Derek Woolwine

Think Richmond can't move forward now? Just wait until it grinds to a halt with her in charge. Hopefully council will stone wall her ideas as she has Stoney's.

Like Northam he admitted his racist rant but my guess in another week he won't remember having done it and will simply deny it.

So our carpet bagger northern governor is endorsing another carpet bagger buddy for President - shocking. Go back up north to your high taxes and limits on how big of a coca cola you can legally buy.

6th Street Marketplace was Henry Marsh's baby, and cost Richmond millions to Hilton when he squashed them building a hotel near the Marriott.

The problem with council is they think they only need to vote yes or no, and don't have the ability to understand complex developments and wo…

Tax tax tax ... welcome to your new blue state.

Tax, tax, tax .... welcome to the new blue state!

PEOPLE are cruel, not the guns.

Oh you prefer to be stabbed to death I assume in merry old London ...

In 2019 ... the number of homicides in London has hit a 10-year high and there has been a surge in knife and gang-related killings since 2014, figures show. The Metropolitan police recorded 149 homicides in 2019 u…


Nothing CIVILIZED about anything you write, government does NOT always know best - and being under the government's thumb darn sure doesn't make it civilized

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