Invite the FBI in, They may find things you don't want them to find

Glad to see Richmond remain a 2nd class city

Ron: You are back on the acid again. Your delusions are getting worst

Will she lose her law license? or is this just a blip on her record?

Simple Solution. Tow Them. Every night make a patrol at about 3:30 and if they are still there at 5:30 Tow em. Keep doing it until it stops

Glad Richmond made the Top 10 in something

When running from the police, buckle up!

That won't look good on a resume

Isaish: You seem to have a short memory, Lets not forget the 1,100 employees that loss there jobs When the Dear Leader finances Solyndra with $535 million taxpayer dollars. This was just lousy management. But nut jobs like you always want to blame Trump

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