RTD The Best Physician

RTD The Best Physician Winner 2017: Dr. Richard Tate, Commonwealth Primary Care

The Best Physician

2017 Winner

Dr. Richard Tate, Commonwealth Primary Care

1800 Glenside Drive, Richmond



Dr. Tate’s patients describe him as a knowledgeable physician, a great listener and a person of genuine compassion. The doctor’s more than 20 years of experience in family medicine make him a top choice for primary care in Richmond.

First Runner Up

Dr. Sidney Jones, West End Internal Medicine

Second Runner Up

Dr. Barry Wein, Partner M.D.

2016 Results

Winner: Dr. John Siedlecki, Family Medicine, Family Practice Specialists of Richmond

First Runner Up: Dr. Aaron Hartman, Family Medicine, Family Practice Associates

Second Runner Up: Dr. Jeffrey Greer, Family Medicine, Midlothian Family Practice

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