Amazing how they can always agree on spending more than they have!

He is invited because he is the President of the United States like him or not.

Carole Sandy, why not raise the minimum wage for those working full time which I believe Obamacare changed to 30 hours per week otherwise my grandson probably wouldn’t be hired by Office Depot for a summer job paying 9.25 per hour for a low skilled position. Two tier....full time vs part …

Where did y’all find gun control issues in this article?

When we reach the point where the census only counts people by age with no added qualifiers we will have taken a huge step forward!

It is the proper thing to invite the President to such an occasion whether you like the current individual or not.......this is above politics!

Not evicting is easy if the tenant pays the rent on time! I guess the only ‘social’ solution is public housing with no rent to be paid or government pays the landlord in a private setting. A rental lease is a contract willingly signed with a promise to pay on time in exchange for occupyin…

RPS like most intercity systems is facing a continuing struggle which isn’t all monetary as much as it is a societal shortcoming on students that are living in a home environment that values education. I don’t pretend to know the answer as apparently no one else does but recognizing the p…

The huckster is at it again with a new book.....if he is as good at writing as he was at making Chinese electric cars we are in for a treat.....better get on Amazon and order one now because he is raising money in case the Democratic Party drafts him as a candidate!