Karen F, $1,550,000.

2403 Maplewood Ave; Belkowitz Shirley S to Brown Spencer Nelson, $346,050.

101 W Marshall St, U33; Perone Michael to Draper Dudley Ken Jr, $185,500.

1203 S Meadow St; Eco Marble and Granite Inc to Whitfield Nicholas, $230,000.

4317 Monument Park; Mann John B to Davis Cyril Douglas, $435,000.

1529 National St; Johnson Kenneth and Evelyn to Calabrese Blake J and Samantha, $168,000.

2802 North Ave; Henderson Emmett A III to Ramallo George, $190,000.

317 Oak Lane; Boyd Alice C to Burr William F and Virginia H, $775,000.

18 Old Canal Road; Huffman Stephen to Nelson Janet, $521,000.

3221 Patterson Ave; Ronquest Bette L Revocable to Ohara Kyle M and Katherine H, $385,000.

4807 Pocahontas Ave; Barnard W Calvin and Martha D to Stubbs James Snyder, $1,075,000.

20 River Road; Rose Richard H Jr and Julia N to 20 River Road Llc, $1,200,000.

601 Roseneath Road, U9; Redford Heather E to Nguyen Quang T and Myhanh T, $219,500.

4515 E Seminary Ave; Oman Anne to Phelps David F and Gemma, $350,000.

2201 Stratford Road; Stanley James C and Elizabeth R to Downer Eric P, $210,000.

4401 Stuart Ave; Kelley Michael C and Britta M to Becker Elliot F and Kristine P, $556,000.

1701 Summit Ave, U9; McDowell Elliott H to Johnson Gary S, $279,000.

10 Tow Path Cir; Ashcraft Charles to Dittmann Kristin Marie, $767,500.

301 Virginia St, U1607; Li Tao to Koppelman Scott H, $250,000.

4337 Wakefield Road; Robertson Thomas C and Janice C to Caudle Robert K III, $485,000.

2025 Westover Hills Blvd; Wilson Annette Lee Trustee to Burrows Zachary, $344,000.

3024 Windsorview Dr; Dowell Zachary to Stone Kyle, $440,000.

5906 York Road; Gottwald Nancy Spencer to Munford Charles C and Torrey M, $680,000.


11454 Abbots Cross Ln, Glen Allen; Alphin Connie B to Culpepper Martha E, $247,000.

3508 Ammons Ave, Henrico; Funn Claude W and Leslie C to Brooks Shauna, $185,000.

9617 Asbury Ct, Henrico; Booker Bernard P III and Ayhanna T to Baslyous Khalaf F, $230,000.

1223 Balustrade Blvd, Henrico; Monument Square Llc to Hedgepeth Dennis W and Laurie H, $637,001.

2402 Barnside Cir, Henrico; Gutierrez Luis and Maria Espiritu to McNamara Edward J, $176,000.

6404 Bateleur Ct, Henrico; Drakeford Melvin L and Tammy L to Duvall Claude H and Rita H, $305,000.

4905 Belmont Park Rd, Glen Allen; Bailey Bruce L and Sarah M to Masood Abdur and Sharifa, $462,925.

1506 Bexhill Rd, Henrico; Slater Andrew P to Butler Brian Joseph and Kathy Stevenson, $260,000.

5609 Bloomingdale Ave, Henrico; Kroupa Brenda to MacNelly Julia Serena, $210,000.

7712 Bogey Pl, Glen Allen; Bolger Jamie Lynn to Filliater Pamela P, $215,500.

509 Braxton Hills Ter, Henrico; Withers Walter Rex and Julia Mae Trustees to Fam Maged and Silvia Ghobrial, $333,900.

2226 Brightmoor Ct, Henrico; Robinson Street Properties Llc to McIntyre Jon D and Karla M, $192,500.

8300 Bronwood Rd, Henrico; Wolf Louis J and Janice E to Graves Sarah B and Alex D, $295,000.

12002 Burrard Ct, Henrico; Krishnamurthi Siddharth S and Neeraja R to Hetzel Kevin Jon and Cynthia Dixon, $405,000.

124 Carriage Point Ln, Glen Allen; Taylor James N and Melissa A Roberson to Welch David V and Carol W, $262,000.

9012 Castle Point Dr, Glen Allen; Niklawski Trevor R and Sarah W Smith to Medwid John A and Brooke N Hoke, $266,000.

5009 Cedar Fork Ter, Henrico; Miller Sharon A to Gray Gloria, $185,000.

10709 Chipewyan Dr, Henrico; England Cynthia H to Kenney William J Jr and Pamela Trustees, $470,000.

2104 Clarke St, Henrico; Dawkins Carrie A to Doody Rebecca, $224,000.

10633 Cliffmore Dr, Glen Allen; Copeland Arden J to Shepard Austin R and Helen R, $325,000.

2804 Cody Pl, Glen Allen; Badenoch Kimberly M and Robert A to Snider Travis George and Ashlee Lauren, $360,240.

4218 Cole's Point Way, Glen Allen; Chesser James H Jr and Jo Ann to Jao Tze C and Carmen S, $420,000.

5417 Coopers Walk Ln, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Jain Rakesh K and Diane M, $439,950.

12101 Country Hills Ct, Glen Allen; Knauer Thomas E and Gleness to Ghotra Permjit and Rupindra, $565,000.

5401 Cranemore Rd, Henrico; Grant Damon Keith to Baldwin Angela Lee, $222,500.

4908 Daffodil Cir, Glen Allen; Sommerville Jacob B and Michelle B to Foote Qiana Carter, $274,950.

2540 Darbytown Rd, Henrico; Movement Property One Llc to Taylor George W, $272,500.

10112 Dawndeer Ln, Henrico; Balderson Lesley to Hall Stephanie N, $350,000.

1703 Devers Rd, Henrico; Ridge Point Holdings Llc Trustee to Delaney Patrick Michael Butler Et Al, $210,000.

8410 Donovan Ct, U02, Henrico; Badgett Daniel and Howard M Bray to Evans Sabrina Lashon, $150,000.

7414 Edgewood Ave, Henrico; Heng Sokthy to Mourtzakis Jillian Loving, $185,000.

11529 Emerson Mill Way, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Bellamy Willene Atkins and Terry, $550,000.

10414 Falconbridge Dr, Henrico; Us Bank Trust Na to Tilman Carter, $379,000.

2207 Fenton St, Henrico; Marcinowski Shawn P and Emily C to Henry Ashley A, $179,000.

124 Finial Ave, Henrico; Monument Square Llc to Shamaskin Ronald G and Elaine C, $721,366.

6 Flatwater Row, Henrico; Sm Riverwalk Llc to Hornsby-Fink Tamera S and Loni L Fink, $335,316.

2015 Fordson Rd, Henrico; Colgan Sandra B Et Al to Greer Francine Y, $200,000.

3915 Forestford Rd, Henrico; Weidman Melinda J to O'Neal Clayton E, $200,000.

3804 Francistown Rd, Henrico; Hershey Michael Lane and Jamie Lynn to Adams Karen Meriwether and Robert J Scott, $232,000.

413 Gaslight Ter, Henrico; Strange Anthony N and Julie to Turner Perry E III and Virginia S Et Al, $895,000.

12203 W Glenkirk Ct, Henrico; Martter George A and Julie to Langley Christopher A and Katherine G, $428,000.

5405 Great Oaks Cir, Henrico; WV McClure Inc to Cook Daniel W and Amy C, $514,511.

517 Greene Ridge Rd, Henrico; Luxton Scott F and Carolyn to Blaylock Brian F and Anne S Nichols, $560,000.

9447 Greenhill Ct, Henrico; Overstreet Deanna to Meredith Jennifer, $159,000.

1861 Grey Oaks Park Ln, Glen Allen; Windsor Enterprises Corporation to Bradford Homes Inc, $239,000.

2801 Hampton Woods Dr, Henrico; Dickerson John and Sara to Thompson Nathaniel C and Michelle Q, $385,000.

2508 Haviland Dr, Henrico; Miller David R to Cavallaro Carlo A and Mallory K Mahoney, $249,950.

1600 Helmsdale Dr, Henrico; Campbell Daniel M and Kathi to Hickerson Graham and Barbara E, $475,000.

4739 Hepler Ridge Way, Glen Allen; Smith Grove Llc to NVR Inc, $185,000.

4905 Hickory Downs Dr, Glen Allen; Wong Johnny C L and Mary Elizabeth Trstees to Barba Nicholas and Carol, $418,850.

12201 Hillshire Ct, Glen Allen; Burke Shane to Paperman Joseph and Danahe Bloomingdale, $599,000.

8105 Holmes Ave, Henrico; Kinard Douglas M and Holly E to Spears Brian W and Melanie W, $727,750.

1634 Hungary Rd, Henrico; Brown Robert W Jr and George to Ho Thanh T, $173,000.

12809 Huntmaster Ln, Henrico; Blanchetti Randall L and Amy G to Royster Adam Cary and Roxana Coman, $612,000.

1112 Hyde Ln, Henrico; Murdaugh Marshall E and Vivian T Frear to Humphries Donnie R and Linda J Et Al, $375,000.

4007 Ironwoods Walk Dr, Glen Allen; Minor John Daniel to Puma Kevin E Sr and Patricia A, $365,000.

5615 Jefferson St, Henrico; Mack Steven M Jr to Norris Tiffany Siobhan, $180,000.

7817 Kahlua Dr, Henrico; Duvall Claude H and Rita H to Morisato Karen L Trustee, $198,000.

2822 Kenmore Rd, Henrico; Knight Seth S and Megan Dixon to Kirchhoff Shaina and Jay Sandy, $230,000.

9612 Kingscroft Dr, Glen Allen; Sherman Richard to Huffman Tyler N and Tiffany N Straughan, $316,000.

5721 Lake West Ter, Glen Allen; Dalessandro Brian A and Susan F to Raschke John P and Rebecca M, $430,000.

10557 Lambeth Rd, Glen Allen; Gayle Catelyn S and Ronald E to White Michael Blaine and Debra Gregory, $385,000.

13153 Langtree Dr, Henrico; Adams William D and Jane E to Delano Rebecca B, $384,950.

1802 Le-Suer Rd, Henrico; Reynolds Joshua S and Laura A to Foster Andrew J and Amanda Jean, $330,000.

2423 Liesfeld Pkwy, Glen Allen; Porcaro Anthony P and Christie L Whitt to Clasbey Kevin and Sheila, $557,500.

10804 London Dr, Glen Allen; Di Frischia Whitney J to Henry Jerome E Jr and Bethany D, $215,000.

1360 Loudon St, Henrico; Hackney Nathan and Payton Gordon to Harper Ashaye, $203,000.

10703 Maben Trl, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Barathy Govindarajan and Deepika S Murali, $436,500.

2412 Marions Ln, Glen Allen; Foster Andrew James and Amanda Jean to Melton Janet M, $279,950.

5816 Maybrook Ct, Glen Allen; Walker Nathaniel and Dawncherrie P to Stokes Savannah Israel and Mary Anna, $356,950.

801 McCoul St, Henrico; Welch Randall G to Orndorff George and Lynda, $154,000.

7702 Merrick Rd, Henrico; Dibble Susan P and Stewart Raymond Purvis to Wang Jin and Zhenjie, $200,000.

4617 Monaco Dr, Sandston; Walker Jonathan and Kristi to Richmond Robert D Jr, $208,000.

9310 S Mooreland Rd, Henrico; Benjamin Corey A and Ann M to Mason Winston R III and Gray M, $800,000.

10513 Mountain Gate Way, Glen Allen; Kiely John T and Meilin J Jao to Jones Olinder V Jr and Kamia K McKenzie, $209,000.

4803 Mulford Rd, Henrico; Kaufelt Roy M Jr and Dale L to Johnson Darrell D, $169,000.

2300 Nelson St, Henrico; Smith Gary L III to Bailey Elizabeth Anne, $190,000.

2100 New Market Village Blvd, Henrico; Pittman Kisha to Baker Janell D, $208,999.

1102 Northbury Ave, Henrico; Newman Adrian M to Tyler Cedric Lionel, $168,500.

2214 Nortonia Rd, Henrico; Fejes David M and Jacqueline M to Lowery Susan S, $239,900.

10109 Oakley Pointe Dr, Henrico; Lyle James B and Tia M to Elsayed Dina and Mohamed Mousa, $263,000.

1620 Olan Ct, Henrico; Cox Melvin L Jr and Casaundra P Allen to Pope Jennifer, $270,000.

10721 Old Prescott Rd, Henrico; Malik Manpreet S and Smriti Bajaj to Sullivan Brian K, $619,950.

8401 Pamela Dr, Henrico; Acrs Llc to Afework Makonnen M Jr, $305,000.

2316 Pathfinder Cir, Henrico; Tong Lauren N to Tsivgoulis Ioannis and Chew, $290,000.

12220 Paxton Glen Ter, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Godavarmaraja Sooraj, $491,647.

3309 Pemberton Crossing Ct, Henrico; Warner Benjamin J and Melinda R Carter to Shah Bushra Mubashshir, $369,950.

2258 Perennial Cir, Henrico; Ridgefield Green Llc to Hong Su Jin, $357,935.

206 Perth Ln, Sandston; Dick Ronald Vernon to 206 Perth Llc, $175,000.

7509 N Pinehill Dr, Henrico; Downes Elizabeth G and Jonni L Cord to Frank Noah Caleb and Christine R Schwartz, $425,000.

12412 Porsche Dr, Glen Allen; Houff Bradley E and Margaret J to Brockbank Benjamin and Alyse Michelle, $780,000.

9104 Prestondale Ave, Henrico; Tilden Shirley A Estate to Roufaeil Shady, $198,000.

9700 Purcell Rd, Henrico; Wlodarek Chad to Johnson Jamar T, $235,000.

3505 Ravenscraig Ct, Henrico; Ross Run Llc to Papst Zachary and Christina M Chodor, $261,020.

300 N Ridge Rd, U23, Henrico; Higgins Susan Wagener to Smith Stacy S Trustee, $260,000.

3017 Ridgegate Dr, Glen Allen; Phipps William R and Michelle Lynn to Wilkerson Cherud M and N Kinsey-Wilkerson, $526,000.

4034 Rivermere Ln, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Kumar Ashwani and Vineeta Sood, $300,950.

251 Rocketts Way, U318, Henrico; Jackson Thomas P II to Case Kent E and Kimberly A, $365,000.

11500 Rolling Leaf Ln, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Poma John Collins and Jennifer Neiman, $543,859.

10612 Runnymeade Dr, Glen Allen; Oliver Clarence E and Michelle E to Suthar Chetan M and Sneha, $307,000.

4933 Sadler Glen Ct, Glen Allen; Jenkins Amanda F to Kelley Christopher Michael and Vivian H K, $425,500.

4347 Saunders Station Loop, Henrico; Sm Saunders Station Llc to Disesa Meghan, $299,625.

10524 Scenic Pl, Glen Allen; Hawkins Marshall L and Virginia L Aulick to Bautista Sonya M, $305,000.

2917 Seven Kings Ct, Henrico; Ross Run Llc to Barksdale John M Jr and Sharon M, $324,340.

1900 Shenandoah Ave, Henrico; Dajon Sharon M to Baldwin Michael S and Jessica M, $385,000.

12102 Shore View Dr, Henrico; Purdy Michelle Lynn to Beaudry Douglas B and Marjorie D, $185,000.

11127 Sithean Way, Henrico; Hall Camden H and Stephanie Bryna Norris to Dickerson John and Sara, $440,000.

12310 Smith Grove Ct, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Roemmich Jana and Sean, $524,150.

309 South St, Henrico; Coppola Dominic to Wood Gwendolyn L, $181,000.

10207 Spinning Wheel Way, Henrico; Coleman Alyssa E to Lau Yip S, $276,000.

7800 Staples Mill Rd, Henrico; 7800 Staples Mill Road Series to Roberson Abigail, $178,000.

7110 Stoneman Rd, Henrico; Liamidis Athanasios and Kathy U to Solo Brian A, $219,000.

8300 Sunday Dr, Henrico; Moseley Emory Franks Estate to McIntyre Roger Lee Sr and Lorrie C Quist, $215,000.

205 Taraby Dr, Sandston; Hughes Robert C and Sheila to Pettus Shaun Brian and Kelly Nicole, $225,000.

1907 Timberlake Ave, Henrico; Dougherty Daniel J and Julia G McLaughlin to Stewart Frances and Wendy Wadsworth, $178,500.

144 Township Blvd, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Greene Carel M, $212,315.

1702 Tunbridge Dr, Henrico; Bhargava Vishwa M and Indu to Berens Matthew and Jacqueline, $485,000.

3401 Vasko Dr, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Nagy Michael John and Carol Jean and Nancy D, $766,881.

209 Walsing Dr, Henrico; Kelley Eric H to Bernstein Douglas and Rebecca Crootof, $899,000.

5012 Westcott Landing Cir, Glen Allen; Siciliano Joseph C and Stacey J to Kim Sejoon and Mina, $810,000.

6325 White Oak Rd, Sandston; Morgheim Kristopher W and Haynie J to Scampoli Stephen J and Michelle L, $292,000.

4943 Windsor Rd, Sandston; Helms Alan K to Dietz James Allen and Marsha Paris, $254,000.

4523 Wistar Woods Trl, Henrico; NVR Inc to Scott Iain D and Terry B, $309,162.

9631 Woodstream Dr, Henrico; Wolfe Amelia A to Downs Daniel Noah and Erin Margaret Rogers, $300,000.


14119 Agee Ln; Mischke Walter T to Antonakos James W and Melinda B, $415,000.

541 Aldersmead Rd; Hawn Chandler E C to Vu Daniel Dat and Dang Nhu N, $245,000.

6305 Amasis Ct; Bailey Kristie M to Benavides Jose A, $172,000.

7206 Apple Orchard Rd; Coates Charles W and Carolyn A to Debus Benjamin T and Jessica L, $245,000.

6719 Arbor Meadows Dr; Moses Gregory and Loretta to Jackson Ryanne N, $289,000.

1000 Ashbrook Landing Tr; Simmons Charles H II and Mary V to Slazinik Andrew and Denise A, $289,900.

7500 Autumnleaf Ct; Hunter Homes Llc to Brown Julia Monique, $190,000.

21001 Avery Mill Ln; NVR Inc to Stittgen John E Jr and Renae M, $258,745.

12412 Balta Rd; Bank Of New York Mellon Tr to Anderson Lyle Keith and Cheryl A, $210,000.

8512 Bay Knolls Tr; Saunders David W and Susan to Ramsey Cory A and Young E M, $298,000.

15100 Beach Rd; Saunders Frederick E and Deborah to Saunders Randall M and Teresa L, $349,900.

3611 Beechwood Av; Adana Investments Llc to Norman Sean M and Caitlin D, $275,000.

11012 Belvoir Rd; Tingler Michele L to Sheffield Joseph L and Rebekah A, $219,000.

818 Biggin Pond Rd; Cullen William R and Teresa A to Wu Bi Xin and Chen Mei Yu, $335,000.

1623 Bloomfield Rd; Dawson D R and Rose J G III to Rose James G IV, $242,000.

14500 Blossom Pl; Myers Charles F and Carolyn R to Davis Nancy Wocher Trust, $340,000.

18013 Boston Creek Tl; Mahler Lawrence J and Maureen G to Chevalier James W and Beth A, $473,000.

11513 Brandenburg Dr; Holland Alvin L Et Al to Castelvecchi David J Jr, $190,000.

14620 Bridge Creek Dr; Seaman Christine E to Eggleston Richard T, $279,500.

7712 Broadreach Dr; Snyder Gregory A and Melissa A to Rackley Kevin David, $219,900.

2616 Brookforest Tr; Hicks William A III to Ferrante Anthony and Christina L, $259,950.

4531 Burgess House Ln; Patel Amir I to Ryan Kathryn Michelle, $234,000.

5608 Buxton Ct; Mannix Joseph G and Deborah C to Carpenter Dennis L II and J E, $345,000.

8106 Canberra Dr; NVR Inc to Bailey Sheneita V and Anthony L, $292,480.

4444 Cara Hill Ln; Zimmerman John R and Judith D to Regetz Kyle and Victoria, $277,000.

11931 Carters Garden Tr; Eggleston Richard T and Deborah to Sapone Matthew and Andrea, $355,000.

13407 Castlewellan Tr; Whitaker Dejoel L and Kiersten M to Sessoms Travles L, $280,000.

9101 Celestial Ln; Liberty Homes Inc to Moore Christopher L Et Al, $297,970.

10810 Chalkley Rd; Schaefer Lorna D to Grzegorczyk Michelle Denise, $255,000.

9165 Chatham Grove Ln; Reed David E Jr and Danielle D to Gudiel Maria T and Hernandez M, $229,100.

14302 Chimney House Rd; Crabtree Steven M and Dale H to Pryce Jeremy F and Amber M, $350,000.

3321 Clintwood Rd; Grothendick Jerry to Carro Joseph Anthony and Tara, $215,000.

420 Comstock Dr; Ross George H Jr to Yener Barbara A, $262,000.

10200 Cravensford Tr; D R Horton Inc to Hira Piyush and Zankhna, $370,000.

3908 Cresthill Rd; Radcliffe John J Jr and S R to Fesperman Autumn S and Tim A, $340,000.

10448 Crooked Branch Tr; Mills Dorothy K to Paz Nain Romero, $277,000.

8112 Darebin Pl; NVR Inc to Brown Jonathan L and Tirado L K, $323,910.

7002 Deer Thicket Dr; Lippy David G to Wade Bryan L and Meggin S, $212,000.

12224 Devette Tr; Speidel Roy A and Cathy A to Hobday Rodney M and Kristin J, $355,000.

1801 Dunleer Wy; Perkinson Homes Inc to Hanrahan Brian and Lexi, $1,054,192.

4008 Durrette Dr; Combs Stephen T and Rosen V L to Baker Lionel Harry and Darlene, $207,500.

1727 Early Settlers Rd; Taylor Timothy R to Ziege Daniela, $155,000.

4836 Ecoff Av; Tanner George I to Traylor Shawn P, $208,500.

5805 Elfinwood Rd; Mozingo Troy D III and Victoria to Holness Timothy E, $165,000.

15030 Endstone Tl; Clay Street Builders Llc to Jenkins Amanda F, $489,000.

2524 Exhall Ct; Ashbrook Clarence W and M W to Gordon Alma P, $224,000.

16007 Fawley Rd; Wrenn Charles N IV to Ott Christopher M and Mary D, $773,500.

1620 Featherstone Dr; Barnthouse Jere to Cataldi Christopher A, $244,950.

14706 Forest Wood Ln; French Travis T to Desantis Benjamin T and Chelsea, $265,000.

7401 Fowlis Pl; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Leary John L and Tricia J Hoyes, $641,365.

15521 Fox Gate Ct; Pieterman Roland E and Lida K to Engle Jeffrey D and Jessica M, $354,950.

4131 Foxglove Rd; Walls Bonita M and Ladd Robin M to Warren Laura E and Cary N, $185,000.

7125 Full Rack Dr; Goodwyn J Courtney III and Jean to Goodwyn John C IV and Jessica L, $171,500.

10801 Genito Rd; Muttart Robert Graydon to Guzman Melecio Lopez, $229,000.

561 Glenmeadow Rd; Carpenter Rodney L and Janet C to Bird Paul E and Patricia M, $271,768.

12001 Goldenbrook Dr; Dyer Joan to Bouchard Christine M and J J III, $165,000.

4301 Grantly Ct; Cutler John W Jr and Betsy A to Roussell Aaron R and Molly, $850,000.

15300 Greenhart Dr; NVR Inc to Elliott Wilburt and Mandi, $402,049.

13823 Greyledge Pl; Brody Thomas L to Mahoney Melissa P, $268,500.

5814 Gunsight Tr; Collier Jacob W Et Als to Smith Wendi A and Smith B N, $170,000.

20967 Hampton Av; NVR Inc to Fernandez Armando Plancarte, $226,465.

12207 Hampton Crossing Dr; Garofalo Nicholas J Jr and J M to Webb Dr David J and Lauren D, $540,900.

16006 Hampton Meadows Ct; Barden Jeffrey Et Al to Wyche Aaron, $322,500.

15404 Hanover St; Andrews Joe A and Lesa E to Rowe Johanna L, $218,000.

8319 Hartridge Dr; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Dos Santos F A and De Inturias E, $419,845.

5608 Heatherhill Dr; Miles Edward M II and Carolyn S to Vincent Sarah Bernice, $179,000.

9017 Hickory Rd; Pruckner Robert D and Michele to Boudreau James D, $228,900.

13912 Highpaige Wy; Crean Peter D and Theresa C to Liddell Diane T, $241,000.

14616 Houghton St; Delisle Christopher M and S L to Diallo Alpha B, $257,500.

12519 Inverness Dr; Robbins A III and Robbins B L to Muse Gentry Dowell and Leigh G, $330,000.

2701 Iverson Rd; Mechling Nickolas S and Kaitlyn to Cotman Tony L and Brown Cynthia, $220,000.

4324 Jacobs Bend Tr; Messer Clifton M and Amy M to Smith Brandon R and Jennifer A, $265,000.

5001 Jennway Lp; Passmore David C and Kristy S to Chan David C and Karen P, $568,000.

5919 Jessup Meadows Dr; NVR Inc to Williams Keevonie C, $253,770.

13331 Kelham Rd; Mirabella Investments Inc to Anthony Erin S and Jonathan M, $722,500.

13831 Kentwood Forest Dr; Epps Tina Marie to Carter Richard D and Jonalyn, $259,000.

5900 Kings Grove Dr; Tang Tue and Phu to Daniel Laquan and Eileen, $324,950.

1608 Kirkgate Ln; Richardson Edward L to Secretary Of Veterans Affairs, $189,112.

7403 Kousa Dr; Bennett Elizabeth Trustee to Jones Linda L, $315,000.

9601 Ladue Rd; Phelps Charles P to Sizemore Mark S and Susan H, $200,000.

4600 Lake Summer Lp; Gregoire Development Corp to Kelley James Matthew and Lisa M, $534,900.

4326 Laurel Oak Rd; Williams Roger D and Jane A to Maxwell Tavis B and Victoria, $156,250.

5715 Laurel Trail Rd; Bowersox Andrew P and Olivia M to Eddy Cheryl and James, $224,950.

6603 Liege Hl; Greenwich Walk Villa Condo to Grotz George E and Monika B, $393,257.

19727 Little Rd; Fried Linda M and Ragsdale E E to Boyd Megan and Johnathan, $275,000.

2510 Llama Ln; Rouch David A and Rachel P to Gross Eric M and O'Connor K M, $250,000.

13727 Long Cove Pl; Davis Linda W to Stone Sonya J, $423,000.

14804 Loren Dr; Slaybaugh D C Jr and Barnett K E to Moore Cody A and Cara L, $171,500.

11125 Lyndenwood Dr; Cordrey Timothy E and Lauren B to Bass Michael L and Bentley R Y, $400,000.

6607 Manassas Dr; Kuna Jason P and Christie M to Nelson Andrew T and Ingrid, $265,000.

3018 Maplevale Rd; Humphries Jeffrey G Et Al to Bonilla Amanda K, $222,000.

4601 Marty Bl; Liberty Homes Inc to Ventura Martha Elena, $191,500.

5208 Meadoway Rd; Bank Of New York Mellon Tr to Chang Hsiang Ching, $170,555.

17609 Memorial Tournament Dr; Howard Elizabeth J to Mann Rachel Marie, $269,000.

3513 Midhurst Dr; Ferguson Jon P and Jennifer M to Zinkovitch John F Jr and Stacy A, $254,000.

12600 Mill Lock Tr; Moore Samuel Earl Jr to Hill Ryan Jeffrey and Casey D, $243,000.

1000 Mitford Pl; Schnitzler Gregory A to Lemay Scott G and Megan S, $455,000.

1413 Montcroft Wy; Sirva Relocation Prop Llc to Captain Keith A and Kelyn B, $630,000.

813 Mountshire Tr; Hayes Larry C and Rosa M to Jackson Allison Arnold, $340,000.

14150 Netherfield Dr; Beavers J Gregory and Michelle M to Comer William R and Herman E A, $335,000.

7210 Norwood Pond Ct; Worsham Carroll W to Borum Anna May, $280,000.

5212 Oakforest Dr; Czyrnik Nicholas and Lindsey to Manalo Jonathan E and Leah D, $189,900.

12825 Old Country Ln; O'Connor Randall L II to Turnmire Dustin and Katie, $263,000.

6301 Omo Rd; Moore C L and Medina-Duran A to Dudding Harrison G, $213,500.

4800 Overlea Dr; Fleming Kenneth E and Deborah J to Tompkins Alex J and Holly, $226,000.

9907 Paddock Wood Ct; Main Street Homes to Wyne Jason M and Rachel N, $334,934.

11519 Parrish Creek Ln; Grund Diane L to Hutchins David R III and Tiffany, $293,000.

12548 Percival St; Tyler Harold Joseph to Jolly Alexandra, $208,000.

325 N Pinetta Dr; Ann Sang I and Roth Tina to Roth Tanedn and Suon Seang L, $188,000.

11804 Pleasanthill Ct; Soo Charles E Estate to Carpe Bacon Llc, $185,000.

5219 Plum St; Funes Manuel Emilio to Cuellar Kathy R and Zavala J, $197,000.

1611 Porters Mill Tr; S L A Construction Llc Trustee to Nguyen Kip T and Ashley G, $218,000.

9007 Proctors Run Ct; Perry Thomas and Charlotte to Bland Ricky L Jr and Shawnyell C, $305,000.

2709 Puckett Ct; Ely Gayle P to Pfund Emily E, $179,950.

14101 Ramsey Ct; Moore Bernice M and Moore Wendy to Gurvinder Singh Llc, $156,000.

9013 Resaca Rd; Hayes Peter Justin and Courtney to Bennett Kasey M and Matthew A, $198,000.

525 Ridgemoor Pl; Street Amy Elizabeth to Vandenberg Elizabeth, $239,000.

8423 River Rd; Reeves Malcolm E and Judy O to Loftis Daniel Jon and Sandra L, $600,000.

1579 Robindale Rd; Horton Karen to Albus Mary Susan, $234,900.

4912 Rollingway Rd; Sexton Barbara K to Armstrong Linda B, $163,800.

7312 Rosemead Ln; Bouril Victor F and Barreca J L to Bingman Gerald R and Danielle S, $489,200.

1019 Salisbury Dr; Ferguson Evelyn P to Forest View Vol Rescue Squad, $155,000.

10106 Sandy Ridge Dr; NVR Inc to Jones Joshua, $265,420.

2606 Seacliff Ct; Kenyon John C Sr to Perrin Kyle Lee, $181,600.

20116 Shire Oak Dr; Harris Dustin L and Allison M to Ferry Karlee R, $182,000.

7102 Silver Farm Pl; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Dawson Eric Jr and Luisa, $539,619.

13131 Sodbury Dr; Drake Ryan P and Ellen M to Howard Rebekah, $695,000.

8403 Spring Meadow Rd; Haney James R and Donna J to Barber Family Trust (The), $315,000.

13916 Sterlings Bridge Rd; Duffy Betty Elaine Et Als to Henderson Kyle B and Carla P, $215,000.

10315 Stonecrest Rd; Horton Dale J to Thatcher Thomas H, $249,950.

6224 W Stonepath Garden Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Holmes Valda Q, $280,085.

5224 Summerleaf Dr; Regan Carol M to Gregory Alanna, $175,000.

2559 Swathmore Rd; Barnes David E and Carolyn H to Sberna Nicholas, $411,500.

3206 Terrybluff Dr; Herman Sarah A to Malone R L and Woodcock D K, $170,000.

14504 Tranor Av; Maerki Gregory to Harris Matthew T and Hays J, $218,500.

14414 Trophy Buck Ct; Sexton William R and Paula K to Brunty Morgan E, $254,950.

6408 Twin Falls Ct; NVR Inc to Anderson Glenn A and Heather M, $580,281.

6911 Velvet Antler Dr; Misorski Heather A to Madron Scott M and Kristen P, $210,000.

409 Wallingham Dr; Losada Pamela B and Martin E to Knight Kristin H, $295,000.

2606 Water Race Tr; Kowaleski Merie B and Matt A to Hahn Brian P and Meredith B, $342,000.

3150 Waterton Dr; Pringle Scott to Perriello Michael C and Amy, $445,000.

5518 West Bay Ct; Laidig Greg T and Katherine D to Shuman Ricky L and Michele A, $330,000.

1432 Westhall Gardens Dr; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Bowman Carolyn H, $301,109.

6507 White Rock Tr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Heard Wyatt D and Alexandra T, $405,185.

11206 Wiltstaff Dr; Troyer Jason L and Kara L to Souza Matthew and Amanda, $265,750.

1333 Winfree Creek Ln; Main Street Homes to O'Laughlin Brian, $342,950.

10801 Woodland Pond Py; Kristensen Michael P to Threatt Gary and Rebecca, $406,100.

6122 Woolridge Rd; Raymond William to Parks Aaron, $185,000.

12813 Yatesbury Ln; Neeves Walter A and Patricia C to Kelsey Philander and Teresa D, $589,000.


11322 W Abbey Court, Glen Allen; Benton L. Boone to Jason F. Jahn, $350,000.

5120 Arrowhead Road, Hanover; Deborah C. Hudson to Michael N. Smith, $425,000.

10100 Ashley Manor Lane, Mechanicsville; George M. Tribble III to Anthony S. Call, $408,000.

4625 Batteline Drive, Mechanicsville; Jonathan A. Fralin to Joshua G. Duncan, $460,000.

6239 Betron Way, Mechanicsville; Robert A. Peebles to Jeffrey D. McClure, $235,000.

2630 Brittland Drive, Manakin Sabot; Rebecca Emmett to Eric Beatty, $547,500.

7046 Brooking Way, Mechanicsville; Select Home Solutions LLC to Courtney Brooks, $229,950.

6449 Cardinal Way, Mechanicsville; Darleen E. Arrowood to Nicole Diane Johnson, $218,500.

10440 Chickahominy Falls Lane, Glen Allen; CFalls Builder LLC to Mark J. Wentsel, $430,027.

8285 Christian Ridge Drive, Mechanicsville; Donald G. Newton Jr. to Walter R. Yarbrough IV, $402,000.

11308 Cloverhill Drive, Ashland; Henry C. SMith II to Edward R. Hedrick, $455,000.

17008 Connie Hall Road, Montpelier; Federal National Mortgage Association to Michael Clapp, $185,000.

9388 Crossover Drive, Mechanicsville; Aasron F. Kuzemchak to Nicole McCarthy, $348,000.

9076 Dewitt Drive, Mechanicsville; William A. Beatley Jr. to James K. Sullivan, $301,000.

13058 Fairway Lane, Ashland; Robert Gary Waugh Jr., trustee to Leonard Dean, $320,000.

9523 Fox Hill Farm, Mechanicsville; Thomas Witt Baker to Benjamin D. Clem, $490,000.

9116 Garrison Manor Drive, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Brian Domroes, $450,235.

10221 Guenevere Court, Mechanicsville; Joshua S. Fetherholf to David E. Spangler, $243,000.

9068 Haversack Lane, Mechanicsville; Jason A. Kochel to Kevin J. Ellis, $375,000.

10307 Henderson Hall Road, Mechanicsville; Phillip J. Jacoby to Ian R. Tempro, $353,900.

9186 Hunters Chase Court, Mechanicsville; Shawn L. Gregory to Kelly James Harrison, $360,000.

8156 J. David Lane, Mechanicsville; Terri M. Evers to Jason Steele, $190,300.

6424 Joshua Tree Lane, Mechanicsville; Forrest S. Ford Sr to Shawn Hamlin, $230,000.

942 Kitty Hamilton Circle, Ashland; Laura Cannon to Timothy Jacob Maupin, $181,000.

9067 Lindstrom Place, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Zackary Robert Olcott, $543,535.

10144 Lynnhill Court, Mechanicsville; Lori Ann Moritz Bocrie, successor trustee to Martin Deane Cheatham III, $210,000.

16024 Mile Branch Road, Rockville; William E. Howard to Joseph W. Lucas II, $235,000.

12351 North Oaks, Ashland; Rudy Kerver to Miriam C. Perrin Revocable Trust, $425,000.

11402 Pinhook Road, Rockville; Mechanicsville Holdings LLC to Regina Nix, $359,500.

10845 Providence Woods Lane, Ashland; Loren S. Fenner to Connor J. Newlun, $408,000.

16040 Robert Terrell Road, Montpelier; Carlos M. Rivas to Trevor Niklawski, $380,000.

7431 Rose Stable Court, Mechanicsville; Freda L. McIver, trustee to Ronald Sutton, $355,000.

7105 Senn Way, Mechanicsville; Curt P. Zenk to Theresa F. Brown, $179,500.

13350 Stagg Trail Road, Ashland; John H. Mikalchus to Michael A. Crincoli, $359,000.

9219 Stephens Manor Drive, Mechanicsville; David P. Buckley to Thomas Bryce Gourley, $388,000.

7130 Sugar Oak Court, Mechanicsville; Mark R. Crosswhite to Wael Breich Salman, $285,000.

406 Thompson St., Ashland; Lori Ann Moritz Bocrie to Henry Carter Lowery Jr., $270,000.

17252 Tulip Poplar Road, Beaverdam; Raymond Carl Leffler Jr., trustee to Bobby Salyers, $505,000.

7392 Walnut Grove Drive, Mechanicsville; Rhett A. Faulk to Richard Horton, $209,000.

8400 Wheeling Road, Mechanicsville; Bradford G. Phillips to Andrew D. Lough, $226,000.

10429 Woodside Meadow Terrace, Glen Allen; CFalls Builder LLC to Thomas F. Albee, $467,249.


1827 Boyer Road, Powhatan; Equity Trust Co., custodian to Caleb Joseph Geiger, $290,000.

3106 Duke Road, Powhatan; Nelson A. Lipscomb to Shawn Braithwaite Moss, $241,000.

2842 Huguenot Springs Road, Midlothian; Brandon McDole to Steven Tinsley, $405,000.

3834 Mill Mount Drive, Powhatan; Kirk B. Burns to Howard David Hardin, $448,250.

5291 Old Buckingham Road, Powhatan; Nina M. McLendon to Morgan D. Kingston, $252,900.

5904 Seven Forks Lane, Powhatan; David W. Wright to Patrick G. Crawley, $169,950.

2154 Tower Hill Road, Powhatan; Matthew N. Llewellyn to Matthew E. Peterson, $184,500.


4008 Beech Tree Drive, Gum Spring; Tracy W. Huffman to Auburn Cooper, $172,000.

2478 Broad Street Road, Gum Spring; Walter K. Marria to Myra Johnson Greczek, $260,000.

560 Fords Road, Manakin Sabot; Fannie L. Melton to Steven Coy Davis, $345,000.

1850 Hawk Town Road, Maidens; Linda S. Loving to Brianna Grocholski, $378,000.

3137 Lowry Road, Columbia; Christopher Shumaker to Marisa Dabney, $175,000.

12170 Readers Pointe Drive, Manakin Sabot; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Maurice James Collins III, $601,638.

4949 Shannon Road, Kents Store; Heather Cave to Ryan B. Sharpe, $270,000.

1224 The Forest, Crozier; Stephen S. Mick to John S. Vermaaten, $839,000.

2240 Wind Song Drive, Maidens; Christopher T. Waters to Christopher Shrieves, $359,000.


2541 Bogese Drive; Karen Murphy Friedhaber to Lalea D. Swann, $195,000.

3301 Lancelot Road; Professional Foreclosure Corp. of Virginia to US Bank, $202,500.

36 S Sycamore St.; New Town Station LLC to Life Lessons Family Services LLC, $150,000.

1917 S Westchester Drive; Michael Stephen Bates to Pamela Ethridge, $175,000.


4401 Alyssa Lane, North Dinwiddie; H. Keith and Ken Henshaw Contractors Inc. to Brooke B. Jimenez, $185,000.

8205 Courthouse Road, Church Road; George S. Davs to Tiffany B. Taylor, $209,000.

18606 Hardwood Creek Road, Stony Creek; Earl C. Rimel Jr. to Patrick Wayne Parker, $199,900.

15013 Keelers Mill Road, Dewitt; Ella M. Jones to Rudolph D. Jones III, $220,000.

24516 Plantation Drive, Dinwiddie; Leslie L. Young to Marvin A. Simon, $220,000.


144 Chesterfield Ave.; Alan S. Foster to James E. Marshall IV, $155,000.

603 Dover Lane; Clint W. Moneymaker to Michelle A. Smith, $165,000.

814 Lakewood Drive; Dustin Wallace Mitchell to Alan Pruett Jr., $177,000.

200 Winston Ave.; Lucinda Knarr to Carlos Santos, $184,000.


3514 Cobblestone Terrace; David Dunham Jr., executor to Brenda K. Orlando, $169,950.

3825 River Road; Sylvia S. Hess to Manujel D. Ruiz Llanes, $163,000.

618 Yellowstone Drive; Henry Earl Davis III to Logan B. Hartman, $172,500.


6122 Antler Hill Court, New Kent; Joel D. Clark to Randy M. Hall Jr., $354,400.

2940 Brook Blvd., Quinton; George Cabell Lawton IV to Julie G. Rivas, $260,000.

7309 Cress Terrace, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Dennis Ray Mizelle, $374,970.

7634 N. Franklins Way, Quinton; James E. Henry to Richard A. Warren Jr., $283,000.

2722 Kings Cross Quay, Quinton; Beth Ann Jacobs to Douglas R. Kramer Jr., $330,000.

11505 Oakfork Drive, New Kent; Chesterfield Construction Services Inc. to Mark Peters, $279,045.

5705 Quinton Estates Drive, Quinton; Ian Owen to Chelsea Bedwell, $229,950.

8731 Rock Cedar Road, New Kent; BMR Investments III LLC to Larissa Eacho, $265,000.

8420 Sparks Terrace, Quinton; Shurm Construction Inc. to Evan B. Hollins, $342,520.


9750 Cedar Lane, Disputanta; Estate of Patricia A. Lacomb to Jacob Petruska, $240,000.

20434 Horseshoe Road, Carson; Scott T. Holten to Cameron W. Casey, $225,000.

11015 Lawyers Road, Prince George; Fetko Properties LLC to Blake Evan Branzelle, $160,500.

1151 Oldaker Lane, Petersburg; Anthony M. Barber to Morgan S. Parrish, $257,000.

4550 Takach Road, Prince George; Melissa A. McKay to Randi Kay Simmons, $275,900.

Charles city

160 acres; C.H. Evelyn Piling Co. Inc. to Mark W. Black, $180,000.

Parcel; Kimages Wharf Associates LLC to Chickahominy Indian Tribe Inc., $2,600,000.


11821 Bridgeforth Mill Drive, Amelia Court House; James D. Grizzard to John H. Martin III, $349,000.

13360 Dykeland Road, Amelia Court House; Ashman Builders LLC to Karen L. Allen, $173,945.

10880 Redfield Drive, Amelia Court House; Kristen M. Keiter to Gregory S. Gerrell, $280,000.


7159 Arrow Wood Drive, Fredericksburg; Tiffany N. Wyatt to Jorge Tovar, $312,500.

22200 Cool Water Drive, Ruther Glen; James C. Capps to Eveling Y. Melendez, $165,000.

228 Dickinson Drive, Bowling Green; William T. Collins Jr. to Heather B. Smith, $275,000.

26351 Gravel Hill Road, Ruther Glen; John S. Napier to Kevin M. Kvetkosky, $236,000.

7227 John Taylor Mews, Ruther Glen; Mark A. Schon, trustee to Derek Yarrington, $329,900.

501 Lake Caroline Drive, Ruther Glen; Amanda M. Pruitt to Tammy C. Blackwell, $218,000.

231 Marday Drive, Ruther Glen; Theresa Veronika Sachs to Miesa Yukia Richards, $179,900.

15679 Pepmeier Hill Road, Woodford; Victoria L. Russell to Jonathan L. Schneider, $594,900.

27046 Shannon Mill Drive, Milford; Timothy M. Mamula to Gertrude Bowman Johnson, $179,000.

14159 Stonewall JAckson Road, Woodford; William A. Dent IV to Carlos Samuel Morales, $252,500.


19.93 acres; Clifton M. Haynes to James Matthew Turner, $185,000.

74.090 acres; Hans P. Dietrich to Harper Farmers LLC, $425,000.


381 Corann Drive, Aylett; Elizabeth Loving to Kenneth T. Courtney, $205,000.

10098 Dabneys Mill Road, Manquin; Mapledale LLC to Cindy P. Dykes, $240,000.

5239 Green Level Road, King William; Charles S. Hunter III to James F. McInteer III, $1,450,000.

101 Hills Fork Court, King William; Eric B. Fowlkes to Robin L. Odom, $173,000.

247 Pamunkey Ridge Road, King William; Jeffrey Bryant Warren to Michael A. Otto, $210,000.

317 Shelton Place, Aylett; RCI Builders LLC to Arthur E. Grant Jr., $286,901.

261 Stoneridge Lane, Aylett; Darrell Kellum Inc. to Shawn L. Nelson, $261,400.

10 White Pine Court, Aylett; Matthew P. Boyle to Scott E. Barrett, $240,000.


17174 Cabin Point Road, Carson; Richard L. Henshaw Inc. to Stephen Cameron, $186,000.

4112 Newville Road, Waverly; William G. Whitmore to Robert Trent, $175,000.


24 Frenchmens Key; Douglas M. Springman to Alan W. Stark, trustee, $800,000.

208 Lewis Burwell Place; Brentin Evitt to Koichiro Minamino, $220,000.

4118 Prospect St.; Jeffrey John Beamon to Robert Van Hee, $329,500.


5304 Arbor Place, Williamsburg; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Michael J. Dacey Jr., $740,000.

8467 Ashington Way, Williamsburg; Jeffrey A. Sparks to Andrew Thomas Patton, $386,000.

162 Blackeath, Williamsburg; Constance E. Tipton, trustee to Robert B. Knowles, $685,000.

157 Braddock Road, Williamsburg; Courtney A. Hood to Bennett Radinovic, $333,000.

3741 Captain Wynne Drive, Williamsburg; Robert B. Knowles to Jonathan Cordero Mercado, $389,900.

6915 Chancery Lane, Williamsburg; William Mayglothling to Richard Gerard Little, $354,000.

112 Crail, Williamsburg; Michael A. Obadal to Robert J. Scott, $447,000.

8617 Diascund Road, Lanexa; Dean A. Roberts to Timothy R. Newman, $167,000.

3184 Eagles Watch, Williamsburg; Grace Yoo to Joseph Arthur Nickerson, $374,000.

104 Formby, Williamsburg; Gary B. Wilkinson, trustee to Dennis C. Dobyan, $565,000.

3090 Friendship Drive, Toano; Wesley A. Kephart to Darrell W. Collins, $345,000.

4393 Harrington Commons, Williamsburg; Colonial Heritage LLC to Carol Jean Washburn, $297,685.

109 Holdsworth Road, Williamsburg; Susan E. Hertauer to Frank H. Gern, $462,000.

1800 John Hancock, Williamsburg; David W. Downs, trustee to Lori Flanagan, $585,000.

2781 Jonas Profit Trail, Williamsburg; Jerry W. Helton to Bryan Wayne Hill, $363,000.

105 Laurel Lane, Williamsburg; Corey V. Wallace to Andre Krol, $278,000.

169 Maywood Drive, Williamsburg; Oliver R. Sears to Hannes Schniepp, $345,000.

272 Mill Stream Way, Williamsburg; James R. Wells to John David Matyjas, $560,000.

2224 Moonlight Point, Williamsburg; HHHunt Hampton Roads LLC to Ana Hunt, $460,575.

3294 Newland Court, Toano; Maximino Feliciano to Kyle A. Pruett, $447,900.

5490 Olde Towne Road, Williamsburg; Berkley Enterprise LLC to Jonathan S. Deacon, $241,000.

3009 Pine Hollow Path, Williamsburg; Candace J. Wise to Jeffrey Johnson, $425,000.

609 Promenade Lane, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Elizabeth Anne Beebe, $228,875.

1103 Prosperity Court, Williamsburg; Governors Grove at Five Forks LLC to Brian S. Bealer, $255,000.

2905 Richard Pace North, Williamsburg; Scott H. Koppleman to Adam A. Roescher, $224,900.

4081 S Riverside Drive, Lanexa; Gene H. Burke, trustee to John Milton Seiner Jr., $575,000.

1202 Rustads Circle, Williamsburg; Jennifer Graham to Frank L. Howard, $224,900.

4309 Sconce, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Paula Ann Soukup, $262,485.

8301 Sheldon Branch, Toano; Christopher O. Taylor to Stephanie Wagner, $349,000.

4300 Sprucemont, Williamsburg; Richard H. Jones to Thomas A. Cornell, $260,000.

9304 Stafford Lane, Toano; Timothy M. O'Dell to Raymond Blount, $439,000.

69 Summer East, Williamsburg; John F. Kletzly III to Betsy J. Ballard, $175,500.

203 The Maine, Williamsburg; Samuel I. White PC, trustee to Susan Spellman, $273,000.

Unit 501, Conference Condominium; Deborah Love to Guardian Health Advisors LLC, $395,000.

4662 Westhampton, Williamsburg; Ira H. Goldstein, trustee to Robert J. Laviolette Jr., $489,000.

107 Winston Drive, Williamsburg; Larry T. Waltrip to Chance H. Hines, $225,000.

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