Get an economics degree before you opine about economics, says our Treasury Secretary to Ms. Thunberg. Didn't those folks who brought us trickle-down economics all have degrees, sometimes several of them? And awards? Yes, if the message makes you uncomfortable, attack the messenger -- and…

I have on good authority that at the height of the rally, a hundred black UN helicopters will appear, carrying giant vacuum cleaners that will suck up the guns carried by anyone within two blocks of the Capitol. At that point, a mob of illegal immigrants will stream from behind buildings …

Good to see that Native Americans have figured out a way to pillage us white-eyes for a change. LOL

But only retail. We white folks? Wholesale.

Hal, my comment had nothing to do with respect or disrespect, but with the difficulties of shooting only at the bad guy(s) in a crowd. IMHO, nobody should pull a gun in public unless he or she has taken and passed an urban combat range course. Good grief, Hal! Half of us or more can't eve…

Apparently, a good many gun owners don't. Each year several hundred people are killed or seriously injured by gun accidents. There's a reason why the range officer always says "locked" before "loaded."

Just imagine the outcrie for the Gov's scalp if some nutcase did pull out his gun and start shooting at people during the rally. His first duty is the protection of the safety of those in and around the capitol.

Police officers and police departments are well known to be for more stringent gun control. Sheriffs -- who must please their rural constituencies to be elected -- not so much. Falwell apparently doesn't know the difference between the two.

Better safe than sorry. Imagine if he did nothing and there actually were a shooting.

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