jim peace

Not to the Drakester. Would not fit the message.

For you youngsters, the guy on the left is Garcia. It take about a minute for them to get going but it is worth the listen.


It been decades but back in the day it seemed like an ounce was not a small amount. Am I wrong?

Janis Peace commenting: My guess is she has been abused prior to coming to your shelter possibly by children or someone who just didn't want her around. I think it's cruel to label her this way because someone might get her just to abuse her. People can be very cruel. The pouncing sounds …

I may be wrong, but wasn't Hanover the only county in the metro area to have all of its schools fully accredited by the Commonwealth? If so why would parents and students run to other counties?

Of course the US expressed regret and paid the Iranians. It is what civilized nations do. Did Iran express regret or pay reparations for seizing the US embassy and the hostages before President Obama sent "their" money back?

And a chicken in every pot!

I think there are plenty of statues of Lincoln and Grant. Lets salute the bravery of the 14 instead. On a similar note, if my memory serves me there is a memorial to a Union Soldier on Pole Green Road in Hanover. I believe he was killed in either the Seven Days or Cold Harbor and his fami…

Never bought a gun in my life. Never saw the fascination with them.

Janis Peace commenting: While it may not have been very good judgement for this woman to have locked the storage unit, she probably did so at the direction of the man. If the storage unit was not locked, the facility would possibly put their own lock on it or assume it was empty and rent …

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