I think that the launch of Breitbart should have made this list. Like them or not, they have had a huge impact on the media.

Norbert and Bob, I wouldn't be too quick to poo-poo Hanson's argument. It is clear that China will do anything to advance its objective - regaining its status as the dominate country on the planet, a status that they enjoyed several thousand years ago. We will understand Chinese dominance…

Annoying Screen Name commented on Editorial: Colleges count

It depends on whether he is a Republican or a Democrat.

Bob, if you had been there in the 60s, you wouldn't remember it.

Catherine, The true ogres in this sad story are the parents who subject their children to 1000 mile marches, etc., illegally smuggling them across the border, and expecting to be rewarded for their actions. The only people more reprehensible than the above parents are the parents who lend…

Annoying Screen Name commented on Editorial: Enough is enough

So, Bob, will we be opening re-education camps?

George Snead, the "tax advantage" allows businesses to expense premium payments while employees are not taxed for this non-salary benefit. I read recently (sorry, I don't remember where) that the employee health care tax benefit is our largest tax subsidy. So large, it is ridiculous to ca…

Luddites? Review history before mouthing off next time.

The RTD endorsed the only reasonable candidate, Gary Johnson.

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