The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas. Building permits are listed online Monday under Metro Business.

To our readers: Louisa County listings will not be included until further notice.


1508 N 19th St; Crockett Geraldine W Asset to Reinike Anthony A, $174,900.

813 N 26th St; Han Mark W and Abbie L to Cherry Emily K, $285,000.

521 N 27th St; Rowe Emmanuel to Lynn Carlie, $252,500.

630 N 30th St, U1; K and L Sales Llc to Goddin Cornella Cocke, $383,000.

1400 N 33rd St; Fajobi Raydeedra D to Hunter Jonathan J, $165,000.

1008 N 35th St; Pernik Llc to Miller Kelly R, $347,500.

2611 4th Ave; Pham Vu and Huong to Jiggetts Leonda T, $248,000.

1317 Amherst Ave; Karison Sandra L to Dove Loren, $276,000.

2421 Barton Ave; Dvorak Katherine G to Dvorak Robert and Molly, $250,000.

6201 Binns Ave; Price Ryan I to Williams Bradley, $173,000.

2205 E Broad St; Haney Christopher L to Abc Pioneer Llc, $660,000.

4500 Brook Road; Harding Blaise D and Marcie M to Riedl David T and Sophie B, $310,000.

3117 Carolina Ave; Mww Llc to Ogre II Llc, $350,000.

502 Chimborazo Blvd; Van Gheem Michelle to Hensley Christopher J, $470,000.

112 W Clay St; Dixon Stephanie to Creative Investing Llc, $347,000.

3305 Cliff Ave; Time to Change Properties Llc to Walden Ebony, $190,000.

9481 Creek Summit Cir; Vista Residential Llc to Legault Homes Llc, $154,663.

4006 Custis Road; Richardson George S III to McCrory Michael and Deborah, $675,000.

5100 Devonshire Road; Lovelace Shane N to Alligood Ronald R II, $300,000.

3124 Edgewood Ave; Davis George B and Julie E to Gness Andrew J and Chellman Mary, $331,000.

2818 Fendall Ave; Canales Justin R to McCallum Joyclyn, $300,000.

5952 Forest Hill Ave; Booth Barbara B to Cederholm Mary C, $226,000.

612 W Franklin St, U10a1; Cogan George W to Bradley Malcolm B, $175,000.

3505 Garland Ave; Smith Laken N to Suyama Alina M, $253,000.

2701 E Grace St; Olgas Marya and Carney Susan L to Schulz Robert, $525,000.

2807 Griffin Ave; Alicea Justin O to Hellthaler Petra, $250,000.

3200 Hanes Ave; Adeyola Dawoud to Urban Grounds Consulting Llc, $150,000.

4610 Hanover Ave; Ramirez Tina M to Crenshaw Courtland Edward, $432,500.

2916 Hawthorne Ave; Lacey Rebecca F to Hayland Properties Llc, $155,000.

1216 Idlewood Ave; Garrity Maria to McFadden Michael Gregory, $303,625.

4409 Kensington Ave; Chappell William B to Chao Hann Hsiang, $622,000.

4412 Knob Road; Jackson Brandon B to Wells Fargo Bank Na, $269,249.

15 Lexington Road; Drummond Michael A and Lee W to Oconnor James Patrick, $745,000.

22 W Locke Lane, U6; Beck Jeffrey H to Mangum Katherine L, $350,000.

3039 Marlboro Dr; Johnson Martin K to Johnson Walter K Jr, $200,000.

2914 Montrose Ave; Harris Benny and Rejeane to Porchlight Homes Llc, $158,500.

2918 Moss Side Ave; Stalkol Eran to Melvin Robert Brett, $295,000.

2920 Noble Ave; Tribble Austin J to Markham Penn Norris, $360,000.

1016 Oakwood Ave; Dahlstrand Kristin Michelle to Jordan Mahala C, $234,000.

1618 Park Ave, U3c; Zavelsky David to Burroughs Christine, $187,000.

5241 Pine Crest Ave; Yossi Properties Llc to Williamson Robert A IV, $235,000.

407 Roseneath Road; Martino Christina Louise to Bilezikjian Edward A, $450,000.

3925 Sherbrook Road; Wood Thomas Keith to Fagan Sean, $368,500.

5256 Stratton Road; Markr Trust to Morris Ashley Catherine, $199,900.

5020 Sylvan Road; Petersen Kelli L to Addleson Kathleen M Pollard, $365,000.

43 Towana Road; Szweda Michael James to Wilson Jack J and Amelia C, $1,150,000.

301 Virginia St, U1703; Knight Justin Glade to Hochradel Feeley Susan B, $514,000.

5506 Westower Dr; Home Solutions Of Va Llc to Hanel Joel Andrew and Ashley S, $296,000.

6515 Worthington Road; Tdz Properties Llc to Broadwater Jesse Reid, $180,000.


2103 Aeronca Ave, Henrico; Collins Richard D to Coleman Mary R, $215,000.

10605 Argonne Dr, Glen Allen; Schnake Mark and Lucretia Gorter to Howard David Blair and Rachel Shibley, $365,000.

2003 Ashcrest Ct, Henrico; Labaugh Patrick W and Kristin to Phillips Timothy David and Melissa, $406,500.

11801 Barrington Hill Ct, Henrico; Franco Amparo Duenas to Abouzaki Nayef, $870,000.

9402 Belfort Rd, Henrico; Cohen David J to Murset Steven R, $280,000.

10638 Benmable Dr, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Holloway Llc to Chakrabarty Pradipta and Pandit Behera, $399,775.

1713 Betty Ln, Henrico; Grossman Ilya Orlov to Baxter Katherine, $180,000.

7714 Biscayne Ct, Henrico; Gilbert Jimmy L and Joan L to Nikulin Oleg and Maryna, $244,500.

4340 Bon Secours Pkwy, Henrico; Sm Saunders Station Llc to Scarpa Myra Guidi, $335,000.

6110 Bremo Rd, Henrico; Gruber Eric M and Elizabeth to Harrell Jeffreys S and Anne Hunter, $360,000.

4656 Broad Hill Dr, Henrico; Saunders Station Towns Llc to Sharma Kapil and Madhuri C Motwani, $329,359.

8800 Brook Rd, Glen Allen; Alexander Fund XVI-Th Llc to Glen Allen Retail Investors Llc, $6,088,320.

1905 Cambridge Ct, Henrico; McFarland William A and Terry Compton to Bittner Christopher Michael and Yulia, $160,000.

2110 Cassell Ct, Henrico; Vaughan Byron C and Candice to Mann Christian W and Kristen J, $329,950.

5607 Chamberlayne Ave, Henrico; Sutherland Ann L to Cox Brian K, $247,500.

8220 Chamberlayne Rd, Henrico; Pelletier Linda J to Arellano Oscar Castro, $236,000.

9200 Chumley Ln, Henrico; Zheng Guang H to Semmar Badr Eddine, $240,000.

1901 Cleary Rd, Henrico; Tdz Properties Llc to Butler Twana D, $157,000.

1216 Cole Blvd, Glen Allen; Lewis Jenna M and Scott T Dukes to Oppermann Anthony Herbert and B A Booth, $268,000.

5405 Coopers Walk Ln, Henrico; Lm Townhomes 1 Llc to Subrize Lisa P, $378,275.

4902 Covewood Ct, Glen Allen; Floyd Howard L Jr and Sharon D to Esposito Margaret Lyle and David, $190,000.

9814 Dacono Dr, Henrico; Naher Kamrun to Nixon Ronald T, $259,900.

506 Danray Dr, Henrico; McKinney Philip B Jr and Nicole Marie to Atkinson Anne R, $235,000.

1614 Denham Rd, Henrico; Carlton Jonathan E and Susan H to Gouldthorpe Jonathan D and Joanne C, $350,000.

1705 Dillyn Ter, Richmond; Crown Land Llc to Kelly Chassidy and Belinda, $219,350.

7518 Donder Rd, Henrico; Holsinger Don E and Jo Ann to Garcia Alejandro and Juana Leyva Marin, $234,500.

11072 Ellis Meadows Ln, Glen Allen; Bradford Homes Inc to Ringhausen Mark Robert and Barbara Rose, $686,895.

5401 Elmwood Forest Ct, Glen Allen; Ramirez Erasmo Jr and Bernadette R to Mendapra Amish and Shalini R, $462,000.

12511 Evansdale Rd, Henrico; Jonte' Scott D and Susan J to Filisetti Agneta, $269,900.

23 S Fern Ave, Henrico; 23 S Fern Avenue Series to Smith Joshua Michael, $212,000.

2 Flatwater Row, Henrico; Sm Riverwalk Llc to Moore Douglas J, $328,116.

8511 Fordson Rd, Henrico; Vertex Realty and Investments Llc to McHenry Amanda M and Michele Hawkins, $332,000.

1305 Foster Rd, Henrico; Lowery Susan S to Elks Hugh D, $330,000.

4621 Four Seasons Ter, Uf, Glen Allen; Ardman Helen D to Tyree James Clay, $180,000.

6605 Gadsby Park Ter, Glen Allen; Liang Lin and Jia He to Guo Hong and Yanxiao Zhao, $649,000.

2508 Gold Leaf Cir, Henrico; Me Jrs Llc to Eagle Construction Of Va Llc, $160,000.

2331 Golden Rd, Henrico; Tignor Earl Wayne and Patricia R to Douglass Lewis Moffett, $230,000.

10954 Greenaire Pl, Henrico; Powell Sara to Kozhakkoth Amarjyothi Thekke, $167,000.

9503 Greenford Dr, Henrico; Green Lindsey A to Harris Bryan E, $205,000.

9532 Hagan Rd, Glen Allen; Walker Amanda S and Harold A to Mooberry Mary Megan and Hoa Nguyen, $330,000.

903 Harmony Rd, Glen Allen; Black Druie L III and Betty M to Feldkamp Brandon, $257,500.

15024 Hazelbury Cr; D R Horton Inc to Havens Juston and Ashley, $348,000.

12016 Heiber Ct, Henrico; Bennett Bonnie Byrd to Bowles Judith E, $243,000.

13311 Herringbone Pl, Henrico; Wood Todd A to Jin Myung H and Miyoung Lee, $440,000.

503 Highland Dr, Henrico; Michael Andrew Homes Llc to Rosser Pamela E, $159,950.

2309 Horsley Dr, Henrico; Staples Charles C and Elaine P to Wiley William G and Stephanie T, $290,000.

3700 Huntmaster Ct, Henrico; Woods Ronald M and Irene T to Soeten Jan Xv and Eden B Heilman, $557,000.

9403 Huron Ave, Henrico; Huron Hill Llc to Higgins Richard W III, $200,500.

12201 Isleworth Ct, Glen Allen; Pitera Christopher J and Katelynne M to Lim Hung Su and Eunji Kim, $379,000.

5528 Jones Mill Dr, Glen Allen; Chapoton Theodore F and Melanie J to Richards Kenneth A and Kelly M, $360,000.

7807 Ketelby Rd, Henrico; Young Gregory A and Anna Maria to Banton Sydney C and Cameron P Nhean, $228,000.

8406 Klarey Ct, Henrico; Horning Justin and Viorica to Van Ornam Karen S, $164,900.

7710 Lampworth Pl, Henrico; Geary Susan R to Pandel Adam D, $241,000.

1611 Lauderdale Dr, Henrico; White Barbara E to Hutson Cory E and Lucile C Reynolds, $260,000.

1149 Lee's Crossing Ct, Glen Allen; Buchanan Karen Neal and Michelle R Akers to Garrett Terri D, $247,000.

11438 Long Meadow Dr, Glen Allen; Federal National Mortgage Association to Rodriguez Roger and Sarah, $378,000.

9505 Lyndonway Dr, Henrico; Bowden John L Jr and Adella M Trustees to Haggard Stanley M and Valley J, $370,000.

1209 Magnolia Pointe Blvd, Glen Allen; Powell Jonathan M to Anis Mushtaq, $201,000.

2203 Manlyn Rd, Henrico; Vial Karen C and Kathryn M Childress to Schlemmer Brian Scott and Kandace Kae, $240,000.

5908 Maybrook Dr, Glen Allen; Park Sterling Bank Trustee to Wagner Eric N and Amanda L, $386,000.

4922 Meredith Woods Rd, Glen Allen; Gomez John H to Stevens Elliot T and Chanthida Kheng, $234,000.

8649 Millstream Dr, Henrico; Roeglin Alexander C to Amin Parimal and Hina, $195,000.

5100 Monument Ave, U404, Henrico; Mangum Richard and Margaret Sandridge to 5100 Monument Llc, $177,500.

1608 Morshedi Ct, Henrico; Stamey Dennis L and Carol S to Davidson Christian O and Megan Hagerman, $360,000.

2705 Mt Zion Ct, Henrico; Butler Tonia S to Debose Tiffane C and Renee Y Howell, $163,000.

9 N New Ave, Henrico; Premier Partners Inc to Bryant Nathaniel and Yolanda, $174,950.

3364 New Heritage Loop, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Jackson Rosalind D, $337,821.

7517 Noble Ave, Henrico; Harris Andrew and Andrea and Tiffani Tucker to Quesenberry Joseph, $163,000.

11549 Nuckols Rd, Glen Allen; Dev Trading Investments Llc to Rossan Properties Llc, $300,000.

10702 Oakway Ct, Henrico; Serola Paula D to Duddy Cameron and Dannel C, $400,000.

1400 Old Williamsburg Rd, Sandston; Moss Charles E Sr to Motley Mark T, $176,000.

11621 Parsons Walk Ct, Glen Allen; Bransford Eric C and M M to Lakshminarayanan Venkatesh, $465,000.

12705 Parchment Ln, Henrico; Trowbridge David B and Michelle L to Grimes Michael T and Rebecca L, $599,900.

2318 Pathfinder Cir, Henrico; Mundy Brittany A to Arnold Cynthia D, $240,000.

320 Penley Ave, Sandston; Sill Stephanie F to Simulcik Emma E, $155,000.

2260 Perennial Cir, Henrico; Ridgefield Green Llc to Acosta Jessika I and Juan E, $364,095.

3907 Pinalto Dr, Henrico; Hunter Homes Llc to Helm Family Protection Trust, $164,000.

408 Poplar Hill Ct, Henrico; Smith Stacy S Trustee to Hilemn Douglas E, $543,000.

10829 Porter Park Ln, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Muskari Laxmikanth and Prasanna Katkam, $314,395.

12351 Purbrook Walk, Henrico; Eagle Construction Of Va Properties Llc to Austin Lisa C and Richard Allen, $743,416.

10007 Ramsbury Way, Henrico; Whitlock Edward S III and Mary Alice B to Casey Jesse M and Shawri King-Casey, $672,000.

300 N Ridge Rd, U51, Henrico; Obrien Margaret I to Phillips Sheryl H, $240,000.

8702 River Rd, Henrico; Watson James Proctor and Caroline H to Hill Stacey and Casey Weston, $480,000.

4030 Rivermere Ln, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Naphade Hemant and Vaishali H, $268,840.

251 Rocketts Way, U312, Henrico; Nigro Lauren C and Annette C Reboli to Cifuentes Celia and Patrick Huvard, $218,500.

2312 Rocky Point Pkwy, Henrico; Kissinger Jeanette F to Dickinson William P Jr and Barbara L, $200,000.

1725 Rolfield Way, Henrico; Farrar Brenda L to Clabough Douglas M and Peggy G, $435,000.

11517 Rolling Leaf Ln, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Durgempudi Deepa and Chandramohan A R, $674,873.

2728 Rudwick Rd, Glen Allen; Mellinger Deron W and Gail S to Calandra Justin W and Kelly M, $305,000.

10500 Sancrest Rd, Henrico; Ladd Robert A and Faye B and K L Griffin to Parsons Chester A and Shelly Barrick, $385,000.

4322 Saunders Station Loop, Henrico; Sm Saunders Station Llc to Luxton Scott Frederick and Carolyn Casler, $352,731.

4347 Saunders Station Loop, Henrico; Sm Saunders Station Llc to Funiciello Landon James and Lindsey N, $347,151.

4351 Saunders Station Loop, Henrico; Sm Saunders Station Llc to Kolanu Kishore and Harshitha Singireddy, $347,496.

5609 Seminary Ave, Henrico; Rodd Karen to Gauthier Austin and Tyrrell Wayne, $175,000.

11720 Shadow Run Ln, Glen Allen; Lanterman Mike and Kimberly Q to Rannals Matthew and Corinne Anya Balint, $537,000.

307 Shellbark Pl, Glen Allen; Koppula Nagasrinivas and Sowmya Noone to Mopuram Ramamohana Reddy, $386,000.

1733 Shewalt Dr, Henrico; Edwards Carolyn and Helene Et Al to Martinez Andres Avelino and G Y Avalos, $185,900.

119 Siena Ln, Glen Allen; Klein Andrew L and Mariette L to Kinsler Arthur Todd and Melissa Lynn, $355,000.

2819 Skelton St, Henrico; Jones Tracy L to Branch Muriel, $176,000.

5408 Smith Ave, Henrico; Beck Dale and Sarah to Rademacher Michael F, $215,000.

12334 Smith Grove Ct, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Chaudhary Sushil and Shalini Arya, $492,539.

1011 Southwark Ln, Henrico; Gaskins and Patterson Inc to Gordon Marie L, $600,402.

3713 Sovereign Ln, Henrico; Rogers Kathleen M Trust to Golay Scott M and Kathryn L, $529,000.

3974 Springfield Rd, Glen Allen; Advanced Art Of Cosmetic Surgery Inc to Gaia Global Llc, $850,000.

6900 Staunton Ave, Henrico; Collins Gerard T and Diana B to Johnson Gregory Page and Katherine A Clark, $364,950.

2400 Sterlingwood Trce, Henrico; Patterson Thomas P and Montserrat Fuentes to Maddox Jon and Stephanie, $610,000.

10804 Stoneycreek Dr, Henrico; Brodeur James P and Estelle to Waszilycsak Alexander R and Suzanne M Fike, $437,500.

2431 Swartwout Ave, Henrico; Dukes William R and Nancy D Brown to Curling Marlene, $163,000.

8964 Tarrytown Dr, Henrico; Spraker P David Jr and Ann D to Meyer Carl R and Kay J, $660,000.

2304 Thousand Oaks Dr, Henrico; Howard David B and Rachel S to Woo Joshua W and Janna M, $260,000.

146 Township Blvd, Henrico; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Virginia to Cherry Noel and Wanda, $215,485.

1316 Tree Ridge Rd, Henrico; Key Bryant K and Effie I to Sharpe Ashley M and Kwame J Coles, $215,000.

8302 Vernelle Ln, Henrico; Oliff Carli and Mason H Simpson to Shin Hong Sup and Stephanie Park, $290,000.

4203 Walton Farms Dr, Henrico; O'Dea Thomas Duggan to Rodd Karen, $260,000.

7412 Wentworth Ave, Henrico; Snider Travis G and Ashlee L to Greene Caroline H and Lauren K Martin, $253,000.

5219 Wheat Ridge Pl, Glen Allen; Rodriguez Samuel Jr and Diane E to Chen Redcliff and Sabina M Da Rosa Duque, $442,000.

10218 Windbluff Dr, Henrico; Johnson Douglas A and Nicole L to Buchanan John and Virginia, $350,000.

4515 Wistar Woods Trl, Henrico; NVR Inc to Hilt Lauren M, $314,630.

3315 Wood Brook Ln, Glen Allen; Hawthorne Paul L and Carolyn S and J R V to Thibodeau Jason C and Leslie H, $728,000.


11012 Aldera Pl; NVR Inc to McPeak Robert Cullen and Katelyn, $544,035.

4512 Amalthea Ln; NVR Inc to Jackson Terrance and Gardner L, $405,340.

6232 Anise Cr; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Bracciodieta S A and Haddson M, $286,955.

2805 Annakay Xg; Depew John F and Kelly D to Wickizer Boyd R Jr and Eve C, $629,500.

9103 Arch Hill Ct; 4paw Investments Llc to Arriola L M M and Martinez K B H, $201,000.

1206 Archie Ln, Henrico; Carrel Teresa to Watson Anna G and Nathaniel Chase Kimble, $252,476.

11407 Avening Rd; Finer Homes Inc to Johnson Roger J, $397,500.

15030 Badestowe Dr; Wilson Lamont D to Kuna Jason and Christie, $395,000.

1878 Bantry Dr; Lizotte Jonathan M and Cody N to Stinger Erick G and Kimberly G, $358,000.

5806 Bayport Landing Ct; Strickland Tamara K to Edelen Thomas L, $319,900.

9507 Beaver Bridge Rd; Hensley Christopher J and R H to Jones Kevin M and Ashley Dameron, $381,950.

13131 Beech Hill Dr; NVR Inc to Jackson R L and Jackson D L, $412,311.

7406 Belmont Stakes Dr; Bates Sarah E to Coy Joseph S and Johnson J C, $245,950.

16113 Binley Rd; Discount Tire Of Virginia Inc to Rice James L and Carrie L, $850,000.

15848 Blooming Rd; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Ringewald Barbara A, $362,910.

301 Bollingbrook Ct; Frataccia Leland to Wood Thomas K and Jene M, $420,250.

1418 Braisden Rd; D R Horton Inc to Dunn Travis A and Jennifer N, $366,900.

418 Bridge Creek Ct; Traudt Lindsay Ryan to Johnston William D and Kelly L, $349,900.

3600 Brockhall Turn; River City Custom Homes Inc to Gretz David S Jr and Kristin Ann, $605,969.

13006 Buckland Rd; Williams Charles E to Guerra Robert L and Denise, $330,000.

9326 Buffalo Springs Dr; NVR Inc to Bucci Brittany M and Matthew C, $325,692.

5607 Burnage Ct; Winton Dustin L to Messier John Paul and Michelle L, $295,000.

8700 Camborne Ct; Farrell H A and Farell L Z Trs to Tate Barry D and Anthony Mark C, $312,500.

3230 Canford Lp; Rader Matthew S and Margaret A to Franconia Real Estate Serv Inc, $450,975.

2200 Cardiff Ct; Metropolitan Life Insurance Co to United Guaranty Res Ins Co, $369,618.

11910 Carters Valley Turn; Helton David F Jr and Dianne L to Denny Lauren A and Roberts C M, $359,000.

8431 Cattail Rd; Graves Ramona M to Hayslett B R and Packett M W, $317,500.

10442 Centralia Station Rd; NVR Inc to Jones Darrel K and Garnes R M, $356,011.

10637 Centralia Station Rd; NVR Inc to Haley Gregory and Melanie, $371,590.

11518 Charles Towne Rd; Orantes Elvin F and Cassie M to Jones Srey P and Phan Monyrith, $334,000.

14619 Chesdin Shores Tr; Spitale Kimberly Et Al to Jacobson Kelly, $375,000.

14336 Claybon Tr; Anderson Dustin and Angela to Craddock Donald E and Lisa, $360,000.

12321 Coalboro Rd; Sawulski Jeffrey A and Nicole S to Liesfeld James and Butler Laura, $315,000.

7031 Courthouse Rd; Secretary Of Veterans Affairs to Nava Jorge Luis Orduna, $180,100.

501 Creekwillow Dr; Pandich M F Jr and Dreith L J to Stierle C J and Skipper A M, $305,000.

321 Crofton Village Tr; NVR Inc to Colonna Denise, $259,316.

8107 Darebin Pl; Finer Homes Inc to Carreker Johnny Ron, $384,662.

8631 Den Bark Dr; Pike Emilee A and Benjamin M to Stockner M L and Stockner P L, $191,300.

6948 Desert Candle Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Taylor Ajee J and Taylor James T, $350,470.

9024 Double Tree Ln; Johnson James E Jr and Pamela T to Horvath John Jr and Corinne A, $243,000.

446 Dunlin Ct; Bodeman Thomas W and Barbara R to Gammon Rosemaria H, $355,000.

8522 Dwayne Ln; Seay Samantha Ann to Alexander Matthew T and Oliver K, $234,600.

14924 Eastborne Wy; Main Street Homes to Murphy Margaret, $490,424.

3431 Egan Rd; Coe Gregory S and Jessica Q to Hughes Morgan M, $200,411.

7255 Emerald Point Vs; Arbor Signature Homes to French Robert E Jr and Smith S E, $466,489.

7824 Etching St; Bell Robyn to Millard Sylvie Janine, $196,000.

8412 Evening Star Pl; NVR Inc to Verderame Samson and Kristina M, $266,330.

16107 Fawley Rd; Rodden Travis M and Meghan F to Crabtree Steven M Et Als, $897,000.

1819 Ferncreek Pl; Nadeau Douglas H to Davis Todd A, $246,100.

14006 Fortunes Ridge Ct; Lehmkuhler Michael L and K A to Ornder Brian and Theresa, $330,000.

15507 Fox Cove Cr; Matherley Harvey L and Leigh A to Lillie Ashley B and John M Sr, $444,950.

15813 Fox Marsh Dr; Houghtaling Kathleen R to Pando Ryan S and Amanda J, $389,000.

4013 Frye Tr; Haluapo Russell L to Courtney Michelle E, $220,000.

16113 Garston Ln; Sbr Sanctuary Llc to Jennings William III and Robyn, $916,273.

5426 W Garthdale Rd; Baker Sandra Michelle to Nolan Penny, $200,000.

16507 Glen Royal Ct; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Slade Nikholas E Sr and Caprissa, $467,990.

3704 Global Ct; Green Clyde A Jr and Marilyn V to Hudson Herbert S and Arressa M, $255,000.

2703 Goyne Tr; Burton Donna Grigg to Faye Adrien Michele and Olivier, $174,950.

2275 Greenfield Dr; Mayo Herbert B Jr and Vivian R J to Mso Properties Llc, $166,000.

806 Greyshire Dr; Muniz Jose L to Penny Steven R and Kimberly S, $307,000.

12248 Hadden Hall Dr; Desanto Gerardo to Spearman Christopher M Et Al, $437,000.

20968 Hampton Av; NVR Inc to Velazquez Kimberly L, $224,990.

7814 Hampton Green Dr; Heller Mitchell Aaron and Lisa M to Pereira Glen J and Jennifer A, $359,500.

7907 Hancock Farm Ln; Whyde Charles W II to Stallings Nicole, $278,600.

7107 Harbourside Ct; Comer Brian T and Tarah A to Kutchi Jonathan, $274,000.

11730 Hazleton Dr; Lemay Scott and Megan S to Steele Kelly, $415,000.

5668 Hereld Green Dr; Janosik Jason K and Kayla E to Key Bryant K and Effie I, $280,000.

11624 Hillside Rd; Cassell James W to Park Chong Raymore, $260,000.

15413 Houndmaster Tr; Katzman Robert J and Sharon M to Rosch Kyle R and Patricia Ellen, $295,000.

12200 Iron Forge Dr; Blackwood Willis P and Mary N to Kryszon Guenter and Allison, $990,000.

12417 Ivyridge Tr; Goodwin Sean M and Amanda J to Parker Vonsheila, $275,000.

16838 Jaydee Ct; Street Oliver D V and Rebecca H to Thiem Jeffrey A and Kristina M, $367,500.

5912 Jessup Meadows Dr; NVR Inc to Melvin John Jr and Teresa L, $248,000.

1319 Keaton Chase Ln; Biringer Builders Inc to Boure Neil L and Tamra M, $594,000.

2712 Kentwood Forest Ct; Fencl Bryan and Jennifer to Alexandre-Steadman Jennifer, $254,000.

4506 Kingsland Rd; Loya Juan to Diaz Arlenys Pimentel, $180,000.

7430 Kirkwall Dr; Faina Anthony G and Marguerite M to Hill Justin D, $248,950.

738 Koyoto Ct; Henderson Tonya to Booth C M and Greathouse M L, $265,000.

3400 Lady Marian Ct; McLellan K Douglas and Julia B to Mutoti Ginasiyo I and Gertrude, $935,000.

6201 Lansgate Rd; Butler John W and Phyllis I to Nicholson Sean R and Theresa A, $291,000.

13709 Laurel Spring Rd; McCracken William C and D G to Boisseau E G Jr and Proctor T L, $287,950.

4066 Lazy Stream Ct; Iron City Llc to Scott Lawrence B and Nannette, $299,950.

15701 Lismar Mw; Taylor Ricky and Cynthia to Baldwin Michelle J, $540,000.

10979 Live Oak Ct; Crocker Mark E and Katherine G M to Saleeba David A and Kathleen P, $585,000.

9843 Lockberry Ridge Lp; Hubbard Lawanda G to Lee Rickey Myron and Tiffanie L, $221,000.

11607 Longtown Dr; D R Horton Inc to Mohamed Arabi and Azza, $358,000.

8227 MacAndrew Ct; Johnson Philip C and Nancy M to Dickerson Jason M and Jamie J, $395,000.

2016 Magnolia Grove Wy; Robertson Donald W and Barbara L to Golding Kenneth M and Deborah M, $309,500.

7401 Mangrum Dr; Olson Shane R and Tracy K to Vannoy John R, $340,000.

5802 Martin Glen Pl; Trommer Christopher S to Bland David T Jr and Carmen J, $336,000.

4206 McHoward Rd; Williams Terry Wayne to Miranda Sifredo A, $165,000.

17565 Memorial Tournament Dr; Woodlief Russell W Et Al to Eggleston Deborah, $279,500.

14702 Midship Woods Ct; Davis James to Grecco Diane Tullos, $232,000.

7830 Mill River Ln; Brumfield Mariko S to Peters Justin and Jessica, $215,000.

1025 Mitford Pl; Hanneman Todd W and Kimberly A to Ragusa Robert and Megan, $425,000.

13111 Morning Hill Ln; Ballout Sammer S Estate to Beale Travis D and Benitez Jayne, $170,000.

7913 Nashua Dr; Mathur Apurv and Bloor Katherine to Bavis Courtney A, $222,000.

7247 Nicklaus Cr; Dantona Terra A to Richards Michael A, $318,000.

13409 Oak Ln; Messersmith K M and Kozitza K to Ryan Jacob M, $215,000.

9801 Old Cannon Rd; Myers David L and Jacqueline A to Grenfell Sean D and Robinson J L, $236,500.

11931 Olde Coach Dr; Warriner Dorothy to Smith Noval A Jr and Sheryl M, $265,000.

3913 Overridge Dr; Wirtz Mark C and Kathleen R to Blais Andrew J, $260,000.

13912 Pagehurst Tr; Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc to Fletcher Jennifer, $360,000.

11613 Parrish Creek Ln; Funderud John Thomas Estate to Rawls Larry M Jr, $284,900.

3212 Perdue Springs Ln; Washington Pamela to Williams Joyce, $207,000.

11701 Plantation Trace Dr; Nardell Lisa M to Smith Zhivoco and Claudia, $415,000.

11806 Pleasanthill Ct; Goodrich Keith G and Patricia W to Busch Erin N, $245,000.

11518 Poplar Ridge Rd; Scott Jo Anne Goodman to Place Alexander N and Place N D, $277,500.

14512 Post Mill Dr; Blackwell Stanley L and Elaine C to Pavlich Benjamin S and Lauren M, $662,990.

1557 Providence Knoll Dr; Mai Jeanette to McGlone George H Jr and Queen E, $249,950.

1311 Pulliam St; Boelzner David E and Ann M to Janak Julia K and Christopher D, $325,000.

12903 Red Chestnut Dr; Randles Cynthia D and Watson T K to Marchetti Alison, $300,000.

6448 Richwood Tl; Craftmaster Homes Inc to McGovern Brian and Jamie D, $407,580.

4622 River Rd; Olde Dominion Properties Ltd to Brown Frederica C and Steven Z, $175,000.

14036 Riverdowns North Pl; Thakral-Saalinger Vibha and L R to Williams Ted A and Depompa R A, $441,000.

5716 Rohan Ct; Hhhunt Homes L C to Eck Tammy Marie, $359,015.

15001 Rosebay Forest Dr; Bland David T Jr and Carmen J to Rodgers D J and Carpenter C, $315,000.

14545 Sailboat Cr; Hartje Steven J and Cheryl A to Cutler Betsy A, $307,500.

2825 Sand Hills Dr; Rainey Philip L and Sarah I to Kelly Brianna Nicole, $189,900.

16513 Saville Chase Rd; Biringer Builders Inc to Patterson Ronald H Et Al Trs, $649,846.

8401 Scottingham Ct; Wilmington Tr Nat'l Assoc Tr to Guzman Madelin Gonzalez, $155,000.

14936 Shady Banks Ct; Hodzic Sendin to Nusinovic Dedo, $200,000.

4741 Shoremeade Rd; Carter Richard D and Jonalyn to Sestito N S and Richards S F, $200,000.

2433 Silver Lake Tr; Lyons Nicholas Robert to Innes John and Loraine, $235,000.

13419 Sir Britton Ct; Perkins Eric Alan and Charity L to Bierlein James E and Sarah B, $369,000.

5438 Solaris Dr; Hyatt Shannon to Morgan Timothy Alan Jr, $195,000.

11911 Spikehorn Ln; Reiner Brian F and Kelly C to Hewins Joseph A and Kathleen A, $280,000.

9124 Spyglass Hill Tr; Stanton E J and Stanton J M Trs to Cooper Jeffrey K and Julia S, $354,500.

8306 Sterling Cove Pl; Andrews Stanley L Jr and Wanda C to Dobie Lawrence J and Casey Ann, $379,900.

3619 Stone Harbor Dr; Clancy William J Jr to Frole Daniel Joseph and Stacy L, $689,000.

10317 Stonecrest Rd; Lillie John M and Ashley B to Odom David A and Sasha Corrodus, $275,000.

6208 W Stonepath Garden Dr; Hhhunt Homes L C to Royal Rosla Yvette, $272,895.

13601 Stoney Creek Tr; Williams Jacqueline N to Lampkin Keith Deshun, $265,000.

9007 Sugar Hill Pl; Hill Homes Inc to Wiseman Timothy S and Jordan L, $360,170.

7404 Sunswyck Ct; Stefanski James T and Nathalie to Bavis John R, $212,000.

6918 Swanhaven Dr; Eastwood Homes to Fryar Charles E and Evelma A, $421,920.

1451 Sycamore Mews Cr; Nichols Patricia A to Brunson Betty Cathey, $175,000.

3019 Tanya Tr; Boyd W Randall and Nancy R to Schwartz Jacob B and Walker C A, $158,000.

17600 Thornwood Ln; Graff Neil M and Valerie to Garrison Emilee M and Fred T, $330,000.

16106 Tipton Ct; Clark Henry T and Clark James C to Wood Jacob, $198,500.

10627 Trents Bridge Rd; Condrey Cierra N to Matusz Lisa M and Murphy T S, $299,950.

12507 Triton Springs Dr; Beall D W and Beall B V Trustees to Klocke Kelly A and Christopher M, $389,950.

14330 Tunsberg Tr; Emrhein Sandra J to Hohenstein Daniel D and Jesse B, $375,000.

6439 Twin Falls Ct; NVR Inc to Eichinger Douglas N and Lori A, $469,978.

4018 Twisted Oak Dr; Claytor Roger to Maciejczak Matthew Et Als, $222,000.

406 Village Gate Dr; Gammon Rosemaria H to Almarode Andy W, $236,000.

313 Wadsworth Dr; Garrett Jean Bailey to Matio Ashley M and Dean Kellie A, $218,000.

2706 Walnut Creek Ct; Mitchell Warren Eugene Jr to Blanchard Luke D and Ashley J, $270,000.

12520 Walton Lake Dr; Klein Andrea L to Letteer Scott A and Kimberly B, $365,000.

4031 Water Overlook Bl; Jamison Jared B and Jamie W to Ford Jennifer Flack and James T, $545,000.

1423 Water Willow Dr; Brown Douglas W and Sheri W to Gardiner John Robert and Sarah G, $223,500.

14912 Watermill Lake Tl; Beninson Mark I and Mary G to Busony Kenneth A and Julie, $260,500.

3706 Waverton Dr; River City Custom Homes Inc to Dzyzewski Donald A and Corrine A, $430,000.

14302 West Shore Ln; Drake James F and Frances T to Enninful Enyonam O-K and Eric S, $490,000.

17007 Westervelt Ct; Buck Jason H and Amy B to Carroll Eric W and Jill E, $475,000.

1416 Westhall Gardens Dr; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Lamsens John Robert and Leslie G, $309,030.

8443 Whirlaway Dr; Jorde Wayne C and Bonnie J to McDonnell Michael T and Abigail, $265,000.

6919 Whisperwood Dr; Eastwood Homes to Nacion Cromwell C and Jennifer R, $365,920.

7837 Willow Walk Dr; Jones Sammy E to Resetarits Michael B, $230,000.

5913 Willowbranch Dr; Moore Dana M to McCauley Courtney Marie, $195,000.

15119 Winding Ash Dr; Lirot Joseph and Gerloff Kelly E to Vess Ronald L and Sun Cha, $247,500.

15400 Winding Ash Dr; Aswad Kelly A to Vess Ronald L and Sun Cha, $245,000.

7827 Winding Ash Pl; Harris Jason A and Leone Anthony to Shivam Shilpi and Kumar Akshay, $215,000.

5500 Windy Ridge Dr; MacCary Christopher and Katie to Flowers Daniel J and Kohler E C, $310,000.

1607 Winters Hill Cr; Dang Chandennies to Albright David Jr and Phillips N, $203,950.

6706 Winters Prey Tl; Ellis Michael E and Patsy B to Jeffrey Khama A and Rockesha K, $490,000.

3736 Wivenhall Dr; Gurjar Madhura M to York Mitchell P and Shearer J L, $390,000.

13709 Woodbridge Crossing Wy; Reynolds Ricky T and Sanders D K to Anderson Wayne S, $267,000.

5613 Woods Walk Rd; Beiring Christopher M and V A to Koch Spencer and Alexa, $225,000.

2610 Wyndham Dr; Day William J and Rosemary W to Transform Va Llc Trustee, $170,000.


1 acre; Sylvia Howard, executor to Daner W. Howard, $150,000.

10 acres; Anne Conner Leary, successor trustee to Nathan W. Carroll, $340,000.

Block A, Air Park South; Mount Sinai Properties Ashland LLC to Western Hanover LLC, $3,900,000.

Block GG, Section 3, Cherry Grove; Cherry Grove Partners LLC to RCI Builders LLC, $373,000.

Block R, Section 3, Cherry Grove Residential Townhomes; Cherry Grove Partners LLC to RCI Builders LLC, $373,000.

3.6877 acres; Vance M. Dann to ICare Assisted Living LLC, $405,000.

Lot 1, Virginia Landing; Richard Gordon to Christina M. Wageck, $235,000.

Lot 16, Hanover Meadow; Peter G. Dalema to Equity 7 LLC, $250,000.

Lot 2, Section C, Edgewood Farms; Marcia K. Shields, trustee to Jeffrey Hamm, $160,000.

Lot 21, Block B, Section C, Brooks Hollow; Thomas G. Henry to HPA USL LLC, $333,000.

Lot 22, Block B, Section C, Brooks Hollow; Robert C. Smith to Ellis Sirles Holdings LLC, $370,300.

Lot 26, Section B, Christian Ridge; Equity Trustees LLC to JPMorgan Chase Bank, $381,620.

Lot 3, Block BB, Bluffs at Bell Creek; First Guaranty Mortgage Corp. to Karen B. Walker, $182,010.

Lot 4, Block A, Forest Lake Hills; Donna June Leadbetter to Hunter Homes LLC, $205,000.

Lot 4, Section 8, Hanover Industrial Air Park; 810000 to Richard F. Barney Jr., trustee, $810,000.

Lot 47, Block F, Section 7, Lereve Manor; Jeffrey A. Ward, substitute trustee to Oakleigh Properties LLC, $155,000.

Parcel; Agree Richmond Va LLC to NADG NNN SDI ASLD Va LP, $1,912,707.

Parcel; Agree Richmond Va LLC to NADG NNN SDI MCSV Va LP, $1,600,761.

Parcel; Edward R. Hedrick to Randolph-Macon College, $340,000.

Parcel; Heather L. Smith to MJ Harper LLC, $216,000.

Section 2, Garrison Manor; Meridian Garrison Manor LLC to NVR Inc., $626,250.

Section 2A, Giles Farm; Giles Farm Development co. LLC to NVR Inc., $957,500.

Tract; Giles Construction LLC to NVR Inc., $570,000.


3675 Aston Trail, Powhatan; W.V. McClure Inc. to Richard Mulder, $479,194.

2723 Briar Patch Lane, Powhatan; David R. Johnston to Patrick William Moore, $235,000.

1463 Donavon Mill Lane, Powhatan; David T. Balla to Randy L. Duvall, $461,250.

925 Genito West Blvd., Moseley; Linda L. Jones to James Behrens, $296,000.

3681 Greytree Place, Powhatan; W.V. McClure Inc. to Jaime N. Walter, $649,800.

1919 Huguenot Hundred, Midlothian; E. Jeffrey Harper to Shawn C. Campfield, $470,000.

3170 Lees Landing Road, Powhatan; Adam P. Murphey to Chadham Young Taylor, $399,950.

4508 Mattox Cross Court, Powhatan; Nathan T. Nuckols to Jamie R. Hite, $300,000.

3716 Mill Mount Terrace, Powhatan; Clay Street Builders LLC to Jeffrey C. Merkel, $497,000.

2447 Ocala Drive, Powhatan; Tammy Campbell to Richelle L. Salisbury, $185,000.

2219 Overlook Road, Powhatan; Clyde L. Turner to Daniel R. Shearin, $255,440.

2960 Pineview Drive, Powhatan; Adana Investments LLC to Christopher M. Atkins, $290,000.

2115 Stem Creek Trail, Powhatan; John Joseph Prendergast Family Trust to Barbara J. Matusiak, $625,000.

1744 Theresa Lane, Powhatan; Phillip M. Barber to Matthew Justin Wilkes, $210,000.

3575 Timberview Road, Powhatan; Christopher Muss to Christopher A. Hammond, $360,000.

2275 Westwood Pine Drive, Moseley; Dawn Chattin to Eric Perkins, $435,000.


12.174 acres; Elizabeth Ann Powell to Randolph Hicks, $165,000.

4.79 aces; Surety Trustees LLC to US Bank, $226,322.

5.86 acres; Kelly Bowyer to Alexander M. Vasiliou, $153,200.

6.28 acres; University of Richmond to Starke Co. LLC, $275,000.

Lot 2, Block D, Section 3, Meadows at Manakin; Brian John Rafalowski to Style Craft HOomes Inc. of Virginia, $365,000.

Lot 4, Block B, County Line Estates; C. Susan Dwyer, trustee to Ralph Conway, $420,000.

Lots 1, 12, 38, 42 and 44, Section 1, Readers Branch; Readers Branch Partners LLC to Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC, $625,000.

Parcel; 2187 Ashland Road LLC to Allan Myers Va. Inc., $1,300,000.

Parcel, Section B, Rockville Commerce Center Industrial Park; Rockville Commerce Center LLC to Melbourne Enterprises LLC, $150,000.


2825 S Crater Road; Barbara K. Campbell to Patricia Eileen Griffiths, $163,000.

29 Morton Ave.; Kevin S. Vinson to Tameka Blount, $150,000.

1070 E Washington St.; Thomas Wood to Expert Collision Inc., $500,000.


111.4 acres; Ralph E. Carroll to Roseburg Resources Co., $164,000.

6.84 acres; John E. Boze III to Ogburn & Ogburn Trucking LLC, $325,000.

Lot 1, Block A, Section 4, Cedar Heart; Samuel I. White PC to Branch Banking and Trust Co., $151,600.

Lot 191, Phase 3, Lake Jordan; Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Diana K. Ofoia, $177,684.

Lot 35, Moss Point; Cheryl L. Mack to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, $161,444.

Lot 6, Block D, Brickwood Manor; Samuel I. White PC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $207,200.


Lot 49 and part of Lot 50, Grove Hill; George W. Keppler to Ladawna Dunkin, $172,500.

Lots 12 and 13, Block 3, Chesterfield Highlands Corp.; Michael Dobogai to Dania Mora, $165,000.

Lots 9 and 10, Grove Hill; T Squared Properties LLC to John G. Elms, $175,000.


505 Mansion Drive; Revival Properties LLC to Richard H. Cross, $248,000.

809 Smithfield Ave.; Chad Thomas Pleasant to Choun James, $229,000.

602 Terrace Ave.; Dexter A. Honora to James A. Walker, $192,500.


3 acres; Jennifer C. Sears to William H. Whitehurst, $190,000.

4.742 acres; Jacqueline May Christian to Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, $194,400.

Lot 19, Section 2, Quinton Meadows II; Austin Hamlin Homes Inc. to Michael Fehr, $289,950.

Lot 4, Block 17, Windsor Shades; Christopher M. Eacho to Pamunkey Properties LLC, $160,000.

Lot 53, Block C, Section 1, Brickshire; S.M. Franck, trustee to Richard J. Williams, $270,000.

Lots 20, 48, 50 and 52, The Paddock at Brickshire; Brickshire Land Investor Partners LLC to Eastwood Homes of Richmond LLC, $180,000.

Lots 330, 331 and 332, Woodhaven Shores, Quinton; Andrew E. Meekins to Monchello A. Brown, $175,000.

Lots 422 and 423, Woodhaven Shores; Angela P. Rooks to Citizens Bank, $166,815.

Lots 833, 858 and 859, Woodhaven Shores; Angela J. Epps to Landon Thompson, $165,000.

Lots, Block A, The Fields at Pine Forks; Pine Forks LLC to W.V. McClure Inc., $210,000.

Parcel; Seabrook S. Morris to John A. Pemberton, $255,000.

Parcel D1, Phase 2, Patriots Landing; Patriots Landing Management Corp. to JFS Holdings LLC, $780,000.

Tracts; Colonial Holdings Inc. to Criss Cross Properties LLC, $3,000,000.


9145 Cheers Lane, Disputanta; Chana Ramsey to James E. Shotwell, $320,000.

4704 Garfield Street , North Prince George; Jorge Rios Ortega, trustee to Kenneth A. Ezell, $195,950.

6065 Hawks Perch Lane, Disputanta; Lin Mark Enterpises Inc. to Forest N. Motto, $220,000.

8200 King Drive, Disputanta; Michael M. Heaton to James B. Parker, $329,900.

2715 Morrell Ave., South Prince George; A. May Zing Homes LLC to John Fielden Clark Jr., $448,650.

16550 Pole Run Road, Disputanta; Frank L. Owens to Wendy A. Risener-Rondina, $369,000.

4312 Red Cedar Court, Disputanta; Tanya R. Allen to Katherine T. Covington, $239,000.

19850 Templeton Road, Carson; Mark E. Talbott to Robert Hoekman, $369,950.

7808 Wind Rock Lane, North Prince George; Milton L. Fleshman to Clint W. Moneymaker, $266,000.

Charles city

10045 Deerfield Road, Providence Forge; Phyllis E. Hayes to Morgan Alexis Johnson, $215,500.

129 Roxbury Industrial Center; Williams Scotsman Inc. to Greenleafe Roxbury LLC, $550,000.


0.732 acres; Thomas J. Whitehurst to Kayla L. McCallister, $153,000.

24.02 acres; Donna A. Gough to Ambrose Sharnick, $425,000.

5.326 acres; Stephen M. Hurst to Guy Marshall Thompson, $485,000.


0.998 acres; MCVF Holdings LLC to The Mahon Family Partnership LLP, $275,500.

16.3 acres; Equity Trustees LLC to GSF Mortgage Corp., $291,600.

2.841 acres; Gregory S. Leduc to Timothy Ray Smith Jr., $345,000.

3 lots; David Edward Morton, heir at law to Matthew Jason Kovach, $265,000.

69.5 acres; Shirl A. Taylor to Dekota Taylor, $300,000.

Lot 1128, Lake Caroline; Meaghan P. Kent to Charles Edward Stock, $330,000.

Lot 307R, Section 3A, Lake Land'or; Terra Abstract Virginia Inc. to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, $225,000.

Lot 9, Section C, Shearwood; C & H Real Estate Consulting LLC to Steffanie Garringer, trustee, $169,900.

Lots 1 and 2, Block C, R.H. Broaddus Subdivision; Glen Crombie to Ruben C. Pascual, $165,000.


21.187 acres; Leonard L. Tennant to Allen Perkins Hazlegrove, $350,000.

Parcels; Cumberland County Development Co. LLC to JCM 3 LLC, $575,960.


2.065 acres; Linwood Browder to Zachary R. Reifsnider, $159,000.

43.966 acres; Brad W. Swortzel to Clinton H. Shaddox III, $600,000.


120 acres; Edwart T. Revere to Edgewood Farms at King William LLC, $269,620.

2.27 acres; King William Fire Department and Rescue Squad to King William County, $277,000.

2.5 acres; Patricia Gault Newcomb, executor to Linda Lowe, $195,000.

Lot 1, Block B, Black Walnut Estates; Christopher D. Wells to Charles Douglas Pitts III, $176,500.

Lot 3, Mattaponi Estates; Lydia Nicole Jordan to Natalie Lauren Ballesteros, $162,500.

Parcel; Francine Y. Greer to George Ruzek, $200,000.

Parcel; Joshua Levy to Daniel Joseph Liller, $169,900.

Parcel; Benjamin J. Sanders to Tamika R. Jackson, $165,000.


2 parcels; Belshan Farm Development LLC to Thomas L. Isphording, $265,000.

23.11 acres; Shari H. Montena to Ryan D. Vilches, $199,000.


104 Holland Drive; Joseph T. Kerr to Jacob Clayton, $242,000.

228 Lewis Burwell Place; Kenneth L. McMillian to Joshua Coleman, $294,000.

291 Raven Terrace; Brianna J. Mayer to Lauren J. Tarr, $194,900.


0.808 acres; David S. Arthurs to Toano Industrial LLC, $165,000.

Lot 108, Forest Glen; Regina A. Bankole to David N. Leon, $150,000.

Lot 149, First Colony; Michelle Leigh Bryan, trustee to Overflow LLC, $325,000.

Lot 176, New Town; HHJV LLC to Randall E. Colthorpe, $329,200.

Lot 1A, Robert S. Hornsby; Sheldon Properties LLC to Old Town Road LLC, $862,500.

Lot 2, Adrian N. Banks; Liliana Coria Braithwaite to Ryan A. Thomas, $169,000.

Lot 2, Tract 3, Stonehouse; NVR Inc. to Anil Jain, $369,990.

Lot 21, Windsor Ridge; David J. Greer to Ayse Durukan Sonmez, $385,000.

Lot 25, Seasons Trace; Lee P. Napier to Matthew John Seu, trustee, $160,000.

Lot 256, Scotts Pond; Brian Dolan Law Offices PLLC to Joel R. Fortune, $226,000.

Lot 259, Archers Mead; Cesario Associates LLC to Andrew S. Fellows, $275,500.

Lot 35, Middle Plantation; Nationstar Mortgage LlC to Daniel W. Perry, $248,000.

 43, Waterford at Powhatan Secondary; Robert Earl Holland to Daniel P. Purushotham, $321,000.

Lot 402, Moody's Run; Walter W. Moore to Jonathan Rosser Tuttle, $565,000.

Lot 5, Littletown Quarter; Traci K. Stevenson, trustee to LCG Investment Group LLC, $210,000.

Lot 52, Fox Ridge; Equity Trustees LLC to Joel R. Fortune, $154,900.

Lot 6, Windsor Forest; RAS Trustee Services LLC to Joel Fortune, $230,201.

Lot 72, Fords Colony; Virginia E. Evenstad to Ally Bank, $511,426.

Lot 72, Settlement at Powhatan; Jay Christopher Richardson, successor trustee to Thomas C. Mundy, $435,000.

Lot 8, Barretts Ferry; Paul A. Gelhausen, trustee to Brian G. Babin, $425,000.

Lot 8, Natural Open Space; James City County to Janet C. Bornstein, $198,100.

Lot 9, Fords Colony at Williamsburg; Equity Trustees LLC to Tracy A. Foster, $565,000.

Lots 104-106, Village at Candle Station; Candle Development LLC to NVR Inc., $179,600.

Lots 113-116, Village at Candle Station; Candle Developoment LLC to NVR Inc., $236,100.

Lots 117-119, Village at Candle Station; Candle Developoment LLC to NVR Inc., $179,600.

Lots 120-123, Village at Candle Station; Candle Development LLC to NVR Inc., $246,200.

Lots 184-186, New Town; NT Development LP to HHJV LLC, $178,500.

Lots 23 and 26, New Town; ABVA Development LP to HHJV LLC, $204,000.

Lots 442-445 and 457-459, White Hall; Rauch Development Co. LLC to HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC, $273,000.

Parcel; PW Development Inc. to Caleb Daniels, $388,000.

Parcel; Thomlyn LLC to Hendricks Commercial Properties LLC, $9,400,000.

Parcel A1, Colonial Heritage; Colonial Heritage LLC to Virginia Health Services Inc., $8,760,000.

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