Introducing the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s new Subscriber Plus program

Welcome to Subscriber Plus, the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s enhanced digital subscription. As a Subscriber Plus member, you’ll have exclusive access to unique content and enjoy a faster, streamlined experience.

Digital subscribers will experience a host of upgrades and new features with Subscriber Plus:

  • Streamlined web pages that load faster on your computer or mobile device and that limit distractions from the content you’ve come to see
  • Immediate access to all content on the website and app
  • Subscriber-only commenting on articles
  • Discounts at local businesses and restaurants as well as other special offers through The Times-Dispatch’s Club RTD member-reward program

How do I sign up for Subscriber Plus?

Follow the instructions below. If you need assistance, please call us at (804) 644-4181 or (800) 468-3382

Click here to start your digital or print subscription. Are you a current digital subscriber?
If so, just make sure you’re logged in.
Are you a seven-day newspaper subscriber but don’t have a username and password?
Click here to create your online account. It’s free!
Are you a partial-week newspaper subscriber who is interested in adding digital access?
Click here to add digital to your account.

Other questions

Your username is the e-mail address listed on your account. To reset your password, click here. If you need assistance, please call us at (804) 644-4181 or (800) 468-3382 .
No. You’re all set. Just make sure you’re logged in at
No. Only seven-day newspaper subscribers receive digital access as part of their subscription. Partial-week subscribers may upgrade to Subscriber Plus, which includes the premium digital user experience, for just $2 per month.
Active digital subscribers, including newspaper subscribers who have added digital, will see Subscriber Plus features once they’re logged in at
Non-subscribers will experience the same number of digital display advertisements that we’ve placed on pages until now. That’s one reason why non-subscribers will see load times that aren’t as fast as Subscriber Plus pages.
Our app functions in a similar fashion to the website.
You may continue to receive our current e-mail newsletters free of charge.
Our customer service center is ready to assist you. Please call (804) 644-4181 or (800) 468-3382, or click here to send us a note..

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