The death penalty is the ultimate authoritarian act. It must be abolished.

"Head and shoulders above Kaine, Wilder or Northam." You mean he is head and shoulders above himself?

I have read that the police officer had 18 complaints prior to the current incident. It appears that the police management may be guilty of criminal negligence.

Why does Spanberger need permission from Pelosi to cast her vote?

I'm voting for Jorgensen.

I read the " voter fraud is not a real issue" assertion all the time. I also read the other day that almost half a million registered voters in California were dismissed as jurors because they were not citizens.

Sorry, Bob, but the Russians did pick Hillary.

Annoying Screen Name commented on Tom Ariail on rural lack of broadband for students

So, should us urbanites subsidize you?

Mr. Poplar, don't let the bast*rds get you down.

The $15 million valuation is laughable. $11 million of that valuation is the public safety building, which is an eyesore that must be demolished. What the developers are offering is $4 million for the land minus demolition costs. in this initial broad brush phase, the proposal appears to …

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