The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $50,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas. Building permits are listed online Monday under Metro Business.

To our readers: The property transfer listings for Charles City and Sussex will be in future editions. Louisa County listings will not be included until further notice.


413 N 22nd St; Schreher Leigh H and Jeremy A to Syprzak Jeanette G, $224,000.

306 N 26th St,, U131; Hedges Monnie and Nelda S to Mattingly Matthew Claude, $269,000.

305 N 28th St; Barnett Stan V to Litalien Dennis J, $549,000.

1513 N 30th St; Cava Capital Llc to Zapata Rene A Martinez, $175,000.

602 N 31st St; Farrell Alicia and Brown Matthew to Hutchinson Lisa S, $355,000.

1209 N 32nd St; Evolve Hld Llc to Savoy Indria, $325,000.

1219 N 38th St; Jennings Family Investments Llc to Kerrigan Katherine, $220,000.

230 N 6th St, U501; Vyborny David and George to Yordy Robert C, $270,000.

11-1/2 N Allen Ave; Santry John J to Evans James E, $365,000.

1320 Avondale Ave; Cheever Abigail to Klop Lisa D, $377,500.

200 S Belmont Ave; Leahey Patrick Sean to Integral Properties Llc, $170,000.

3124 Broad Rock Blvd; Atlanta Investments Llc to Broad Rock Llc, $550,800.

4918 Bromley Lane; Hammond Joseph J to Scalea Richard, $397,500.

7910 Burrundie Dr; Ekal Llc to Langlois Remi and Hartsoe Megan, $420,000.

4710 Cary Street Road; Thomasson Duncan A and Jan B to Lunn William W and Mary Lynn, $1,215,000.

1417 Claremont Ave; Tucker John L and Tucker Mary G to Trapkin Samuel W, $322,000.

4115 Croatan Road; Huffman Jennie B to Scherbakova Anna Y, $375,000.

3412 Delaware Ave; Colonial One Investment Group to Lloyd Jeryl, $212,050.

7020 Doulton Road; Elliott Lauren C to Fitzhugh William Tyler, $230,000.

6907 Everview Road; Williams Richard Scott Trustee to Quick Carol W, $210,000.

4605 Fitzhugh Ave; Anderson Anna Katharine to Czarda Hilary, $290,000.

1211 W Franklin St; Haller Deborah L Revocable to Edwards Christopher Kelly, $1,000,000.

3609 Garland Ave; Integral Properties Llc to Hartman John and Lucy H, $228,000.

4310 W Grace St; Finley Charles J IV and Cynthia to Djarnette Richard A, $520,000.

1002 Greenway Lane; White Carolyn A Trustee to Short Stephen K, $285,000.

301 N Hamilton St, Ud; Brooks Cecilia G to Fowler Shelli B, $200,000.

3227 Hanover Ave; Matzanias Despina Y to Cochon Lionel B and Luo Jingwen, $405,000.

616 Hull St; 616 Hull Street Llc to Cbd Development Llc, $4,300,000.

300 Jefferson Davis Hwy; Mangigian John Daniel Jr to Mahasees Group Llc, $400,000.

4304 Kenmare Lane; NVR Inc to Thomas Albert Wendell Jr, $328,625.

3421 Kenmore Road; Layman Jonathan K and Emily P to Hedgepeth Derek R and Wesley E, $451,950.

6520 Kensington Ave; 6520 Kensington Llc to Morris Joshua James, $519,000.

3207 Lamb Ave; Veilleux Rene G and Kathryn D to Hudson Daniel J, $322,000.

1717 W Leigh St; Freeman Christopher E to Friske Stephen and Rena, $246,000.

1622 Limerick Dr; Derlan Chelsea Leigh to True Sloane G, $252,500.

6424 Ludwig Road; Glaspie Richard B to Flores Odail Aguilar, $155,000.

5620 Marc Manor Ct; Ridgway Matthew T to Day Helen T, $170,000.

3001 E Martin's Grant Cir; Alford Carolyn B Revocable to Morgan John M and Judith J, $531,725.

2310 Mimosa St; Massenburg Bernard H to Morrison David Lee Jr, $150,000.

4720 Monumental St; Melton Tracy to Hallock David Halsey Jr, $309,000.

2007 North Ave; 2007 North Avenue Llc to Czarnota Jenna Nichole, $220,000.

1218 Nottoway Ave; Gray Melanie A to Durkin Christopher James, $292,000.

2411 Park Ave; Pierceprops Llc to Crewe Ronald W, $1,160,000.

3141 Parkwood Ave; D'Addario Yalibi N to Gnilka Philip Bransford, $490,000.

1223 Perry St; Manchester Partners 2 Llc to Martin Paul E and Rotabi Karen S, $467,500.

2623 Q St; 1310 1312 Llc to Hupfl Frank Henry III, $197,000.

1112 Roseneath Road, U10; Coble Kenyon E to Godwin William T and Nancy A, $178,000.

4520 E Seminary Ave; Ewell Jane A to Wood Abigail W, $365,000.

315 Somerset Ave; Urquhart Sean A to Ferguson Kevin Patrick and Rose K, $495,000.

3010 Stuart Ave; Smith Adam J to Will Erwin James, $302,500.

1701 Summit Ave, U14; Williams Lisa M and Devar Ben to Zimmerman David L Jr, $298,000.

6810 Three Chopt Road; Luxhoj Allyson to Wright Adrienne M, $305,000.

3939 Wainfleet Dr; Balderson Lesley to Lowenstein Andrew, $375,000.

6607 Wexford Lane; Hedgepeth Wesley to Hostetler Nicholas Hammond, $324,950.

1916 Woodbine Road; Johnson Eric W to Lawson Mark A and Andrea K, $260,000.

3121 Yukon Road; Mission to The World (PCA) Inc to Richardson Matthew, $240,000.


6772 Aidan Ct, Glen Allen; Boone Homes Inc to Haines Paul M and Tami J, $659,622.

12624 Amershire Ct, Glen Allen; Armstrong Deborah J Estate to Wingfield William and Belkis Acevedo, $400,000.

7707 Ardmore Rd, Henrico; Hubbard Steven C and Denise M B Gammon to Salih Hatem and Asraa Ahmed, $225,000.

8324 Audley Ln, Henrico; Gilman Linwood H III to Veterans Affairs, $260,555.

5504 Axe Handle Ter, Glen Allen; J R Walker Homes Llc to He Jie and Yu Lin, $1,606,714.

10724 Balvis Hollow Ct, Glen Allen; Lifestyle Builders and Developers Inc to Shah Sham Kumar and Sarita Bisht, $577,315.

3421 Bartley Pond Pl, Henrico; Stansfield Miranda and Cathy Starnes Et Al to Goji Properties Inc, $287,000.

1454 Battery Hill Dr, Henrico; Rand Mitchell L to Miller Brandon Leslie, $240,000.

1717 Bellamy Pl, Glen Allen; Lucchetti Andrew and Jaime N to Ficco-Glauda Catherine and Vincent Glauda, $350,551.

10652 Benmable Dr, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Tripathi Pratul and Dipti, $360,000.

911 Bevridge Rd, Henrico; Rubin Robert and Diana Emuna to Sanderson Partick J and Selena T Et Al, $326,000.

11207 Birchcrest Rd, Henrico; Davidson Virginia S to Kiveric Amir and Mersa, $222,500.

1914 Boardman Ln, Henrico; Lowe Cynthia M to Jecklin Residential Llc, $319,000.

2701 Bolling Ter, Henrico; Smith Patrick H and Rosemary B to Gregg Alesha, $201,840.

6007 Bonneau Rd, Henrico; Ritchie-Longo Sheryl to Eck Timothy D, $210,000.

10808 Branberry Ct, Henrico; White William E to Brokamp David and Melissa, $287,200.

4640 Broad Hill Dr, Henrico; Saunders Station Townes Llc to Kuzniewicz Cindy and Jeffrey R Hanson, $468,448.

10202 Brookmont Dr, Henrico; Gill Daniel and Rachel K to Flynn Richard, $285,000.

10 Capital Trail Row, Henrico; McNeal Frances B and Brian C to Phillips William A Jr and Robin W, $530,000.

4010 Carrie Mill Xing, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Smith Jason Michael and Maura Ann, $411,246.

2205 Carters Bridge Pl, Henrico; NVR Inc to McInnis Leni Maria and Marcus, $442,865.

2422 Cedar Cone Dr, Henrico; Powers Raymond J and Angela F to Kholodovskaya Florina Et Al, $300,000.

12922 Church Ct, Henrico; Ober Janis Faye to Hoffman Thomas J Trustee, $223,000.

1335 Claytor Ln, Henrico; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Carroll Jesisca Belden, $295,115.

2912 Clifford Tower Dr, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Johnson Tyracia and Adam P Wheeler, $370,525.

1300 Cole Blvd, Glen Allen; Denton Stephanie C to Monzant Jorge Luis Vera and Lianora Soto, $253,000.

2210 Cool Brook Dr, Henrico; Warner James Lee to Bibbs Charles Robert and Robert Edward, $185,250.

5108 Creekwalk Ct, Glen Allen; Whitaker John T and Sabonna C to Evans Thomas R Jr and Robin L, $489,990.

8001 Dalmain Dr, Henrico; Burnett Ronald G and Sohka L Liev to Walker Courtney Jewell, $250,000.

3809 Darbytown Rd, Henrico; Hatchell James C to Lewis Derrick S and Ebony M, $197,900.

12352 Dewhurst Ave, Henrico; Desantis Michael and Megan L to Miller Donald E Jr and Dawn F, $759,000.

2417 Dumbarton Rd, Henrico; White Carey C to Bullock Brian, $244,900.

11808 Edinborough Sq, Henrico; Oliff Robin M to Roth Robert W and Margaret P, $259,950.

5004 Ellis Meadows Ct, Glen Allen; Bradford Homes Inc to Hyder Zain Arif and Afia Rasul, $810,000.

1205 Elmhurst Dr, Henrico; Kalafatis Michael Cross to Cabell Virginia C, $275,000.

12109 English Ivy Ln, Glen Allen; Lindamood Alex and Lucille to Watts Moira Cassidy, $400,000.

5002 Fairlake Ln, Glen Allen; Handshaw Danielle M to Mirshahi Hamed and Aida, $219,670.

3004 Farmstead Mill Dr, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Capehart Christopher and Karen, $427,645.

8319 Fordson Rd, Henrico; Hinson James W to Israel Benjamin E and Kristen A, $329,500.

7941 Fortress Pl, Henrico; Wilkerson Loretta J to Paige Charles H and Gina L, $357,000.

903 Francis Rd, Glen Allen; Liberty Homes Inc to Gibson Bryan J and Kristen Burton, $266,560.

8303 Franconia Rd, Henrico; Gray Roland and Linda Hutson to Ha My Trinh Thi, $194,000.

400 Glendale Dr, Henrico; Hall Todd A to Whitehead Jennifer, $245,500.

3913 Grayson St, Henrico; Joseph Darrell to Patterson George D, $155,000.

4621 Halley's Cir, Glen Allen; McCloskey Gareth P and Joann M to Clark Dorna, $260,000.

205 Hanging Fern Aly, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Singer Madison, $289,865.

5658 Hard Rock Pl, Henrico; Metro Madison M to Wooten Justin M, $255,000.

1703 Harvard Rd, Henrico; Federal National Mortgage Association to Holmstedt Nicholas and Allyson, $332,000.

12380 Hepler Ridge Ct, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Alexander Patricia Miles, $477,045.

7910 Hermitage Rd, Henrico; Blackwell Duane Kersey Et Al Trustees to Circeo Marco and Terri, $202,500.

2324 Horsley Dr, Henrico; Albright Kristen A to Hubbard Brenton W, $305,000.

12309 Hunters Glen Ter, Glen Allen; Konefal Joseph Gates and Katherine Muzio to Porter Justin Eric and Sarah K Kilbourne, $589,500.

717 Keats Rd, Henrico; McPherson Melissa A to Martin Lauren B and Sean P, $440,000.

2116 Kent St, Henrico; Degroat Wendy G to McFatridge Kathleen M and Kylie L, $249,000.

9156 Lakeland Dr, Henrico; Jordan Debra W and Julia J Worsham to Hunter Leslie P and Ann Jack, $300,000.

5900 Lakeside Ave, Henrico; Tdz Properties Llc to Morris Lindsay MacKay, $202,000.

2415 Laurandrew Cir, Henrico; Roberts Donna E to Jessee Dawn Jean and Michael Denis Quinn, $195,000.

5931 Laurel Bed Ln, Ua, Henrico; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Griffin Susan Carol, $237,480.

12291 Leakes Mill Ct, Glen Allen; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Kamatala Sridhar and Girija Srirangam, $673,537.

5400 Libbie Mill West Blvd, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Rinder Dawson J F and Suzette Noah, $430,209.

6800 Linbrook Dr, Henrico; Hyatt Ralph E Estate to Dovell Bridget Ashton, $194,000.

10923 Little Five Loop, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Wulffen David J, $496,175.

4200 Longleaf Dr, Henrico; Meltzer Seth S to Ray Randy N, $240,000.

2209 Lourdes Rd, Henrico; Hughson Eugene B III and Wende C to Panchyshyn Phillip M and Tiffany L, $267,000.

8200 Madeline Ct, Henrico; The McGurn Company Inc to Germer Dwayne D, $280,000.

9804 Magnolia Pointe Cir, Glen Allen; Duncan Harvell and Alzie to Bodman Patricia L, $175,000.

3233 McIntyre St, Henrico; Werner Timothy J and Carol W Polster to Zheng Yi Bao and Xiu Qing, $343,000.

2131 Megan Dr, Glen Allen; Bruner Christopher H and Azra Jakupovic to Hadavand Elham, $242,995.

5320 Michael Ave, Henrico; S and S Homebuyers Llc to Hamby Catherine L Life Int, $160,000.

221 Middle Quarter Ln, Henrico; Thurmond William to Old Brick House Properties Llc, $242,500.

8651 Millstream Dr, Henrico; Berg Sharon C and Dale R to Singh Adarshvir and Harveen Kalra, $190,000.

5011 Monumental St, Henrico; Austin Erin and Jay Mense to Brooks Susan and Philip, $361,000.

9715 Needles Way, Glen Allen; Bobva Llc to Valle Flavio, $210,000.

3314 New Heritage Loop, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Boswell Adam S, $225,985.

5408 Noble Ave, Henrico; NVR Inc to Brewer Loretta Monique and Percy D Jr, $285,460.

2904 Oakland Ave, Henrico; Frostick Cameron A and Terri L to Davis Nathan Patrick and Megan Murphy, $202,000.

4940 Old Main St, U204, Henrico; Grayson Grant S and Leslie Armstrong to Harcum Les C and Kennah M, $771,500.

5201 Old Main St, Henrico; Michalowski John Kevin Et Al to Barth David R and Sandra A, $540,000.

2877 Old Memorial Dr, Sandston; McKinsey Millard F Jr and K W Trust to White Oak Landings Inc, $320,000.

5715 Park Creste Dr, Glen Allen; Deiorio Kathleen C and Richard N Trustees to Smth Melanie E and Scott J Wray, $324,000.

9605 Pemberton Ridge Ln, Henrico; Pemberton Investments Llc to NVR Inc, $161,000.

2105 Persimmon Trek, Henrico; Mahoney Patti D to Grossman William Eric and Robin Oxnard, $275,000.

12302 Poplar Forest Dr, Henrico; Rooker Mark A and Michelle C Trustees to Ragland Kenneth L, $272,000.

10813 Porter Park Ln, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Mitrovic Sasa and Megan Apollonio, $366,595.

7120 Ravenscraig Cres, Henrico; Patel Ankitkumar and Khushbu to Busilan Dan T and Mylene Subay, $282,500.

4708 Regal Oaks Rd, Glen Allen; Baird Michael S and Caroline M to Roberts David C and Jane, $575,000.

8220 Ridge Rd, Henrico; 334 Ridge Road Llc to Bradford Homes Inc, $400,000.

9895 Ridgefield Pkwy, Henrico; Gaskin Amy L to Hart Brad J and Ernesto E Quintero, $339,900.

4415 Riverdale Ave, Glen Allen; Smith Michael R and Pamela K to Antczak Christopher R and Leigh-Ann M, $279,950.

2208 Rocky Point Pkwy, Henrico; Maze Kevin C Estate to Nguyen Tram, $189,950.

12109 Sable Ct, Henrico; Turner Daniel Ellis and Melanie Lee to Inn Tida Sakhoeun and Saila, $325,000.

4600 Sadler Rd, Glen Allen; Anderson Evelyn B to Nguyen Ngoat Van, $345,000.

4359 Saunders Station Loop, Ua, Henrico; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to McLamb Jeffrey and Sarah, $298,055.

11020 Scattered Flock Ct, Glen Allen; Carter Jason D and Krystal E to Sami Sami M and Hala Aldary, $260,000.

7432 Settlers Ridge Ct, Henrico; Jackson-Campbell Lucy to Jones Robyn Yvette, $264,950.

2913 Seven Kings Ct, Henrico; Ross Run Llc to Jones Ciara N, $312,405.

4809 Shellbark Ct, Glen Allen; Karga Yahya and Meredee L Grant to Balakrishna Balasubrahmanya and Deepthi B, $384,500.

12326 Sir James Ct, Henrico; Nielsen John K and Mallory to Williams Chad Russell and Chelsea C W, $187,500.

703 Southwark Ln, Henrico; Frein Scott J and Summer C to Frances L Vorlop Trust, $795,000.

4533 Spring Moss Cir, Glen Allen; Peets Monika to Thomas Debra, $290,000.

5305 Stanwood Way, Glen Allen; Broocke Phyllis L and Nathan Irvin to Mannion Rebecca V, $430,000.

9213 Stone Meadow Dr, Henrico; Way Kristi to Hsieh Claire Tang, $195,500.

10502 Swanee Mill Trce, Glen Allen; Richard Atack Construction II Lc to Hashim Syed E A and Naziabanu Abith, $353,043.

9015 Tarrytown Dr, Henrico; Prickett Drew C and Elizabeth H to Stein Nathan M and Samatha D Grist, $599,000.

2919 Thistlebrook Ln, Henrico; Stewart Gary Jr and Jing Zhao to Rodriguez Jerry, $240,000.

4009 Tin Roof Way, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Earasi Madhavi, $326,240.

1601 Tobak Ct, Henrico; Edwards Virginia A and Timothy S to Hashimi Abdul-Wasay and Rozia, $269,950.

11731 Triple Notch Ter, Henrico; Thurston Mark A and Laura to Shivak Beth L, $445,000.

3360 Vasko Trl, Glen Allen; Emerson Mill Llc to NVR Inc, $200,000.

409 Walsing Dr, Henrico; Crane Kimberly W to Ivie Michael L and Karen B, $949,500.

12112 Waterford Way Pl, Henrico; Harman Rilee C and Ashley A to Preisner Mark W and Lynsey, $347,000.

6303 Whistler Rd, Henrico; Beach Bradley L to Caudill Lauren Ann, $325,000.

612 Willomett Ave, Henrico; Roberson Tina D to Hercules Jose D Castro, $178,000.

9311 Wishart Rd, Henrico; Balderson Lesley to Yartz Sheila Gannon, $315,000.

7712 Wood Mill Dr, Henrico; Gantz Susan G to Cermak Rick P and Karen L, $278,000.


14118 Abrahams Ln; Waymack Blanche H to Beilhart John L II and Jan B, $370,000.

14112 Aldengate Rd; Forgette Paul R and Dolores to Beck Aaron T and Leppert Laura M, $323,750.

15525 Amethyst Dr; Lipps Lewis Jan and Jane Marie to McNeal Brian C and Frances B, $635,000.

1306 Ascot Hill Tr; Homesmith Construction Inc to Lankford Duane H and Jennifer S, $711,742.

329 Ashford Hill Lp; Villas At Ashford Hill Condo to Rasheed Victor, $443,031.

6413 Autumn Mist Wy; Salim Lishaurndra Renike to Chestnut Jasmine Jamella, $259,900.

5625 Backwater Dr; Merrell Sharon T to Walker Lawrence C Jr and Tanya D, $200,000.

20936 Baileys Grove Dr; Nvr Inc to Edwards Quinton L Jr and R L, $259,760.

8630 Baldwin Creek Rd; Johnson Ricky Wayne to Watson J A and Witkowski K D, $333,400.

6312 Barrister Rd; Jenkins Latane T to Williams Justin, $214,000.

10015 Bayham Dr; Ahmed Ghyasuddin to Clark Allyn and Wells James R, $220,000.

2618 Beaver Falls Rd; Smith Kelly Ann to McMillion John, $225,950.

4313 Beulah Oaks Cr; Garner George and Linda P to Urias Samuel A M and Monge F M, $240,000.

13017 Birchleaf Rd; Schnell Kenneth A and Karen M to McKnight M and R M and Yates D, $297,500.

14730 Blue Creek Pl; Ellis Sherman A and Jacqueline D to Maksymyuk Andriy and Svitlana, $265,000.

4401 Boones Bluff Wy; Jordan Penny J to Holleman Victor, $207,000.

10549 Braden Townes Ct; Nvr Inc to Pimentel Robert A, $276,825.

1455 Braisden Rd; D R Horton Inc to Pompello Lukas and Yaraliz, $399,500.

11821 N Briar Patch Dr; Kelo Llc to Gettas John Nicholas, $155,000.

704 Bristol Village Dr; Calhoun J J III and Warman R R to Dean Andree Renee, $157,000.

9406 Brocket Dr; Kim Ki Tae and Gill Sun Hye to Ki Kim Family Land Trust (The), $170,076.

7208 Buck Rub Pl; Spear Rylan to Robinson Bailey M and Butler A J, $229,000.

6807 Buglers Trail Ln; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Blowe George A and Annette J, $485,512.

12403 Cameron Bridge Ct; Murray Jeffrey T and Anne M to Walls Nicholas A, $273,000.

3413 Cannington Dr; Nvr Inc to Howell Eunice Elaine, $299,845.

3306 Castlebury Dr; Reuss Adam M and Shawn V to Jones Anissa D, $229,000.

9201 Cattail Rd; Turner Kenneth E Jr to Franssen Traci N and Midgett M J, $270,000.

9141 Chatham Grove Ln; Johnson Brian D and Deborah J to Sylvester Aaron J and K A, $239,950.

14304 Chimney House Rd; Thompson Henry N Jr and Dayna I to Walter Andrew and Katie, $335,000.

1301 Clemons Wy; Oh Mi Hwa to Mullins Paul Eric and Courtney D, $475,000.

1600 Cobbs Av; Allen G M and Allen C D to Ruiz Luz Maria, $177,000.

730 Colony Oak Ln; Kroeber Eric and Marni to Romero Jerad and Jessica, $410,000.

7031 Courthouse Rd; Nava Jorge Luis Orduna to Haines Gregory A and Stephanie G, $290,000.

6512 Creekrun Dr; Baumgardner Josephine to Federal National Mtg Assoc, $160,624.

11212 Crump Landing Tl; Finer Homes Inc to Ingram Douglas B and Graceann B, $365,276.

2006 Deer Meadow Ln; Williams Mary Ann to McCowan Linda, $215,000.

6965 Desert Candle Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Meath William D and Chandra D, $319,000.

6443 Doyles Tl; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Acda Ryan Newell R and Teena G T, $395,326.

6088 Eagles Crest Dr; Shultz Pamela E to Acre Kathryn J and Paterno L M, $239,900.

6916 Elkhardt Rd; Leimberger Herman T to Samayoa Orrego Yessica Carlota, $157,500.

7283 Emerald Point Vs; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Boothe Robert W and Ann C, $401,825.

10712 Ethens Mill Rd; Menendez Fatima D to Cherian Monsy and Thomas Abraham, $265,000.

13825 Exhall Dr; Puryear Patrick G and Maria K to Waddy Lawrence M III, $247,000.

3981 Falstone Rd; Chum Enterprises Llc to Hamilton Ryan Vincent, $272,500.

8819 Fishers Green Ct; Main Street Homes to Binder Steven David and Janice, $406,376.

8624 Forge Gate Ln; Nvr Inc to McVicar Matthew and Stephanie, $436,895.

2306 Garrison Place Ct; Chung Robert to Chung Jiwan, $200,000.

6000 Glencadam Dr; Noriega Jose R and Robyn A to Rose Branson J, $150,000.

4824 Glenmorgan Ct; Wade Barry J and Susan J to Harrison Dianne L, $379,950.

6312 Gossamer Al; Nvr Inc to Whitby Cynthia Vegas, $286,585.

3725 Graythorne Dr; South River Custom Homes Llc to Womble Benjamin E Jr and Gail G, $650,000.

819 Green Garden Cr; Khan Shiraz U and Wajeeha S to Antonio Frances A, $300,000.

5701 Grove Forest Ct; Bartle John H and Mary L to Lg Property Investments Llc, $290,000.

8624 Gunsight Ln; Koegel Kelly Jean to Kuda Samantha Ann, $165,000.

7709 Hampton Summit Ct; Babson W J and May A E to Brown Clayton R and Carolyn E, $339,000.

8225 Hartridge Dr; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Bierlein T A and Tamborski N, $393,655.

14219 Haveridge Dr; Salyers Jennifer D to Nicely Leah and Nathan, $309,000.

11919 Helmway Ct; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Metz John Edgar and Sara Juanita, $506,769.

13101 Hollis Rd; Watson Carolyn E to Zambrano Roman, $205,000.

6207 Huntingcreek Dr; Sme Holdings and Inv Llc Et Al to Vaughan Howard and Melinda, $179,900.

2636 Jacobway Ct; Patel Natvarlal A and Kamuben N to Maqsher Afrah, $239,950.

15030 Jumping Mallard Pl; Chu-Quinn Shawn M and Patrick B to Talley Valecia and Damon, $260,000.

9721 Kennesaw Rd; Gregory James L and Lin C to Govea-Sanchez Ysabell V, $199,000.

3749 Knighton Cr; Nvr Inc to Atai Hamidalla and Wazhma Darab, $496,803.

3840 Lake Hills Rd; Westover Homes Llc to Zavala Jose A and Rodriguez M, $259,950.

16412 Lambourne Rd; Berdichevsky David R and Jessica to Mitchell Robert A, $610,000.

9113 Laureate Ln; Van Decker Shawn P to Ahmadzai Inayatullah and Zubaida, $280,000.

8901 Lavenham Lp; Main Street Homes to Moore Ryan P and Kristen P, $405,750.

6278 Lilting Moon Dr; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Avery-Geter T L and Geter K A, $485,322.

3707 Litton Ct; Gregoire Development Corp to Smith Andrew B and Ashley R, $562,016.

11200 Longtown Pl; Johnson Thomas to Pickett Lynn, $362,000.

8001 Lowwin Tr; Aiello Marc A and Digirolamo R to McKinney Stefen James, $356,000.

9001 Mahogany Dr; Krugerud Beth to Connolly Gregory M and Heim J M, $350,000.

1037 Mansfield Crossing Rd; Lakeview Loan Servicing Llc to Secretary Of Veterans Affairs, $227,776.

11800 Marigold Ct; Ellis Joyce Darlene to Parkhurst Kari L, $300,000.

5808 Meadowood Ln; Martin Derek T to Ely Thomas W III and Diana, $239,000.

3700 Merrington Vw; Nvr Inc to Carpenter Alexis and Jay, $534,962.

14855 Michaux Valley Cr; Biringer Builders Inc to Iracane Philip J and Cynthia J, $807,123.

5112 Mill Race Cr; Funes Manuel E to Harper Sharon, $175,000.

12118 Mountain Laurel Dr; Fredericksen Shannon R to Reams Real Estate Llc, $168,506.

831 Mountshire Tr; Wehrli Friedrich N to Morgan Jennifer M and David J, $285,000.

5319 Newbys Wood Tl; Holcomb David J and Paula K to Guerra Gabriel A, $315,000.

10300 Old Camp Rd; Shaw Kathleen K to Zuraw Paul A and Kelly M, $262,500.

1101 Oldbury Rd; Manchester Residential Llc to Mimi Nails Spa Inc, $242,000.

13918 Pagehurst Tr; Wetmore D D III and G E Trs to Crooks Lewis D III and Jane F, $401,000.

15237 Parkgate Dr; Bishop Amna Syed to Williams-Hardy Betty, $253,000.

11712 Perdue Tr; Moore Wayne Lee and Melissa to Tunstall Richard M, $230,000.

2830 Pine Meadows Cr; Plaster Jesse C and Stephanie L to Waterland Scott T and Riccardi E, $198,000.

2507 Port Savage Dr; Craftmaster Homes Inc to MacFarlane Angela and Ryan, $382,405.

3931 Pretty Ln; Towles Garrick to Secretary Of Veterans Affairs, $167,478.

2351 Providence Creek Rd; Rodriguez Julie to Spangler Bradford Elias J, $204,900.

1703 Providence Villas Ct; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Herbert Regina M, $292,200.

1711 Providence Villas Ct; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Busbee Matthew Brian, $289,695.

8000 Qualla Rd; Bank Of America N A to Sweet Retreats Llc, $281,000.

3125 Queens Grant Dr; Mughal Amjad to Carter John B Jr and Wanda J, $930,000.

9602 Ransom Hills Tr; Louis Anne Marie to Tomlin Ian H and Daniels J S, $165,000.

9211 Redbridge Rd; Merriman Willie R Jr to Wells Fargo Bank Na, $170,100.

13420 Ridgemoor Dr; Saunders Brooke M to Litton Steven W, $250,000.

18200 River Rd; Irvine Robert to Richardson Darlene S, $208,000.

5205 W Rock Spring Dr; Updegrove Ralph H and Judith L to Mateo Garcia Estefany G, $186,000.

3212 Roland View Ct; Welch Pamela W to Stoots Mason M and Stoots R H, $150,000.

5025 Rollingway Rd; Sok Samik to Hutter Briana D, $192,000.

11917 Rubystone Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Wright Blayne, $249,845.

18106 Sagamore Dr; Nvr Inc to Jones Ann, $493,545.

7313 Sanchez Rd; Bwh Llc to Coleman Sherral L, $187,000.

6025 Sara Kay Dr; Cadran Mitchell P and Cherrie W to Cummings Dakota B and Vanessa L, $190,000.

3406 Seaford Crossing Dr; Nvr Inc to Kelly David W, $567,880.

1519 Shadycrest Ln; Brinkley Charles R Jr to Akers Wanda H, $177,500.

17707 Silver Farm Dr; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Dodds Robert G and Veronica M, $527,176.

303 Smoketree Tr; Winoker Jonathan N and Kate M to Despain Alex and Erin, $290,500.

14305 Spotted Coat Ct; Nicely Leah D and Nathan D to Hackett William K and Gura C A, $235,000.

13109 Spring Trace Mw; Daugherty J Adam to Mayes Ian, $227,500.

3208 St Stephens Wy; Williams Allan T and Ann F to Ware Judith J, $490,000.

3755 Sterling Woods Ln; Nvr Inc to Keen Robert C and Cristina E, $323,445.

5924 E Stonepath Garden Dr; Venema Richard A and Anne to Lafollette James M and V M, $260,930.

4709 Stornoway Dr; Russell Roslyn to Marroquin Maria, $225,000.

10814 Surry Cr; Moore Janette Carson to Pnc Bank National Association, $162,120.

2106 Thorncrag Ln; Durham R J and S Y and Minton L C to Joshi Abhay V and Tamhane A A, $424,950.

8131 Timberstone Dr; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Lark Floyd R and Elizabeth C, $420,650.

5119 Toronette Wy; Norfleet Alan and Caracciolo P A to Walsh Caitlin R and Halpin D, $243,000.

14405 Tranor Av; Carden Marshall to Skye Is The Ltd Res Serv Llc, $170,000.

6600 Turngate Rd; Lewis Delmi to Quarterman Casey and Mercedez, $233,000.

2001 S Twilight Ln; Nvr Inc to Scott Nakeda, $274,490.

17731 Twin Falls Ln; Nvr Inc to Cox Roy Franklin and Sheryl E, $378,315.

18401 Twin Falls Ln; Hhhunt Homes L C to Hinton Glen W, $372,950.

3003 Waddington Dr; Lorenti John R to Bass Gertie S, $152,000.

2010 Walhala Dr; Duvall R L and Duvall C E Trs to Lee Chang H and Moon Chul, $457,500.

1912 Walmart Wy; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Pham Nga Thi, $266,000.

14504 Walthall Dr; Beres Andrew J and Ivelisse E to Stevenson Adam and Ceara, $230,000.

12730 Walton Ridge Ln; Schmitz John R Trustee to Karluk Jeffrey C and Meredith W, $372,500.

14731 Waters Shore Dr; Mitchem Sylvia M H and B D Jr to Hall Andrew and Shelby, $350,000.

6701 Welara Rn; Greenwich Walk Villas Condo to Kosnac Michael S and Marilyn R, $412,022.

6719 Welara Rn; Greenwich Walk Villas Condo to Miller Thomas Robert and Amy R, $382,914.

6733 Welara Rn; Greenwich Walk Villas Condo to Guill Kenneth Wayne and Janice R, $380,378.

11741 Wexwood Dr; Hall Virginia O Et Al to Lohss Daniel J and Joyce E, $538,950.

10400 White Rabbit Rd; Racheau Mark Wayne to Proudfoot General W and Penny N, $248,000.

5000 Wiltstaff Pl; Tingen Thaxton C and Kimberly D to Carmody Cayce B and Ryan A, $235,000.

1643 Winding Wy; Young John C and Katie L to Riekers Heather M, $194,000.

1337 Winfree Creek Ln; Main Street Homes to McCarthy Christopher Michael, $351,950.

2912 Woodbridge Crossing Dr; Hodges David Michael to Ershadi Rita Raissi, $190,000.


8141 Ashby Ridge Place, Mechanicsville; Rebecca A. Rose to James P. Cunningham, $330,000.

7351 Atlee Road, Mechanicsville; William J. Carroll III to William N. Dale, $185,000.

8180 Bald Cypress Drive, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to Judith M. Pask, $426,376.

12380 Bienvenue Road, Rockville; Mary Alice Whetzal to Andrea Nicole Braswell, $445,500.

13646 Blanton Road, Ashland; Irene C. Swisher to Victoria J. Mullen, $250,000.

7111 Catlin Road, Mechanicsville; Katie Moss to Anthony J. Hall, $212,500.

9423 Chamberlayne Road, Mechanicsville; Virginia W. Landes to Connie Clay Hodges, $400,000.

8513 Chippingford Lane, Mechanicsville; W.V. McClure Inc. to Spencer R. Haywood Sr., $402,798.

10231 Cloverlea Court, Mechanicsville; Courtney L. Alkire to Jeff Fitzhugh Hovermill, $337,000.

9205 Cremins Court, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Debbie Seal, $375,990.

9219 Dentons Tavern Way, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Jeffrey A. Murray, $424,250.

9301 Drawbridge Road, Mechanicsville; Robert M. Abel to Stuart Engl, $280,000.

605 England St., Ashalnd; GD&D LLC to Thayer A. Saleh, $525,000.

7315 Extreme Way, Hanover; Jennifer P. Reynolds to Steven Parker Kelsey, $525,000.

10534 Georgetown Road, Mechanicsville; Jeffrey Neiman to Jennifer R. Hughes, $200,000.

10288 Grand Hickory Drive, Montpelier; Omar Bravo Carbajal to Brandon B. Baldwin, $296,500.

6394 Greystone Creek Road, Mechanicsville; Carol Rice to Gifty Pampuru, $260,000.

9164 Halifax Green Drive, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Dustin Tyler Elliott, $554,020.

8144 Holly Branch Drive, Mechanicsville; Richard A.V. Miller to Allie Ireland Ramirez, $220,000.

9865 Honeybee Drive, Mechanicsville; HHHunt Homes LC to Jennifer Leigh Mohler, $395,698.

9885 Honeybee Drive, 341295; HHHunt Homes LC to Wayne Lee Yates Jr., $347,990.

10318 Jamestown Road, Ashland; World Wide Strategies Inc. to Carrie Maziarz, $232,500.

3078 Kendrick Drive, Mechanicsville; Robert S. Baker to Lei Davis, $225,000.

9356 Kenna Way, Mechanicsville; William H. Parker to David C. Newell, $372,500.

9094 Lindstrom Place, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Sergio Coffa, $618,020.

9045 Marl Branch Court, Mechanicsville; Jessica Lauren Hysong to Greer C. Gibson, $345,000.

6311 Midnight Drive, Mechanicsville; Dennis A. Potridge Jr. to Milena Perry, $200,000.

7510 Normans Bridge Road, Hanover; William C. Kreye II to Chris Carl Berndt, $250,000.

14300 Orchard Vista Lane, Glen Allen; Cottages at Chickahominy Falls LLC to Robert C. Clark, $436,031.

14328 Orchard Vista Lane, Glen Allen; Cottages at Chickahominy Falls LLC to Peder K. Melberg, $424,100.

14376 Orchard Vista Lane, Glen Allen; Cottages at Chickahominy Falls LLC to Laura Beth Conner, $436,153.

15162 W Patrick Henry Road, Montpelier; Country Sky Properties LLC to Jonathan Wells, $211,500.

9060 Pelot Place, Mechanicsville; Grace L. Martin to Kyle D. Ellington, $265,000.

7314 Placida Circle, Mechanicsville; David Horlacher to Daniel A. Aber, $319,000.

6091 Pond Place Way, Mechanicsville; Susan P. Pereira to Jacob Tame, $349,950.

12306 Quail Oak Court, Ashland; W. Ronald Seal to Mukong Adeso, $360,000.

6315 Queens Lace Road, Mechanicsville; James D. Jacobs II to Amanda J. Smith, $255,000.

7463 Ridgeview Road, Mechanicsville; Alicia Arbaugh to Robert W. Brockmeier, $255,000.

15567 Robert Terrell Road, Montpelier; Reel Time LLC to Seth Nordgren, $319,950.

8030 Rutland Village Drive, Mechanicsville; David M. Hawxhurst to Laura Galebach, $265,000.

15840 Saint Peters Church Road, Montpelier; Anita K. Ward to Corey Brian Hall, $192,000.

18313 Shiloh Church Road, Beaverdam; Montwrace Cunningham to Megan J. Kelley, $328,000.

10389 Smithport Drive, Mechanicsville; Lynda C. Sprouse to Mary D. Tyler, $533,100.

10159 Stags Leap Drive, Mechanicsville; Jeffrey L. Green to Angel Dorithan, $324,000.

13888 Stanley Park Drive, Ashland; RCI Builders LLC to Jonathan S. Bransky, $488,356.

9980 Sunny Oak Drive, Mechanicsville; RCI Builders LLC to Robert L. Baughan, $440,062.

9271 Susquehanna Trail, Ashland; Sylvia M. McGinnis to Richard Whittington, $2,250,000.

12342 Thistle Hills Lane, Glen Allen; Linda T. Vass to Bryan French, $490,000.

10326 Wanchese Way, Ashland; Michael K. Snoddy to Monica Jill Humphreys, $232,000.

11522 Welshland Court, Glen Allen; Stephen T. Preas to Kenneth Long, $330,000.

8315 Windsor Drive, Mechanicsville; NGWC Properties LLC to John Aberman, $205,000.


2334 Bel Crest Circle, Midlothian; Philip J. Iracane to John Schuhart, $700,000.

1970 Cook Road, Powhatan; Kenneth L. Luck to Thomas Horner, $205,000.

4057 Foxrest Terrace, Powhatan; Darrell R. Marshall to Mark O. Hottinger, $237,000.

5670 Hickory St., Powhatan; Morrissette Construction VM LLC to Victor Morrissette, $289,950.

3598 Lyons Run, Powhatan; W.V. McClure Inc. to Alex Andrews, $551,643.

3036 Maple Lake Court, Powhatan; Ridout Construction LLC to Christopher Mangano, $495,000.

3349 Riverly Drive, Powhatan; W.V. McClure Inc. to Stuart J. Wemyss, $469,929.

4271 Three Bridge Road, Powhatan; Kimberly L. Jones to Margaret Paige Anderson, $163,000.

2261 Walnut Tree Blvd., Powhatan; Kathryn Smith Carmichael to Theodore Dinch, $355,000.


12126 Branch Overlook Drive, Manakin Sabot; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Julie M. Donham, trustee, $447,936.

4350 Broad Street Road, Gum Spring; Roy W. Massengale Jr. to Meghann E. Wraight, $274,950.

2267 Chapel Hill Road, Goochland; Gordon Brothers Construction LLC to Lori Lynn, $278,989.

2988 Davis Mill Road, Goochland; James W. White to Barry U. Brown, $334,995.

2788 Hadensville Fife Road, Goochland; New Ventures Real Estate LLC to Randy L. Myers, $255,000.

840 Lachlan Road, Manakin Sabot; Boone Homes Inc. to Stephen Young Dickinson, $642,000.

724 Manakin Towne Lane, Manakin Sabot; Bryan W. Smith, trustee to Charles Finley, $1,075,000.

4898 Penny Lane, Gum Spring; Old Time Builder Inc. to Lance L. Hostutler, $297,874.

3661 W Rockets Ridge Court, Sandy Hook; Royal Dominion Homes Inc. to Kenneth W. Herring Jr., $494,462.

4646 Slippery Rock Lane, Columbia; Christine Woznick-Taylor to Brittany Marie Agnew, $252,000.

2489 Three Oaks Lane, Maidens; Joseph L. Morrison to Chase Hammon, $399,000.

863 Waterbridge Road, Manakin Sabot; Boone Homes Inc. to Michael L. Hoover, $1,343,603.


1201 Commerce St.; Lone Oak-Petersburg LLC to Station Warehouse LLC, $850,000.

249 High St.; M. Stuart Rice to Catherine Charbonneau, $250,000.

1871 Pender Ave.; Robert D. Middleton Jr. to Reynald Robledo, $197,000.

2005 Windsor Road; Brian K. Sanders to Mark G. Cragg, $200,000.


3713 E Autumn Drive, North Dinwiddie; Sharon D. Castillo to Kiera J. Barham, $209,950.

10813 Boydton Plank Road, Dinwiddie; Justin B. Teague to Kevin M. Walsh, $280,000.

20129 Eugene Drive, Sutherland; JK Rutledge Investments LLC to Jacquelyn L. Decker, $234,990.

24531 Plantation Drive, North Dinwiddie; Jason D. Denny to Brittany Mason, $245,000.

7401 Tranquility Lane, Sutherland; KAG Homes LLC to Jason D. Denny, $320,300.


248 Bluffs Terrace; Patricia Lamarr to Derek Maple, $233,500.

102 Creff Lane; John E. Snyder to Mattie O. Parham, $179,990.

412 Norwood Drive; Marie B. Mullins to Richard Hatcher, $195,000.


445 Cobblestone Drive; Barbara K. Davis to Dennis W. Foxworth, $159,000.

1906 River Ridge Place; Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Sylvia Jones, $170,000.

3311 Walnut St., Hopewell; WM Painting LLC to Dominique N. Boone, $205,000.


4784 Bishops Gate Way, Providence Forge; Eric Reitman, trustee to Alexander White, $391,000.

450 Colony Trail, Lanexa; Calvert T. Smith to Rebecca W. Worley, $650,000.

5307 Crewe Court, Providence Forge; Jaime M. Johnston to Brenda K. Walston, $310,000.

7473 Fairway Ridge Drive, Quinton; Christopher J. Chelluck to Edward Schmitz, $273,000.

8843 Greenwood Blvd., New Kent; Jane King Keckler to Nathaniel Christian III, $255,000.

11131 Kings Pond Drive, Providence Forge; David K. Miller to Meghan D. Palombo, $389,000.

3429 Layfield Drive, Providence Forge; George P. Thompson to Mary R. MacDonald, $212,800.

8771 Matoaka Glen Road, Quinton; David S. Thurston Jr. to Caroline Dorothy Goode, $270,000.

16601 New Kent Highway, Lanexa; Sarah V. Trent to Karin Kirmes, $188,100.

9521 Old Church, New Kent; Samuel Lee Sensabaugh to Christopher E. Toler, $185,500.

7708 Patriots Landing Place, Quinton; Charles M. Lott to Domenic A. Paone, $383,000.

11006 Pocahontas, Providence Forge; Patsy J. Fox to Michael H. Wirt Jr., $155,000.

17570 Stage Road, Lanexa; Kevin Palmer to Cartus Corp., $450,000.


10916 Beaver Castle Road, North Prince George; Kevin D. Anderson to Michael D. Tomlinson, $187,500.

3721 Grey Fox Drive, Prince George; James R. Jones Builder Inc. to Marcelina C. Hull, $479,500.

11455 Hawks Perch Court, Disputanta; Corey Cotman to Jennifer Matovich, $302,000.

10663 Johnson Road, South Prince George; Pamela Mooneyham to Julie B. Grossman, $250,000.

15240 Lebanon Road, Spring Grove; 15240 Lebanon Road Series to Susan L. Tibbs, $294,950.

11621 E Quaker Road, Disputanta; Bubbank Properties LLC to Jeff Archer, $230,000.

7608 Woods Ridge Court, Prince George; Rodney Evans Jr. to Kimberly A. Glover, $229,999.


10661 Amelia Springs Road, Jetersville; RLP Investments LC to Brandon Jarrell Edmunds, $205,000.

18531 Harrisons Road, Amelia Court House; Shirley Munford Spencer to Emily Lawlor Forrester, $215,000.

6281 Military Road, Amelia Court House; Jennie L. Wells to Christopher Lee White, $264,950.


23 Benner Loop, Ruther Glen; Daniel H. Hicks Jr. to Justine S. Thomas, $160,000.

137 Delaware Drive, Ruther Glen; Irene E. Wiant to Shannon Coe, $255,000.

31350 Edgar Road, Hanover; David A Lohrey to Garnett S. Perry, $249,950.

137 Lafayette Ave., Bowling Green; James Wilson Farmer Jr. to Garrison Ogburn, $270,000.

482 Lake Caroline Drive, Ruther Glen; Premier Development Inc. to Eileen Theresa Bauer, $575,000.

7303 Legacy Lane, Ruther Glen; Luis Rene Dominguez-Salguero to Amanda Brooke Fisher, $325,000.

152 Maury Ave., Bowling Green; Ironwood Investments LLC to Jennifer Donaldson, $277,000.

6178 Saddlehorn St., Ruther Glen; Chad M. Perry to Jennifer Maria Wagner, $262,500.

517 Welsh Drive, Ruther Glen; Cedar Homes Investments LLC to Tiffany O'Neal, $194,900.


1 acre; Jessie Lewis to Matthew J. Rossi, $163,500.

194.926 acres; Bernard Leroy Warren, trustee to Michael E. Nolt, $302,000.

Lot 9, Fairview Farms; Thomas A. Supplee to Cassie Rogers, trustee, $175,610.


120 acres; Roxanne Lane to Ray B. Sickal, trustee, $225,000.

Various parcels; Roberta D. Wrenn to Robert P. Snead, $418,300.


367 Black Gum Road, West Point; Cory Dente to Kevin Sean Robertson, $183,950.

5751 Dabneys Mill Road, Manquin; Custom Builders Express LLC to Erik Casey Arnold, $340,025.

3067 Green Level Road, King William; Geoffrey Lawrence to Michael Trainer, $219,950.

4740 Kennington Park Road, Aylett; Sharon L. Elliott, trustee to Richard Anthony McGhee, $255,000.

106 McCauley Pkwy., Aylett; Todd W. Norman to Ryan Harrison, $252,200.

334 Shelton Court, Aylett; Liberty Homes Inc. to Charles R. Langford, $236,480.

197 Tranquility Road, Reedville; David Perry Steorts to Debra Helen Alley, $239,000.


512 Dunning St.; Donna L.C. Tucker to Nathan Pollard, $153,700.

208 Patricks Crossing; Kissoondial Ramotar to Vernon E. Shorts Jr., $377,700.

206 Thomas Nelson Lane; Delpha A. HIck, trustee to Melvin R. Petri, $268,000.


180 Alwoodley, Williamsburg; Carl M. Beale III to Robert S. Mirel, $525,000.

722 Autumn Circle, Williamsburg; George D. Richardson to Charles L. Whitley, $153,000.

125 Blackheath, Williamsburg; Patricia Ann Endlich, trustee to Robert W. Hyatt, $417,000.

29 Bromley Drive, Williamsburg; Britt E. Anderson to Allyson S. Irish, $163,000.

2835 Castling Crossing, Williamsburg; Veronica M. Auer to Susan Victoria Reith, $345,000.

3122 Cider House Road, Toano; Ryland C. Hazelwood Jr. to James H. Broadwell, $300,000.

3329 Dartmoor Court, Williamsburg; Thomas J. Wilson to Paul W. Cox, $317,000.

4071 Dunbarton Circle, Williamsburg; Robert L. Keller to Eric V. Ochoa, $385,000.

4404 Eaglebrook Drive, Williamsburg; Meredith Rowell Sobczak to Coty A. Mills, $235,000.

3446 Foxglove Drive, Toano; NVR Inc. to Elizabeth Dorn Bennink, $274,000.

9549 Goddin Court, Toano; NVR Inc. to Adam Rothwell, $484,570.

9560 Goddin Court, Toano; NVR Inc. to Dawn Matthews, $341,455.

9589 Goddin Court, Toano; NVR Inc. to Scott Cutler, $415,890.

7056 Gun Lock Road, Williamsburg; Irene Babian to Ellen F. Lane, $465,000.

3064 Heritage Landing Road, Williamsburg; Edgar Sutton Bazemore Jr., trustee to Brian Paul Fulmer, $300,000.

85 Holly Grove, Williamsburg; Greg Stodd, trustee to Wesley G. Bloechle, $455,000.

112 John Wickham, Williamsburg; George H. Ebbs to Michael A. Balser, $705,000.

4412 Landfall Drive, Williamsburg; Horatio S. Hill to Mark Campbell, $319,000.

104 Luffness, Williamsburg; Barbara H. Morris to Scott Raymond Hummer, $450,000.

7608 Luminary Drive, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Jasmine Darlene Hill, $199,870.

5015 Merchants Court, Williamsburg; Eagle Construction of Virginia Properties LLC to William E. Butler, $453,639.

4735 Minutemen Way, Williamsburg; Maria H. Weiss, trustee to Jamison W. Goodwin, $225,000.

5907 Montpelier Drive, Williamsburg; Michael Arthur Gaudreau to Todd Mitchell Fuselier II, $324,000.

3044 Nathaniel Green, Williamsburg; E. Thomas Bratton, trustee to Roger W. Scearce, $612,100.

4715 Peleg's Way, Williamsburg; QHOC of Peleg's Point LLC to Stephen G. Kobiela, $485,369.

103 Promenade Lane, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Marsha M. Cisa, $222,665.

509 Promenade Lane, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Kenyatta S. Sears, $234,242.

218 Reflection Drive, Williamsburg; Spencer L. Zoldan to Stephen P. Haynes, $257,500.

3209 N Riverside Drive, Lanexa; Douglas E. Donley to Ian Brooks, $262,100.

6015 Settlers Market, Williamsburg; HHJV LLC to Richard Thomas Buonfigli, $593,125.

6007 Settlers Market Blvd., Williamsburg; HHJV LLC to Ariel R. Yaneza, $627,860.

106 Shirley Drive, Williamsburg; Michael Edward Haas, trustee to Linda P. McClure, $680,000.

2652 Sir Thomas Way, Williamsburg; Edward E. Jordan to Brandon L. Nichols, $282,000.

232 W Tazewells Way, Williamsburg; Sara J. Fogarty, trustee to Leigh Slagle, $590,000.

108 Tolers Road, Williamsburg; Thaddeus Joseph Sowinski to Mark Allen Herrmann, $410,000.

Unit 30-3006, Braemar Creek; Edward William Falis to 5 Points LLC, $183,500.

Unit 710, Conference Center Condo; Kevin E. Jones to Mark Nikiper, $255,000.

116 Westchester, Williamsburg; Kathleen A. Peacock, trustee to Edward J. Drumm, $865,000.

4670 Westhampton, Williamsburg; Rebecca B. Zehmer, trustee to Jerry W. Ames, $385,000.

4182 Winthrop Circle, Williamsburg; Gilbert R. Mizelle to Vanessa Jean Neilsen, $385,000.

228 Woburn, Williamsburg; Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to James Martin, $425,000.

4703 Yarrow Court, Williamsburg; William Katz to Adam H. L, $390,000.

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  • Includes digital delivery of daily e-edition via email