I hope the protestors wear masks.

I bet they get chased out of the school if JFJR does not get taken down.

You seem to have an.....intimate connection to Lil Jerry. Did you get shown the picture of Becky in the french maid outfit? We all want to know what you thought if it.


Do you have any access to numbers about how many places can not make the 45% of sales and get hit by th ABC?

What is the process, what are the penalties?

"Fred Mertz" , please go home to Ethel. There is no factual basis for your claim. The only charge against Dixon was when he was at the tearing down of "Silent Sam", the racist statue, in another state. And those charges were dismissed as well. There were no Antifa people with rifles in Ch…

Mark Emmet, President.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association

700 W. Washington Street

P.O. Box 6222

Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-6222

Phone: 317-917-6222

Fax: 317-917-6888

Well, it looks like they have managed to restore things to pre fire levels. Except I doubt you could smoke a cigar there.

I hope this guy gets to leave prison 12 hours a day to work .

Oh wait those sweet heart deals are for billionaires!

Who has 50 old TV sets to dump?

Some people who work for Nike Golf need to consider respecting the memories of others and "Just do it" , instead of acting like they own city property. Allegedly.

One part of me is glad this overlooked classic is getting some press. Another part of me is thinking "well shucks; now I'll never get a table".

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