How much would you pay for shoes? Sneakers, really.

How much?

Of course, it depends on what you need them for, and how much money you have to spend.

Even if money wasn’t an object, how much, honestly, is reasonable for a pair of basketball shoes?

LaVar Ball thinks his Big Baller Brand of ZO2 Prime shoes are worth $495 a pair.


That’s $247.50 per shoe.

Per. Shoe.

I’ll wait while you pick your jaw back up off the floor.

The ZO2s were designed for LaVar Ball’s son, UCLA star Lonzo, who is expected to be among the top picks of June’s NBA draft.

This is Lonzo’s first signature shoe series.

They look like any other pair of basketball shoes out there — at least to me.

There are no wings, or springs, or even a pump.

And as far as I could tell, you don’t get season tickets or a TV when you purchase a pair. Just the ZO2 logo and some laces.

It’s not even a high top!!!

Sure, the shoe has an “Ortholight insole,” which is “embedded throughout the entire insole for maximum comfort” and a “full bed of shock absorbent material” that “keeps the shoe lightweight for high-speed performance,” according to the Big Baller Brand website. It also has a “microfiber python texture” and a “Delorean finish.”

But unless there’s an actual DeLorean that comes with it, paying nearly $500 for a pair of shoes is insane.

Oh, by the way, you can also get a pair of Big Baller Brand sandals with the same logo for $220.


When thinking of basketball shoes, the Air Jordan brand immediately comes to mind.

Growing up, those were shoes that every kid I knew wanted, but most parents had a hard time dishing out the cash for them. But those were Nikes — a proven brand — and endorsed by the best basketball player in the world.

And even now, 14 years after he played his last game, they are still a brand that resonates.

According to an ESPN report, over the past two years the highest price a pair of Air Jordans were sold to the public for has been $400.

Now, I wouldn’t spend $400 on shoes.

Let’s just put that out there now.

I think the most I ever spent on something that went on my feet was $60 for a pair of black leather dress shoes for my first job interview.

Those went really nice with my three-piece J.C. Penney’s suit that I got with my first credit card.

(Ninety days, same as cash!)

However, I do understand spending maybe more than you should for something you really want, even if you don’t really need it.

We’ve all been there. Maybe more times than we’d like to admit, especially to our spouse.

But $495 for a pair of shoes?

That’s too much.

Unless, of course, there’s a DeLorean involved.

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