The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas. Building permits are listed online Monday under Metro Business.

To our readers: The property transfer listings for Sussex will be in future editions.

Louisa County listings will not be included until further notice.


114 E 18th St; Garcia Carlos A to Cockerille Robert L II, $151,000.

3022 2nd Ave; 1-11 Real Estate Solutions Llc to Bell Justin, $228,000.

413 N 28th St; McDonald Geoffrey R to Forst Colleen, $206,000.

611 N 32nd St; Seven Hills Construction Llc to Truong Mireille Diem-My, $464,950.

719 W 49th St; Vigue-Adair Tina M and Stacy L to Sallas Dawn A, $222,550.

8411 Abbey Road; Worrell Charlotte A to Crochunis Stacey M, $275,000.

3424 Archer Springs Ter; Neri Ann E to Scott Kem W and Naomi, $421,000.

6567 Balsam Road; Wb Acquisitions Llc to Cruz Flores Jose R, $155,000.

1221 Boulder Creek Road; Hill Virginia R to Rosenberg Rachel Diane, $235,000.

3012 E Broad St; Story Nathaniel L and Katherine H to Watkins Jennifer Elizabeth, $425,000.

3620 Burgain Road; Thomas Marcus R to Kim Keith, $195,000.

1913 Carter St; Patterson David D to Patterson Jennifer Renee, $350,000.

2139 Cedarhurst Dr; White Ryan T and Koneru Saarika to Larsen Lana, $179,000.

4832 Chamberlayne Ave; Harris Glenn W and Miriam B to 4832 Chamberlayne Llc, $185,000.

1411 Claremont Ave; Gray Calvin W II to Mazella Christopher, $360,000.

507 W Clay St; Rhodes David L to Clarke Ray W III, $260,000.

9435 Creek Summit Cir; Legault Homes Llc to Meyben Robert J III and Susan R, $428,136.

3909 Ellwood Ave; National Residential Nominee to Hotchkiss Taylor Christian, $359,000.

1827 Floyd Ave; Sargent Matthew C to York Jonathan E and Gayle L, $605,700.

423 Gilmer St; Hubachek Karen to Blosser David A and Christine L, $195,000.

3310 Gloucester Road; Howell Janet R to Smith Casey E, $392,850.

4420 W Grace St; Jones Trent L to Generelly Peter and Vicki, $477,300.

3202 Hanes Ave; K M Realty Llc to Balon Shawn M, $311,000.

2956 Hathaway Road, U910; Stewart Sue Garber Trustee to Strommen Gayle, $250,000.

4105 Hillcrest Road; Sheneman Daniel to Pennington Ronald Scott, $395,000.

620 Idlewood Ave; Turner Philip W and Jennifer M to Krongaard Michael S, $314,000.

3046 Kenmore Road; Gray Fred M and Lois K to 3tac Homebuyers Llc, $183,600.

1517 Leicester Road; Pai Ajit B and Amie Y Miklavcic to Schacht Jason W, $215,000.

57 E Lock Lane, U4; Hamlett Stephanie to Gannon Janith Monroe and Frank, $275,000.

803 Louisiana St; Johnson Patrice R to Yancey Joseph J Jr, $185,000.

5301 Matoaka Road; Marriott Justin D and Megan C to Wall Coleman W Jr, $1,105,000.

1614 Maury St; Kulla Fejzi to Mattes Ryan L, $181,600.

3003 Moss Side Ave; Cobblestone Real Estate Group to Blue Ridge Custom Homes Llc, $260,000.

2900 Northumberland Ave; Shands Troi C and Bell Inga C to Integral Properties Llc, $176,500.

310 Overbrook Road; Mehl Properties Llc to Whitmore Petia Petranova, $440,000.

2811 Patterson Ave; Graham Bryant Inc to Carrolls Station Llc, $450,000.

7539 Piney Branch Road; Jones Amy V and Rebecca Jane to Currie Mary Virginia Trust, $250,000.

1112 Roseneath Road, U8; Gavin Christina F to Camperlengo Anastasia, $170,000.

1913 Seddon Road; Bourne Ashley L to Hodson Andrew G and Michelle L, $306,500.

5008 E Seminary Ave; Horst Shawn D to Jones Herbert H, $300,000.

802 St Christophers Road; Hardman Linda W to Ball R Brian and Jennifer B, $645,000.

11 Strawberry St; Baar Nancy M to Shawn Roger J III, $303,000.

2905 Stonewall Ave; Moore Stuart L and D Jane H to Haynes Adam Ross, $310,000.

4301 Wakefield Road; Weiler William G and Susan R to McCarthy Colin P and Jennifer F, $454,500.

1201 Wallace St; Richmond Redevelopment to Gregory Meagan Farley, $184,950.

683 Westover Woods Cir; Dabney Atosa A to Lorah Scott J, $188,800.

8354 W Weyburn Road; Kessler Paul M to Fisher John, $370,000.


8221 Adrian Dr, Henrico; Walker Deborah A to Liu Xiangjun and Keran He, $200,000.

3225 Almond Creek North Pl, Henrico; Overby Raymond L III and Yolanda W to Carey Angie B, $205,000.

3420 Andover Hills Pl, Henrico; Balasubramaniam Rajagopalan to Sri Sai Narayana Organization, $302,000.

26 Ashinghurst Rd, Henrico; Waters Leslie A to Niedhammer Andrea, $159,000.

10303 Attems Way, Glen Allen; Morgan John G and Kay Ann to Boyle Andrew J and Jessica B, $295,000.

2814 Battery Ave, Henrico; Rea Thomas R and Kathryn R to Chubb Laura C and Adam A Stokowski, $257,000.

5604 Benoni Ct, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Daddikar Kapil and Pranjal Pednekar, $352,600.

10527 Benoni Trl, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Zulfiquer Kaderi Mohammed and Shaheena, $348,425.

1107 Beverly Dr, Henrico; Clore Robert D and Pauline C Thurston to Goodwin Mark W, $225,000.

12021 Bexley Ct, Henrico; Avery Carol R to Clark Gregory Dean and Cindy Lee, $255,000.

1206 Bobbiedell Ln, Henrico; Fordson Properties Llc to Creel Scott James and Ashley Epperson, $290,000.

2713 Bowles Ln, Glen Allen; Green Robert and Kandes Wirt to Cowart Gregory B and Britt J, $222,000.

6026 Bremo Rd, Henrico; Cooper Claire Amber to William A Cooke Incorporated, $229,950.

1609 Brigham Rd, Henrico; Hall Jason S and Sinead Lynch to Moody Kathy L, $225,000.

7103 Brigham Rd, Henrico; Bonovitch Ricky Joe to Ross Sharon D, $172,500.

8420 W Broad St, Henrico; Breez-In Associates Lc to Tanya Investments Llc, $1,900,000.

4107 Bush Lake Dr, Glen Allen; Singh Amrinder Pal and Amarinder Kaur Sain to Dcosta Albert and Mary P, $205,000.

120 Carriage Point Ln, Glen Allen; Harrall Richard F and Janet to Veterans Affairs, $243,745.

4537 Cedar Forest Rd, Glen Allen; Nielsen Chase and Kirstin E Rose to Sundaramurthy Santhanalakshmi and Etal, $397,500.

12509 Chadsworth Pl, Glen Allen; Minor Philip L III and Diana V to Calcano Ricardo R and Shari Perkes Etal, $465,000.

1710 Chadwick Dr, Henrico; Diederich William P Jr and E F Evans to Brosius Craig T, $370,000.

6202 Checkerberry Dr, Henrico; Richmond Holding Company Inc to Ross Myosha and Brian Jenkins, $209,000.

310 Clayman Rd, Sandston; Essex Bank to Cangiano Salvatore J, $1,350,000.

3223 Conningham Ln, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Kassab Curtis M and Stephanie S, $640,591.

3408 Corrotoman Rd, Glen Allen; Souleret William C and Jean H Trustees to Taylor Harold N and Yolanda B, $432,500.

9733 Country Way Rd, Glen Allen; Turner Daniel Ellis to Aldeek Fadi H and Fatemah Naji, $254,950.

3312 Croydon Rd, Henrico; Tdz Properties Llc to Brockington Crayshona, $155,000.

2663 Darbytown Rd, Henrico; Coston Mark to Granados Robert J, $182,000.

12332 Dewhurst Ave, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Green Cynthia M, $775,000.

8104 Diane Ln, Henrico; Blanton Francis B and Nancy to Equity Trust Co Cust Fbo J E Hall Et Al, $255,251.

5144 Dorin Hill Ct, Glen Allen; Dubovoy Arkadiy and Nelya to Twigg Judyth L and William W Newmann, $475,000.

5105 Drayton Dr, Glen Allen; Smaracheck Adam C and Amanda A to Francis Jacob and Rennie, $297,150.

7415 Edgewood Ave, Henrico; Aylor Claude L and Barbara M to Gressett Alyssa A, $175,800.

3200 Ella Rd, Henrico; Spears William D and Julia M to Mitchell Denise Dowling, $295,000.

12212 Elnora Ln, Glen Allen; Welford Properties Llc to NVR Inc, $210,000.

3009 Englewood Rd, Glen Allen; Dowdy Deborah J and Stuart W Jr to Owenby David L and Ila J, $257,000.

2831 Fairway Homes Way, Glen Allen; Crenshaw June C to Maddox Dorothy T and William H Jr, $355,000.

9131 Farmington Dr, Henrico; Dillard Princess Anne to Ahiable Najah A, $218,000.

4691 Four Seasons Ter, Ug, Glen Allen; Hughes Jason E to Stone Brian and Kelly L Pape, $192,000.

6308 W Franklin St, Henrico; Ellett Matthew D and Michele L Waters to Hazzard Matthew P, $375,000.

6528 W Franklin St, Henrico; Intihar Andrew J to West Franklin 6528 Llc, $351,631.

2600 Gaskins Rd, Henrico; Railey Hill Associates Llc to Verit Llc, $975,000.

12200 E Glenkirk Ct, Henrico; Drees Gretchen S to Rogers Nathan and Sarah, $410,000.

2449 Gold Leaf Cir, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Murphy James A and Tiffany J, $714,686.

2505 Gold Leaf Cir, Henrico; Me Jrs Llc to Eagle Construction Of Va Llc, $160,000.

11519 Grey Oaks Estates Run, Glen Allen; Windsor Enterprises Corp to Bradford Homes Inc, $229,000.

2900 Greenway Ave, Henrico; Oulton Ava Liu to Nguyen Tu and Jennifer N, $259,500.

11337 Grey Oaks Estates Way, Glen Allen; Bradford Homes Inc to Lim Jong K and Yun Y, $915,225.

8300 Hawk Nest Dr, Henrico; Nicholson Lorenzo Jr and Joynita R to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, $328,518.

2441 Hawkesbury Ct, Henrico; Bebawi Mahfouz and Neviene Attia to Womack Natalie Driver, $363,000.

5421 Hillshire Way, Glen Allen; Fox David A and Sandra G to Saari Eric P and Paula P Pando, $585,000.

9533 Hungary Ridge Dr, Glen Allen; Sou Somaly and Thoeun Sam to Coron Emily Grace and Jason Brent Steele, $253,500.

8510 Hungary Spring Rd, Henrico; Moore Brenda A and Linda A Martin to Moore Realty Investments Llc, $173,500.

12205 Isleworth Ct, Glen Allen; Harsha Judy S to Orrick Reece, $333,333.

2508 Johnson Pl, Henrico; Wooden Shereeta to Dudley Latoya, $180,000.

2807 Kenmore Rd, Henrico; Smither Edward N Jr and Kenneth W to Klinker Timothy G and Joanne B, $225,000.

7654 King Eider Dr, Henrico; Hunt Jeremiah P and Michelle L to Ricks Danika Akil, $232,000.

312 S Lake Ave, Henrico; Richmond Holding Company Inc to Benjamin Kar D and Shateeka N Monroe, $209,900.

1303 Lake Ave, Henrico; Miller Rebecca S and Elliot Snider Et Al to Kusiak Thomas J and Jane Norwood, $400,000.

1513 Lauderdale Dr, Henrico; Beacham Christopher B and Janice Chalkley to Istafanous Atef and Samia Botros, $289,000.

3504 Lavecchia Way, Glen Allen; Bandy James and Courtney to Stoldt Kirk P and Lisa M, $480,000.

12036 Layton Dr, Glen Allen; Painter Evelyn C Estate to Baker Robert W and Vonda J, $459,950.

2509 Libbie Ave, Henrico; Oakleigh Properties Llc to Tucker John T IV and John T III and Lynn M, $229,900.

3204 Lockport Way, Henrico; Richardson David T and Debra L Trustees to Swamy Narasimha and Donna, $515,000.

10909 London Dr, Glen Allen; Walker Jason W to Reynolds Meghan C, $199,950.

8303 Lydell Dr, Henrico; Northwestern Human Serv to Hairston Jesse, $227,800.

6431 Majestic Way, Henrico; Wiggins Latonya Y to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co Trustee, $236,300.

12244 Manor Crossing Dr, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Nadhem Omar N and Mohammed H Al Haider, $487,090.

10514 Marions Way, Glen Allen; Dupuis Gary J to Ledien Benjamin R Jr and Carrie L, $249,500.

1151 Marney Ct, Henrico; Gaskins and Patterson Inc to Stiff Geoffrey S and Carolyn B, $971,983.

5313 Masons Ln, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Elliott Mark R and Shelby G, $352,647.

3715 Mechanicsville Tpke, Henrico; Pemberton Place Inc to Ze Richmond Wag Realty Llc, $3,857,225.

4802 Meredith Woods Rd, Glen Allen; Fancett-Stooks Daniel J to Le Van Nghia and Holy Duong Nguyen Et Al, $257,000.

6419 Millhiser Ave, Henrico; Larock James R to Waksmunski Benjamin J, $156,500.

5709 Monument Ave, Henrico; Francisco Benjamin R and Margaret R to Luberto Janessa K and Nicholas B Price, $352,500.

12133 Morestead Ct, Glen Allen; Reams Damon M and Christopher T Snyder to Meyers Justin Craig and Elizabeth Ross, $615,000.

5432 Moss Side Ave, Henrico; NVR Inc to Acharya Saraswat and Sunil and Eliza, $254,460.

2213 National St, Henrico; Liberation Church Inc to Kingdom Living Temple Community Church, $270,000.

4308 New Hermitage Dr, Henrico; NVR Inc to Plant Brian and Karen, $284,485.

2134 New Market Village Blvd, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Cooper Renea and Aaron V Bagby, $211,995.

1525 Oakland Chase Pkwy, Henrico; Batson Barbara to Jones Jessica W, $229,950.

2005 Oakwood Ln, Henrico; Conner William J Jr and Peggy S to Fotovat Sally-Ann and Samad, $159,900.

1909 Old Mayland Rd, Henrico; Futterman Eric to Jeon Seul Gi, $244,500.

3536 Old Williamsburg Rd, Sandston; Byrd Patrick A and Edm and Drm to Woo Matthew Q, $186,300.

1021 Orchard Rd, Henrico; Suhr Paul M to Campion William Joseph, $335,000.

4612 Packard Rd, Glen Allen; Snead Mark K and Sandra R to Saydlowski Robert C, $282,000.

9710 Paragon Dr, Henrico; Leeper George and Shirley W to Slobodnik Vladimir, $185,000.

2111 Parkside Ave, Henrico; Quesenberry Kenneth R to Ryder Joseph R, $179,500.

9817 Pemberton Creek Dr, Henrico; Bowman Susan K to Su Weiming and Anlin Su and Rong Ouyang, $278,000.

2106 Perennial Cir, Henrico; Ridgefield Green Llc to Akiri Venkata Bhaskara, $307,610.

2208 Perennial Cir, Henrico; Ridgefield Green Llc to Carson Thomas E IV, $316,940.

2309 Pleasant Run Dr, Henrico; Rogers Nathan S and Sarah M to Keeler Stephen J II and Allison D, $277,500.

10948 Point Grey Rd, Henrico; Nottage Shawn and Tamara Lapman to Moyer Kathleen A, $299,000.

12293 Porsche Dr, Glen Allen; Sm Richmond Llc to Chen Xiao Xun and Chun May Chan, $800,817.

3017 Quail Walk Dr, Glen Allen; Davis Evelyn B to Bagby James C and Alethia T, $180,000.

7033 Ravenscraig Cres, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Woodham Lorrine S, $309,225.

1402 Renee Ln, Henrico; Capehart Morris C and Tina M to Mack Michael, $165,000.

7202 River Rd, Henrico; Halstead Stephen C and Jennifer L to Stamper Patrick M, $665,000.

8655 Riverwood Dr, Henrico; Pogue Robert R and Lourdes to Talbert Timothy James and Erica Leja, $515,000.

11509 Rolling Leaf Ln, Glen Allen; Emerson Mill Llc to NVR Inc, $200,000.

634 Rosedown Ln, Henrico; NVR Inc to Laidler Tracey, $198,010.

2923 Sara Jean Ter, Glen Allen; Christian Michael H and Jamara C Allen to Peters Tamara Lynn, $174,000.

10504 Scenic Pl, Glen Allen; Petersen Michael W to Dayton Ashley E and Taylor J Wilkens, $321,500.

9028 Shari Dr, Henrico; Kemp Scott W and Sheri M to Chandler Deishelle N, $185,000.

1811 Skipwith Rd, Henrico; Elliott Heather M to Lewis Martha P, $185,500.

8522 Spalding Dr, Henrico; Kafantaris Michael N to Whiteman Susan W Schaffer and Christopher, $239,500.

10100 Spinning Wheel Way, Henrico; Creasey Shawn L to Nguyen Michael D and Michelle J, $300,175.

7006 Staunton Ave, Henrico; Kwatra Naveen and Shireen Gujral to Leahy James A and Teresa D, $334,000.

4611 Stonebrook Ct, Glen Allen; Hilton Eric A and S E S to Freeborn Charles E and Paula F, $257,000.

1618 Stoneycreek Dr, Henrico; Shapiro David M and M W to Meeks Bryan and Emily, $450,000.

11106 Swanee Mill Trce, Glen Allen; Richard Atack Construction II Lc to Nagarajan Prabhanand, $340,438.

11544 Swanson Mill Way, Glen Allen; Altizer Jason S and Gena L to Hicks Andrew P and Maureen C, $775,000.

9010 Torno Dr, Henrico; Ford Thelma T to Watson Reinhardt, $185,000.

10917 Tray Way, Glen Allen; Patterson Michael T and K S to Hilton Eric A and Stacy, $365,000.

11777 Triple Notch Ter, Henrico; Brownfield Wilfred H and Mary F to Potter Robert L and Joyce F, $414,500.

2121 Turtle Run Dr, U10, Henrico; Payne John C to Bowman Kathleen D, $155,500.

8901 Virgil Ter, Henrico; Shurm Construction Inc to Gregg David E, $263,578.

101 N Virginia Ave, Henrico; Price Brandon and Margene to Pritchett Bonita C, $166,000.

2201 Wasp Ln, Henrico; Detreville Christopher Lawson to Staples Waller R IV, $174,500.

7500 Wentworth Ave, Henrico; Chester Shirley Anne to Mosunmade Rachel O, $220,000.

3751 Westerre Pkwy, Henrico; Wiley William C and Jeanne V to B and E Property Llc, $393,500.

12613 Wilde Lake Dr, Henrico; Read David V and Joanna P to Beres Mitchell and Jennifer, $660,000.

814 Winnetka Ave, Henrico; Reo Service Llc to Larose Ayana Yearwood and Arline C, $150,000.

7513 Woodley Rd, Henrico; Chandler Travis V and Richelle L to Miller Willie M Jr, $217,000.

10505 Wylie Ln, Glen Allen; Levasseur Angel to Jones Matthew Christopher and Hazel Louise, $295,000.


14806 Acorn Ridge Pl; Payonk Mary Ann to Ing Veasna and Melissa, $260,000.

9303 Amberleigh Cr; Amberleigh Llc to Harrell Marcia C, $398,850.

15306 Amethyst Dr; Jones Homes Inc to Poff Douglas W and Brown Linda, $625,525.

8312 Amington Ln; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Holt Rodney L and Elizabeth B, $389,705.

8555 Amington Ln; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Masood Abdullah and Saba, $483,445.

3417 Argent Ln; NVR Inc to Jacobson Bradley R, $211,225.

161 Arkwright Rd; Sickinger Kenneth to Robinson Paul D and Jennifer L, $200,000.

11601 Bailey Mountain Tl; Thomas Paul Stuart to Middleton Troy F and Kimberly J, $199,999.

21137 Baileys Grove Dr; Liberty Homes Inc to Hersh D A and Schiffer R A, $222,750.

13501 Beachcrest Tr; 2 Gen Holdings Llc to Hp Virginia I Llc, $430,000.

5225 Beachmere Tr; Ross Dwane D and Teresa G to Martin Aaron and Jenny, $336,000.

12331 Beaver Point Dr; Hopkins Christine S to Courtney Derrick and Kayla, $177,000.

3955 Berrybrook Dr; Henry John R and Pamela G to Perales Celerino, $175,000.

913 Boncreek Pl; Curnow Raymond W and Kathleen T to Davenport J A and Murphy S P, $495,000.

10684 Braden Parke Dr; NVR Inc to Kovacs Martin F Jr and Dixie M, $254,095.

8118 Braidstone Tr; Roberts Larry W to Jones Gregory Edwin, $460,000.

19012 Brevard Dr; Matthews Chad A and Megan A to Cox Sheila A, $187,500.

11629 E Briar Patch Dr; Stone Beverly W Estate to Crossman Donna M, $163,000.

4737 Brookridge Rd; Kite William Terry Jr to Luebken Jacob and Sarullo K M, $200,000.

13506 Buck Rub Dr; Estes Lisa to Papa John B Jr, $212,550.

8317 Buford Oaks Dr; Winn James A and Lisa R to Wasson Luke M and Winona K, $295,503.

9110 Burnett Dr; Couch Sylvia C to Cortes Antonio Bravo, $225,000.

15613 Cambria Cove Bl; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Neblett Anthony C and Michelle G, $401,667.

5407 Carriageway Ln; Mago Brij M and Aasha to Dalton Charles D, $290,000.

9149 Carswell St; NVR Inc to Robinson Bruce and Christine, $309,945.

1824 Celia Cs; White Paul R and Judith L to Bragg S R and Sullivan E L, $190,000.

15518 Centerline Ct; NVR Inc to Vosper William and Michelle, $390,159.

10437 Centralia Station Rd; NVR Inc to Johnson James E Jr and Shelley R, $332,000.

14207 Charter Walk Ln; Sober Tamara Leigh to White Thomas G Jr and Diana A, $365,000.

10418 Chesdin Park Turn ; Rogers Jeremy L and Sharyn K M to Nunnally T B Jr and Creswell S E, $235,000.

5505 Chestnut Bluff Rd; Minks Blaine C and Shameya A to Wagner Megan Nicole, $235,000.

820 Clearlake Ct; Hastings Jean C Trustee to King Paul T and King Richard S, $216,000.

7431 Conifer Rd; Green Brandon M to Flores Balcarcel Oscar O, $231,000.

11023 Corryville Rd; Sharpe Stephen P and Mary K to O'Donnell Nicole Et Al, $265,000.

3112 Cottage Oaks Ct; White Nicole L to Mograbi Adib Trustee, $156,561.

7031 Crackerberry Dr; Leavel Robert L to Brandenburg Robert Z and Amoy A, $395,000.

14200 Crosshaven Ct; Prakash Karanvir and Gita to Emby David and Sharon, $420,000.

12402 Dannyhill Rd; Nedwick Peter and Christine S to Graber Melanie S, $264,000.

12301 Devette Ct; Brunner Brenda L to Walls Lloyd A Jr and Alexis, $271,000.

4300 Dianawood Dr; Chinnis Carl D and Cindy P to Rosko Carol and George, $295,000.

20221 Eagle Cove Ct; Smith F A Sr and Smith A W Trs to Perry William C and Nancy R, $814,000.

2351 Edgeview Ln; Byrne John F and Rhonda Kay to Gordon Richard G and Yi Joanne H, $449,000.

2518 Elliham Av; Huband Alan W and Gebhardt Vera to Rodriguez Gerber Ronaldo Del C, $165,000.

7845 Etching St; NVR Inc to Moses Leonyce J, $202,015.

826 Ewell Rd; U S Bank Nat'l Assoc Trustee to Williams Benjamin and Deana, $177,000.

2440 Falkirk Dr; Sweet Matthew S and Kathryn H to Peters John S and Tiffany R, $330,000.

3900 Farm Field Dr; Sikes Loretta R to Blom Brian R, $195,000.

2819 Feddo Ct; Dinicola Anthony P and C E to Provost Ernest L, $202,000.

8737 Fishers Green Pl; Main Street Homes to Gensinger Christoper J and L R, $375,950.

14537 Forest Row Tl; Lubinskas James J and Judith B to Duvernet Valerie J and Grogan S, $345,000.

2507 Founders Bridge Rd; Benedict John P Jr and Katherine to Gomes Aaron D and Lisa Gargione, $672,000.

12100 Ganesh Ln; Wells Fargo Bank Natl Assoc Tr to Preciado Cordell Vincent, $482,350.

6618 Gateline Dr; Altemus Matoka Teresa to Jones Ernestine, $199,950.

4518 Glen Tara Dr; Bkho Properties Llc to Rice Breanna F, $155,000.

11711 Goldenbrook Dr; Cosner Jarrett to Matthews Lindsey M, $159,900.

6248 Gossamer Tr; O'Shea Kevin G and Elizabeth I to Panicker Sheru S and Krishnan S, $408,500.

12642 Green Garden Wy; Klinedinst Larry F and Mary Lou to Howell Christopher and Tegan W, $290,000.

9411 Groundhog Dr; Heisler Dolores R to Williams George Keith Jr, $185,000.

21115 Halloway Av; Stone James M Jr Et Al to Banchero Christopher J and Susan, $210,000.

8254 Hampton Arbor Cr; Lynes Brett M and Liberty M to Sellers Brian K and Tammy M, $350,000.

8006 Hampton Station Ct; Javaheri Amir and Eslamian Simin to Ghimire Pashupati and Dhital B, $360,100.

13703 Harbour Bluff Pl; Clapper Michael H and Theresa L to Stevenson Susan E and Orville, $310,000.

8113 Hartridge Dr; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Smith Brandon G and Tori, $458,840.

5819 Hereld Green Dr; Ingram Thurman N III and K P to Anzelone Alexander, $280,000.

11907 Hogans Al; Kowalczyk Leona M Tr Et Al to Swearingen Amani N and Cedric L, $400,000.

9401 Hopkins Rd; Morgan Lisa Gail to Farrish Properties Llc, $215,000.

5512 Houndmaster Rd; Norford Henry R Jr and Ann L to Daugherty Matthew A and Sarah M, $295,000.

2819 Iverson Rd; McNulty Thomas O and Aimee A to Schaab Matthew Charles, $178,000.

9931 Jean Dr; Vertex Realty and Investmnts Llc to Phan Tan V and Lily, $180,000.

5742 S Jessup Rd; Marion Darrell and Lisa A to Banks Rhonda S, $250,000.

7925 Kentucky Derby Dr; Gutierrez Simon and Lori M to Evenson Eric and Susan Lynn, $255,000.

5125 King Cotton Ln; Laudon Amy to Wynn Olushola Lamar, $215,000.

9512 Knightwood Ln; Dillingham Brian C and Payne C P to Herbin James Jr, $315,000.

3440 Lady Marian Ct; Manry Bradley C and Jennifer M to Fiore Steven M, $585,000.

13213 Langford Dr; Huntley Charles J Sr Trustee to Gates Gerald P and Mary E, $430,000.

15001 Lansgate Ct; Klempa D A and Bartlett K M to Goodson Gregory D and Jesica R, $305,000.

11122 Lantern Wy; Taylor Margaret W Bailey Tr to Cahn Robert A and McDermott M L, $339,000.

1206 Laureate Turn ; Thomas John C and Pearl R to Bonner-Allen Demetria Chantel, $260,000.

4025 Liberty Point Dr; Vaeth Jamie I to Knight Loretta, $257,000.

4224 Litchfield Dr; Murray Garland E to Saraceni Christopher D and S D, $235,000.

4549 Little Ridge Ln; Joyce L E Jr and Judy to Detwiler Jason P and Cari Beth, $315,500.

8510 Long Tom Ct; Hoyle-Harris Elizabeth A and C K to Coreas Jonathan, $182,000.

3949 Lynaire Dr; Smith K B and Smith S G Trustees to Euga Phillip and Greenberg T, $230,000.

13201 Madison Pointe Wy; Olugbemi Bridget O to Sessoms Nasir S, $308,000.

5201 Mandora Ct; Finer Homes Inc to Hughes Lamar David, $321,000.

7348 Mangrum Dr; Zelmanow Ari and Stevie Michelle to Ferreri Michael J and Audra L, $357,500.

4606 Mason Run Ct; Williams Javie L and Erica C to Vasquez Cynthia N, $183,000.

4700 Mason Way Ct; Michalicek J D and Justice R A to Mayfield Adam T, $155,000.

3125 McCabe Ct; Manns Darren M and Sherrie E to Berstler Michael J and Yasmine J, $260,000.

10311 Medina Rd; Wheaton Management Llc to Smith Patrick J and Christine K, $345,000.

5618 Melbeck Tr; Blair Katria D to Booker-Smith Shirlene, $220,000.

3901 Mill Manor Dr; Lichenstein Michael C and C W to Mathre Jacob O and Savannah R, $289,000.

12912 Mill Meadow Ct; Ruth Chester J Jr and Erika M to Tragle Aaron and Jamie, $305,000.

9201 Mission Hills Ln; Budlong Bruce A and Carolyn K to Volz Kenneth C and Jane M, $335,000.

1013 Mitford Pl; Shepherd David D and Terri G to Li Yuan and Gae Jie, $419,950.

14006 Mountshire Ln; Wynn John A and Octavia Reed to McGraw Michael and Jasmine, $292,950.

8017 Nashua Dr; Smigal John and Sarah to Armstrong Donald C and C H, $200,000.

11701 New Forest Tl; Spiers Stephanie S Et Als to Wakefield Benjamin C, $195,000.

7310 Norwood Pond Pl; Sheffield Steven M and Judy H to Giuseppe Kay, $275,000.

6306 Oak Arbor Ct; Glass Jonathan and Kristi to Silvis Brandon J and Garcia R Q, $305,000.

5403 Oakside Ct; Laughlin Ian P and Amber Duke to Hamilton Aaron Et Als, $229,000.

11320 Old Lewiston Rd; O'Connor Karl W and Allie to Bochman John E and Michelle R, $350,000.

4320 Oxbridge Rd; Dew Steven C II and Nehana to Santiago Steve Et Al, $276,000.

10031 Paddock Wood Tr; Rosado Pedro and Lillian to Robinson Stanley and Sabrina, $385,000.

24020 Pear Orchard Rd; Stone Eugene E III and Melissa to Williams Keith A and Denise H, $385,000.

3501 Pease Rd; Sekulich Randal D and Pamela A to Bennett Edward G and Sarah J, $280,000.

2212 Planters Row Dr; Westermann Robert L Jr and Lyn R to Comer Nora A and Willner J J, $359,900.

10855 Poachers Rn; Welton William J Jr to Osornio Rafael and Angelina R D, $200,000.

1906 Porters Mill Rd; Latham Lee A and Lisa W to Bank Of New York Mellon, $225,493.

2112 Prenoman Ln; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Saylor Scott R and Kristine L, $590,690.

11131 Puckett Pl; Witt Roxanne D to Rivera Samuel R, $168,000.

10822 Qualla Rd; Ryder Zachary and Dehja to Wallace Kristin N, $219,000.

5443 Quarter Horse Ln; Quality Homes Of Currituck Llc to Lukitsch Stephen, $360,000.

705 Redington Ct; McRoberts Bryan Scott Et Als to Mateyka Linda, $262,000.

6513 Regal Grove Dr; Wiggins Tameeka R to Bank Of New York Mellon Tr, $201,299.

12930 River Hills Dr; Lochhead James D and Kathie A to Rayfield W P Jr and Nelson B E, $459,900.

11512 Riviera Ct; Walker C E W to Kim Heeshin and Sung, $320,000.

8712 Rockcrest Ct; Johnson Aaron W and Carmen M to Michael Audrey M, $298,000.

14113 Rockyrun Rd; Main Street Homes to McKinney Paul B and Grace Donna, $434,822.

10106 Saint Joan Av; Sellers Brian K and Tammy M to Carmichael Jason D and Rebecca L, $232,500.

9345 Salem Church Rd; Gray Jackie A and Brenda M to Nino Anthony J, $244,900.

5407 Sandy Ridge Tr; NVR Inc to Marshall Rosa, $299,270.

14530 Sarum Tr; Moslow Lisa H to Smith Nelson Rhea and Anne W, $722,000.

14400 Savage View Ct; Caliguiri Charles S and Amy J to Mizell David W, $510,000.

8613 Shadymist Dr; Luccisano Dorothy D Trustee to Osborn Christina L and Tate C A, $219,000.

16437 Shefford Dr; Hall Kelly M and Christine M to Fleming Anthony J and Kimberly, $554,000.

8701 Sheldeb Dr; Balderson Lesley to Fossum Samuel T and Chelsea L, $325,000.

15500 Signal Lamp Rd; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Carr Anthony R, $422,000.

7107 Silver Farm Ct; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Neal Kenneth and Amy, $638,126.

2942 Speeks Dr; Olney Carrie to Krouch Matthew T and Trefny A M, $214,900.

9401 Springhouse Dr; Gorman Darlene S to Traylor Sarah D, $282,000.

7248 Stafford Park Dr; Craftmaster Homes Inc to Clark Matthew J and Kenzie L, $411,184.

1017 Starlight Ln; Mays Devin O to Salguero Wuilder A O and G D, $190,000.

4200 Stigall Dr; Lisk Linda to Patterson Kristine Marie, $219,900.

13311 Stoneway Dr; Gifford Charles E and Judith L to Lee Gary C and Leslie M, $340,000.

6907 Summers Trace Tr; Henriquez Jorge A and Yanira to Cruz Elvin W Bonilla, $247,500.

8601 Sunset Knoll Rd; Valdovinos Joshua and Vanessa M to Clancy Tisa K, $225,000.

3131 Tadley Dr; Gain Phyllis G to Cawthon Danny W and Cynthia B, $269,950.

4148 Tanner Slip Cr; Abbott Jodi and Mark to Pennington Kathy J, $201,300.

16809 Thornapple Rn; Hhhunt Homes L C to Kirkman Gregory A and Kendra S, $344,405.

5133 Timbercreek Ct; Morris Rosa L to Hill Jared R and Kristyn E, $229,000.

8664 Trabue Rd; Johnson Paul A to Batten Kathryn L and Meghann, $325,000.

16807 Tulip Hill Pl; Homesmith Construction Inc to Simmons Matthew A and Staci B, $740,727.

10131 Tuxford Rd; Gaw Bing H to Burke Padraig Michael, $220,000.

713 Vickilee Rd; NVR Inc to Brown Leon Q and Shelia, $276,140.

620 Wadsworth Dr; Nash Todd E and Michel L to Jackson Toosdhi Denise, $259,995.

3508 Walkers Ferry Rd; Pletcher Donna C to Hale Todd S and Angela, $415,000.

3942 Waterwheel Dr; Melton Edward and J E to Bird Richard III and Amy, $304,000.

11318 Weeping Cherry Ln; Gosline Michael R and Lindsey T to Ross Alan W and Taylor M, $405,000.

14204 Whirlaway Ct; Fogelstrom Christopher and J to Margaritini Cesar J, $260,000.

9160 Whistling Swan Rd; Horn Dennis W and Shelly B to Mills Robert A and Griggs S D, $377,000.

5823 Willowbranch Dr; Edge Catherine O to Jones Willette M, $160,000.

13566 Willowcrest Ln; Benson James M and Carol A to Patton Christopher B and M M, $314,950.

7101 Winding Creek Ln; Potter Steven to Morales Jasmine Esther, $260,000.

12309 Windsor Rd; Madison Erin T to Locke Courtney, $279,900.

6148 Windrush Ct; Dell Kenneth Sean to Moss Raymond E Jr, $245,000.

2936 Woodbridge Crossing Dr; Zaleski James M and Mai T to Bacile Leslie B, $172,000.

3101 Woodsong Dr; Reyes Eric A and Pope-Reyes M L to Ramos Natalie, $191,000.

6100 Zion Ridge Dr; NVR Inc to Lopez Jacqueline A, $271,050.


0.35 acres; JJ of Virginia Inc. to J. Park & Associates Inc., $500,000.

0.662 acres; Liberty Homes Inc. to Tuttun LLC, $800,000.

1.050 acres; James Galloway to Zachary E. Stephens, $172,000.

1.499 acres; Ashland Investments Inc. to SK Hotel LLC, $5,300,000.

1.99 acres; Tradecenter Partners LLC to MCF VA III LLC, $1,557,000.

10 acres; Caldwell Residental LLC to HHHunt Caldwell LLC, $4,390,000.

10.579 acres; Matthew R. Pillow to Light Post Homes LLC, $183,000.

2 acres; Ruth A. Savino to Matthew Bauserman, $174,900.

2.52019 acres; David W. Coates to Sydney Paige Ellis, $212,500.

22.594 acres; Mary H. Coleman, successor trustee to Albert D. Doolen, $245,000.

3 acres; Alec W. Oughton to Richard B. Allgood, $175,000.

3 acres; Anita V. Thurston to American Battlefield Trust, $256,000.

3.005 acres; William M. Shaw to Elaine Alyson Zickafoose, $200,000.

4.83 acres; Doris Combs Sebastian to YMCA of Greater Richmond, $725,000.

5.033 acres; Totopotomoy Battlefield at Rural Plains Foundation to Tyler C. Wind, $300,000.

5.07 acres; Jacqueline J. Gits to Robert Roy Snipes III, $275,000.

Lot 1, Block C, Cherrydale; Atlantic Trustee Services LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $189,113.

Lot 1, Block E, Section 2, Cherry Grove; Cherry Grove Partners LLC to RCI Builders LLC, $365,000.

Lot 1, Block G, Section 2, Cherry Grove Residential Townhomes; Cherry Grove Partners LLC to RCI Builders LLC, $280,000.

Lot 1, Bradley's; William Boyd Jr., administrator to Mechanicsville Holdings LLC, $155,000.

Lot 1, Cedar Hills; John R. Poliquin to David L. Nickel, $527,500.

Lot 1, Section 1, Block T, Cherry Grove Residential Townhomes; Cherry Grove Partners LLC to RCI Builders LLC, $335,000.

Lot 1, Section B, Wards Forest; ALG Trustee LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association, $277,835.

Lot 14, Shelton Pointe; David Kappel, administrator to Hanover Holdings LLC, $398,600.

Lot 3, Block D, Section 1, Summer Walk; Horseshoe Properties LLC to Nancy Coleman Wood, $300,000.

Lot 3, Section G, Glebe Hill; Glebe Hill Associates Inc. to Shurm Construction Inc., $150,000.

Lot 30, Section 1, Mountain Run; Mark R. Ringhausen to Gagandeep Singh Marwaha, $726,500.

Lot 53, Liberty Trace; Sharon K. Jones to Pamela C. Thomas, $259,500.

Lot 6, Block D, Section C, Locust Hill; Virginia Housing Development Authority to Yukon Enterprises LLC, $151,500.

Lot 7, Hanover Industrial Air Park; Christine T. Brubaker, trustee to JRE Real Estate LLC, $800,000.

Lot 7, Section 1, Cedarlea Park; Ali Taki to Batyr Imamutdinov, $260,000.

Lot 77, Section 2, Mountain Run; Natalie L. Wyatt, trustee to Diana S. Hubbard, $656,000.

Lot 8, Block A, Section 1,Forest Lakes Hills; Steven Gibson to NCGBC LLC, $187,000.

Lot 8, Block D, Section 2, Laurel Meadows; Wilmington Trust Co. to SSPS LLC, $181,650.

Lot 9, Beaver Farms; Robert E. Lane to Dan Properties LLC, $160,000.

Lot 9, Block G, Section 1, Spring Meadows; Brenda Gail Croxton to Ryan E. Wind, $178,600.

Parcel; Mark K. Melton to Legacy Five LLLP, $1,420,000.

Parcel; Richard E. Holland Jr. Properties LLC to Charles J. Keck, $1,231,757.

Preservation, Section 2, Hickory Hill; Hickory Hill Partners LLC to Ashley Farm LLC, $630,000.

Section 3, Mill Way Acres; Mark William Goodwin Sr., executor to Lambros Vasilios Alexopoulos, $700,000.

Unit 1, Building B, Brookshire Park; Meadowbridge Mini Storage LLC to Premier Investments and Properties LLC, $200,000.


1.562 acres; DJB Family Limited Partnership to Kim & Jim LLC, $160,000.

2 acres; Robert J. Leovy to J&E Dwellings LLC, $156,000.

4.003 acres; FK&N LLC to Cheryl Esposito, $150,000.

9.782 acres; Richard C. Willis Sr. to Joshua R. Tolbert, $182,000.

Lot 14, Phase 2, Upper James, 17.4 acres; Chris Hill to Mark A. Hendricks, trustee, $259,000.

Lot 19, Section B, The Preserve at Huguenot Springs; Eladio Martinez Jr. to William T. Ballentine, $165,000.

Lot 2, Block A, Section A, Swiftwood; J. Paul Myers to Gary Nelson McDaniel, trustee, $260,000.

Lot 5, Section 1 Extension, Founders Bridge; ME Golf Villas to Eagle Construction of Virginia Properties LLC, $500,000.

Lots 2 and 10, Section 4, Aston; McClure Family Realty LLC to W.V. McClure Inc., $170,000.

Parcel; Jason Moore to Timothy Britton II, $170,000.


149.2 acres; Stagecoach Properties LLC to A.G. Dillard Inc., $447,600.

3 acres; Earl M. Thompson to Origin Medical Group LLC, $184,100.

6 acres; Christine Kimbrough to Philip D. Kimbrough, $380,000.

2 parcels, Section 1, Preston Park; Earl Thompson Inc. to Emerald Custom Homes LLC, $160,000.

3 parcels; Sedgefield Properties LLC to EIP Virginia LLC, $750,000.

41.08 acres; Patterson Associates LLC to Tuckahoe Pines Retirement Community LLC, $2,944,000.

Lot; Gum Springs Corp. to Whitney Rentals I LLC, $253,100.

Lot 23, Section 3, Block A, Kinloch; Wallden Group LLC to Omar S. Ahmed, $157,000.

Lot 3, Walnut Ridge; Jason L. Kelley to Blue Ridge Custom Homes LLC, $223,100.

Lot 4, Brandon's Bluff; Jerald F. Moore Jr. to Ljubisa Cadjo, $260,000.

Lot 5, Shannon Hills; Scott J. Davis to Adam C. Roberts, $218,000.

Parcel; Bank of America to Platinum Properties of Chesterfield LLC, $162,750.

Parcel; Elizabeth M. Ragland, executor to William K. Arnold, $163,800.


400 Flank St.; William J. Horning III to Higher Way Full Gospel Baptist Church, $265,000.

813 Old Wagner Road; TKP Investments LLC to Tina M. Lewis, $234,000.


8001 Brill's Road, McKenney; James L. Miller II to John K. Schools, $182,000.

22207 Butterwood Road, Petersburg; Joshua R. Markins to Betty Ann Crown, $213,000.

25213 Cox Road, North Dinwiddie; Michael W. Christopher to Ryan Z. Moore, $159,000.

4215 Orchard Drive, North Dinwiddie; William M. Lester to Ariadne C. Casillas, $205,000.

8521 Vaughan Road, North Dinwiddie; William F. Maywalt to Donald Russ McCabe Jr., $204,900.

4408 Widgeon Court, North Dinwiddie; Sharon Mangum to Ryan H. Rogers, $193,000.

4301 Wrenn Forest, North Dinwiddie; Bogese Realty and Construction Inc. to Demetria L. Clayton, $199,900.


913 Ayrshire Road; Ju Lin to Jesse L. Galloway, $230,000.

107 Creek Point Court; Georgene S. Leiter, trustee to Chad J. Jarvis, $444,000.

210 Moore Ave.; Edgar Felipe Herrera Perez to Caitlin Parham, $154,900.

318 Waterfront Drive; Danrich Construction Inc. to Richard M. Yates, $379,000.


301 Beacon Ridge Drive, Unit 102; Ingeborg E. Long to Tyrone A. Lee, $150,000.

107 Oxford Road; Mark E. Batton to Stephen McDonald Kephart, $279,950.

1504 Sunnyside Ave.; Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Duc C. Nguyen, $171,700.


5920 Brickshire Drive, Providence Forge; Joamark LLC to Brian T. Dibble, $339,000.

19031 Deerlake Drive, New Kent; NK Homes LLC to Robert Alan Leistensnider, $465,071.

6621 Fairview Drive, Quinton; Richmond United Properties LLC to Erika M. Johnson, $194,900.

4269 Hopewell Road, New Kent; Miles K. Baker to Becky Adams, $213,900.

5504 Lakeview Road, Quinton; Edward J. Woods Jr. to Edward T. O'Neill, $228,000.

8475 Red Juniper Lane, New Kent; BMR Investments III LLC to Kevin P. Spurrell, $274,900.

7777 Sedge Drive, New Kent; NVR Inc. to Gregory Johnson, $358,475.

7700 Timber Drive, Quinton; Maria T. Lewis to Kelly R. Cage, $200,000.

11425 Winding River Road, Providence Forge; Glickse O. Neidert, trustee to Ronald Batliner Jr., $297,000.


0.75 acres; Nathaniel H. King III to Anastasia LLC, $400,000.

194.6 acres; Ambrusta Development LLC to Living Well LLC, $749,000.

2.489 acres; Equity Trustees LLC to US Bank, $326,418.

Lot 24, Section 4, Baxter Ridge; Dwayne A. Nixon to Steven D. Sears, $225,000.

Lot 31, Section 4, Meadows; James R. Jones Builder Inc. to Yang Soo Demps, $270,000.

Lots 34-37, Block 6, Jefferson Park; Robert M. Gauvin to Sheila A. Cox, $152,000.

Parcel; Equity Trustees LLC to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, $212,752.

Charles city

10721 Kimages Road, Charles City; Fo Powers to Kenneth Oliver Moye, $280,140.

8730 Little Elam Road, Charles city; Kevin Braxton Sr. to Glenn M. Bowman III, $160,000.


13080 Genito Road, Amelia Court House; Ashman Builders LLC to John K. King Sr., $262,750.

9580 Morefield Meadows Drive, Amelia Court House; Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Joanne Lynn Huges, $205,000.

11431 Spring House Way, Amelia Court House; Donald L. Rude to V. Arthur Mullins, $385,000.


804 Campers Lane, Ruther Glen; William D. Evans to Peter E. Milano, $200,000.

242 Cedar Ridge Drive, Ruther Glen; Alisha Smith to Kaylaf M. Bailey, $200,000.

25025 Coleman Town Road, Bowling Green; Clifton Clayton Beazley to Julie Linne Krotendofer, $195,000.

17320 Easter Lily Drive, Ruther Glen; Cedar Homes Investments LLC to Robin J. Arant, $195,000.

977 Lake Heritage Drive, Ruther Glen; Timothy Paul McAtee to Tyrone J. Stewart Jr., $202,000.

7192 Macedonia Road, Woodford; Jacob Lopez to Kerry Kathleen Schamel-Gonzalez, $265,000.

16359 Paige Road, Woodford; Merrel G. Grant to Lawrence Olsen, $180,000.

12027 Shortleaf Road, Ruther Glen; Charles E. Miller to Ethan James Snyder, $155,000.

21234 Sparta Road, Milford; G.H. Watts Construction Inc. to Jessica D. Stambaugh, $208,210.


0.748 acres; Deborah D. Copeland to Peter B. Zalan-Korossy, $215,000.

172 acres; Doubletree Farm LLC to Theresa W. Adcock, $250,000.


2.3572 acres; SRS Builders LLC to Andrew J. Johnston, $164,950.

3 acres; Norman S. Robinson to Heather E. Walsh, $173,000.

363.67 acres, Aylett; Martha Ann Krewatch Berry to John Patrick Kosek, $500,000.


105.3 acres; Moncuin Land & Timber LLC to Kellum Homes LLC, $330,000.

37.23 acres; Darrell Kellum Inc. to Gregory S. Brewster, $293,000.

41.2 acres; David S. Robinson Jr. to Nestle Purina Petcare Co., $600,000.

62 acres; Paul B. Faulkner, successor trustee to Wesley A. Walker, $173,600.

Lot 1, Block C, Section 2, Woodruff; Nationstar REO Sub 1B LLC to Robert B. Futrell, $240,300.

Lot 25, Section 3, Block A, Marble Hill; Ean A. Hamilton to Branch Banking and Trust Co., $166,087.


1.2227 acres; Pavilion FS Williamsburg LLC to Bayrock Ringling LLC, $3,422,000.

Lot 38, West Williamsburg Heights; Jennifer Peyton Savage, co-executor to Innovative Homes of Virginia LLC, $347,000.

Lot 69, Skipwith Farms; Samuel I. White PC, substitute trustee to Keystone Homes Corp., $172,900.

Unit 1-109, Bristol Commons condominium; Gayle Pinn to Andrew P. Miller, $164,000.

Unit 203, Westgate at Williamsburg condominiums; Patricia F. Combs to George Gibbs, $163,000.

Unit 8-807, Bristol Commons condominium; Ricard C. Pedersen Jr. to Leshan M. Briggs, $158,000.


103 Birch Circle, Williamsburg; Michael J. Bylica to Thomas M. Jenkins, $350,000.

143 Blackheath, Williamsburg; Patricia M. Harabedian, trustee to Brandon H. Lapetina, $397,900.

112 Branscome Blvd., Williamsburg; Heather Ashley Kidd to Corry J. Hale, $260,000.

113 Charter House Lane, Williamsburg; Jie Chen, trustee to Susan A. Plummer, $348,000.

3408 Chickahominy Road, Toano; Shana N. Johnson to Robert H. Booth, $194,500.

100 Discovery Lane, Williamsburg; Mark R. Noble to Keven R. Parks, $283,000.

4453 Eaglebrook Drive, Williamsburg; Karlene N. Jennings to Patricia M. Sullivan, $205,000.

1201 Eaglescliffe, Williamsburg; Richard A. Chase, trustee to George B. League, $485,000.

4001 Frances Berkeley, Williamsburg; Louise M. Lippert, trustee to Michael A. Chartier, $441,000.

139 Great Glen, Williamsburg; Laureen D. Bolstad, trustee to Scott D. Evans, $426,200.

3502 Hickory Neck Blvd., Toano; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Avery Boyd, $238,865.

2804 Hidden Lake Drive, Williamsburg; James M. Viands to Sara R. Hubbard, $262,500.

3905 John Shropshire, Williamsburg; Keystone Homes Corp. to Rory Sandberg, $485,000.

4424 King James, Williamsburg; Barry P. Murphy to David A. Marsden, $459,000.

3318 Leighton Blvd., Toano; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Scott M. Fee, $322,155.

3920 Lily Lane, Williamsburg; Joel R. Fortune to Joyce R. Carlson Coleman, $325,900.

110 Magruder Ave., Williamsburg; Sky Blue Homes LLC to Philip J. Abel, $221,055.

4840 Milden Road, Williamsburg; Christopher Bill Anderson to Aaron F. Marks, $292,500.

3744 Mulberry Lane, Williamsburg; Stephen T. Wellnitz to Twilyght Jayne Matters, $327,500.

3289 Newland Court, Toano; George P. Nelson, trustee to Larry D. Thede, $480,000.

4751 Pelegs Way, Williamsburg; HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to Terrence L. Rockwell, $568,040.

3937 Penzance Place, Williamsburg; Scott C. Peterson to Adrian Madsen, $358,000.

703 Promenade Lane, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to David M. Ford, $205,010.

907 Promenade Lane, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Salvatore Saporito, $236,105.

5233 Queen Bishop Lane, Williamsburg; Joshua W. Frazier to Michael A. Alvarez, $319,999.

3512 Robins Way, Williamsburg; Cheryl R. Hoskins to Wenceslao G. Angulo, $479,000.

4923 Settlers Market Blvd., Williamsburg; Eagle Construction of Virginia Properties LLC to Richard M. Timberlake, $360,639.

4019 Thorngate Drive, Williamsburg; Paul A. Rice to Katharine R. Cox, $388,000.

100 Waters Edge Drive, Williamsburg; Marcia C. Harrell to Cheyanne L. Gibson, $290,000.

6851 Welch Dr; Gaskin Amy L to Jones Vonda, $187,500.

124 Wickre St., Williamsburg; John M. Skuro to Amber Alfaro, $210,000.

7509 Wicks Road, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Derwin Meredith, $337,390.

57 Winster Fax, Williamsburg; Raymond George Anderson, trustee to Linda E. Miller, $240,000.

8109 Wrenfield Drive, Williamsburg; Charles Kent Howlett to David L. Carter, $540,000.

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