jim peace

Norbert Maybe look at how Henrico and Hanover manage to do it? And with far lower taxes at that?

Sorry. One of the writers identified him as such, so I just assumed he was correct.

I guess Trump just got mad because Pelosi was getting all of the "racist" attention from the not so fab 4, so he decided he wanted in on the action also. Otherwise why would anyone do something that stupid?

Norbert- I thought you and the other academics here said poor adjuncts were barely paid. Seems like the Gov has found a sweet spot! Misbehave and get paid!

I don't know if it was intended to be racist or not. but it certainly was mind boggling stupid. Not much else could have stopped the far left of the democratic party from their very intense circular firing squad except something like this bone head tweets out. Amazing.

The guy is a moron. He has the left and far left at each others throat and he goes on twitter and says something so stupid that pulls them together and makes him look like a butt head. Well done, Mr. President.

If he can pull off the impossible and get a new baseball facility built, give him a raise.

I am in this process now. MA plans can limit which doctors you can see, which is the only downside I can see.

Norbert Help me out here. If you do not ask the citizen ship question and they are counted in the census, would it not lead to states with large numbers of illegals to gain congressional seats that they should not gain?

Sort of makes me feel sorry for Senator Al Franken and Garrison Keillor. They got booted without an investigation in the early days of the "me too" purge.