What a sad story, her poor children will always remember that their mother died on Thanksgiving. Isn’t there a better condolence phrase we can offer other than “thoughts and prayers?” It’s become so trite.

I became so accustomed to seeing the bike as I passed by that I barely glanced at it. It certainly did not distract me from keeping myself in-lane on the road.

My son is now 27 and I can say with absolute certainty that I never for one moment forgot that he was in the backseat. As a matter fact my eyes frequently flicked to the rearview mirror just to make sure he was still alive! Sort of like sneaking into the baby’s room when he’s asleep to make …

My husband was in law-enforcement, you do not shoot to wound if you are being threatened. Let’s say you shot me in my knee and that didn’t slow me down at all, I have a gun and I shoot you. Even if I don’t have a gun and I’m not slowed down I can still come after you. Civilians always have a…

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