The biggest use of the death penalty is as a threat -- to convince defendants that they should plead guilty and get a prison sentence, rather than risk the death penalty.

As far as the system is concerned, that this creates a HUGE incentive for innocent people to plead guilty is a f…

You do know he wasn't talking about an epidemic, right?

Well, you've swallowed the Republican talking points whole. What does it take for you to realize you're being lied to?

Fred, it's an exact parallel; but I don't expect you to understand.

> “There’s a real concern among schools that they can’t have policies they’ve always had,”

Said the school superintendents in 1954 after Brown v Board.

And the owners of segregated stores after the Civil Rights Act.

And the...

After last night's non-answer on NDAs, Bloomberg has gone from "barely possible" to "not a snowball's chance in he**".

Right wingers complain a lot about RINOs -- now we've finally got a DINO, Democrat In Name Only.

Notice she embraces the standard right-wing definition of "socialism" -- i.e. any policy not tailored to help the wealthy share-holder at the expense of the rest of us.

Wow, now neutral redistricting has the support of a majority of Republicans! It sure didn't in, say, 2010. Did something happen?

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