The Democrats are thrilled by having an actor famous for his rants at "little people" and children campaign for them. Says something about the Democrat party.

Fighting Joe is the face of a Democrat party that has a racist governor and AG and a LT Governor who is credibly accused by two women of sexual assault. A disbarred lawyer fits right in. Will he bring his AK to work?

What a laugher.

I checked with the family genealogy/family history expert on any rationale for including race on a marriage certificate: the ability to track the possibility of genetic disease or tracking family history for some identity accounting. Her opinion was there was no reason for this tracking, …

Weren't we repeatedly lectured a short while ago that we much believe the woman in these things? How does Fairfax skate?

Too cute by half. Trying to have it both ways. She knows darn well that Trump is not a racist, but doesn't want to get off the dem plantation. And, this comment from our representative who had no problem with antisemitic, racist comments by her buds in the Dem Caucus.

VLBC demonstrating they would rather play politics than support celebration of the first legislative assembly. I suppose they can wait another 400 years.

I thought Stony would be a better representative of Richmond than his predecessor. I was wrong. One good mayor since I moved to the area in 2001. Stony doesn't seem to be bothered by the history of the Democrat party.

I quit smoking about 10 years ago after decades of smoking. No one should smoke, but this article and the quotes sure blow enough smoke to re-addict me. A 27-year-old who started smoking at 14, when the legal age was 18, thinks raising the age is a good thing. What? the 18 minimum didn't …

This is another in the long ongoing effort to see who can come up with the scariest climate story. They usually peak around some grand international climate conference.

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