Kirby D Smith please name me a President who approves of our enemies over our allies? Enemies over Democrats? You are just another fascist Trump Enabler.

Thanks for the diagnosis Dr. Eaton. LOL!

I love that picture of Obama!

David Odell commented on Your Two Cents

Mr. Burton your President represents the very worst in all he does much less uphold the very traditions we hold dear as a nation. Trump is pathetic.

David Odell commented on Your Two Cents

Susan Ellett some people just refuse to understand until it happens to one of their own.

Hal you can top it off with about 10 feet of concrete.

Diana Birchak how's the oxygen in your outer space alternate world?

Tracy Peters certainly we can find a detention facility for you for about 40 days or so with no bed. Take Fred DeMey with you. Don't forget your Hillary poster for your wall.

Authenticity? Scooby Doo could beat Trump. LOL!

Don't forget Russia in your stupid count Tom Eaton.