The problem with those who are pushing an absolutist stance on the Second Amendment is this: people who want common-sense restrictions may be left with only one option. Repeal the Amendment. Think it can't happen? Watch as guns keep climbing the ranks of causes of early death.

No Republican should ever again get away with claiming they care about the deficit. They care about cutting services for people who need them, and deficit alarmism is just a means to that end.

Ronald Hayes you're exactly right.

There's a huge opportunity for Democrats here. The Republicans have been winning rural voters on "values" issues, and not actually doing anything to help them live their lives. If the Democrats start contesting seriously for rural votes, it's game over.

"Obenshain said he appreciated Boine’s perspective, but he didn’t agree with her recommendations."

And this is why nothing substantive will be done -- because the politicians are captives of a powerful lobby, and they just won't listen to the experts. Data, evidence, thes…

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All the arguments one way and another are trumped by one simple fact: The Dayton Police took down their shooter in *32 seconds*. It's difficult to imagine a better response than that. Yet, in those 32 seconds, 9 people were killed and 27 injured (17 of the injured were shot). If that's th…

Yeah, the economy is doing just great -- except the average middle-class family is spending more and more time at cut-price retailers, because they can't afford the full price. What's wrong with this picture?

Wall Street is beginning to figure out that even a tax cut adding $2.289 trillion to the national debt over ten years may not be enough to protect them from the blundering idiocy of a man who knows nothing about economics, and won't appoint someone who does lest they show him up.

Ronny, we are the people who live in this state. Get used to it.

Fred, you're confusing real universities with the caricature portrayed on Fox News. And speaking of indoctrination....