Eaton, as proof that somebody wants to restrict your 2nd amendment rights you cite one Ernest Irby. Well, there you have your proof. Wow. I am impressed once again by your ... is ignorance a good word here? Yep, it fits. Ernest Irby? Sheeeesh, what a dweeb.

PS: Is that one of the in…

Hal, his response also shows Tracy to be dumb as a rock. I don’t feel the need to read most of his posts, much less respond to them. Typical Trump fan.

Hal, maybe not. That too would be a valid expression of democracy.

Unfortunately it is also kids and accidental shootings and clinically depressed people who use the guns to commit suicide, and mommy shooting daddy because he got drunk once too often, and all the thousands of other sundry gun homicides.

About ten days ago there was an article right here in the RTD that enforces what these authors say: A husband, who was prohibited from buying guns had his wife, who was not, buy 36 (or more) handguns which he then sold in Maryland and as far North as NY. She purchased them in a two months…

Helmer, a West Point grad and U.S. Army veteran who proposed HB 567, says that the bill would not prohibit indoor shooting ranges in buildings owned or leased by the state or federal government or at ranges where at least 90% of the users are law-enforcement officers or military. That neg…

david67 commented on Editorial: "I have a dream."

What wonderful words, and just as fitting today as they were then. RIP, MLK.

Mr. Rubenstein criticizes: “enacting legislation raising the minimum wage, increasing the threshold for felony crimes from $500 to $1,000 and pouring more money into our public schools.” Was that satire?

Don’t raise wages, don’t try to reduce crime, and don’t spend more money on sch…

Mr. Russell, what nonsense. "The jet {the Iranian Airbus A300] was hit while flying over Iran's territorial waters in the Persian Gulf, along the flight's usual route, shortly after departing Bandar Abbas International Airport, the flight's stopover location.] That very pertinent fact mak…

Sorry, Virgiania society WON, not lost.

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