James McIntyre

Well the bright side would have been , if he had been a Democrat he would have gotten 20ty years and he would be out in 10 years .

He is worth Every Penny and then some !

Where are the Democrats that are always " Standing Up " for womens rights ! Apparently tis woman is Not worthy of their

Amem !

How can you trust a governor and a Pediatrician that wants to kill newly born babies and take away the only means that some people have of protecting themselves and their loved ones ! Northam should be ashamed . . . What a loser !

Loved The Front Page A with " Crust " Toothpaste !

Charlottesville puts treated sewage into the Rivanna River and then tests it to see if it's " Clean " ? Kind of like going to the bathroom in your commode and then testing the water in the commode to see if it's clean ! Jefferson is probably proud to see his name taken off of anything and…

Drake , It is an inconvenience when you make it very difficult for law abiding citizens to arm themselves against hoodlums , vandals , thugs and Rapists .

Kevin , Agree with you 100% . There is a Right and a Wrong way to come to America ! People make choices !