Barber just can't bring himself to write anything positive about the Hokies without some BS caveat. 8 wins last year was quite astonishing considering. It truly is a testament to the football program level to do this with so many freshman. Same for basketball...13-4 and 4-2 in ACC. Both p…

Round up the militia and let's get those Indians!

California's debt load is no worse than most other states...and our nation. We have a budget surplus though. But don't change your CA bashing talking points!

So true Drake! Actually CA has the 5th largest economy in the World.

Spot on Norbert!

Meanwhile Virginia Tech defeated N.C. State 72-58 in ACC action in Blacksburg today to run its record to 12-4 overall and 3-2 in conference play. The Wolfpack fell to 11-5 and 2-3.

I'm sure Capitol Police are relieved of this since they are the only ones who should have a gun. To H E L L with the gun freaks.

You've made my day Kenneth! LOL!

"Surprisingly competitive" is not really a compliment.

Doing a good job for her constituents will do her well...and make her a formidable incumbent. However, she is most definitely a moderate Democrat. Trying to paint her as something else is just dishonest.

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