Let’s wait for Mrs. McEachin to make a decision based on the evidence!

The city should just forgive all the rents owed and lease the apartments for $1 a month and wait to collect the rest from the Navy Hill project bonanza that will solve all their financial difficulties!

Herring wants to decriminalize marijuana so he can boast about the drop in crime statistics on his watch!

Will be interested in your experience when you do go as my information is from friends that have been and go occasionally.

I have personally almost been hit twice by confused drivers that end up in the middle bus lane when they want to turn left and give no signal but just pull out when the left turn lane (which is to their right) gets a green arrow!

They look like and are played like slot machines as you spin to win....I think the difference is a big payout is based on how many other folks are losing like at a horse track!

If the new leadership in the General Assembly is going to fund all of their new tax credits and spending initiatives they need money and slot machines everywhere are the source with not much effort or concern on their part and of course it will help education......they said so!

The problem is the horse racing industry will never be self sufficient in Virginia and casino gambling will!

John Boyer's columns are informative and a great addition to the RTD.


I don't personally care either about the gun laws but i do care about trying to distinguish between types of protesters as they ALL have the same rights!

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