No laws are going to fix gun violence just like no laws are going to fix knife violence. Those who commit violence with guns do not follow laws.

35 Richmond restaurants have closed since January 2019. The food industry is a risky business.

1) "Guests receive a text message on their phone when their food is ready and report to the kitchen area to retrieve it." So if you don't have a cell phone, no food for you?

2) "Slingshot has ample space, with booths set up near the duckpin bowling, bar tables around the bocce and s…

Limited hours and a menu that was trying to be too nouvelle cuisine.

Just wait until Indian Summer brings warmer temperatures back to the area. FYI: Indian Summer's time of occurrence is important: The warm days must follow a spell of cold weather or a good hard frost.

"Del. Eileen Filler-Corn - the government relations director at a firm that lobbies the legislature, state agencies, and the governor" - How is it possible that she is a member of the General Assembly? Isn't this an ethics problem?

That may happen because of the carpet baggers from out of state who live in Northern VA and Tidewater. The rest of the state will remain red.

“’With today's announcement, we are educating a workforce that will fill hundreds of jobs at tech companies around the commonwealth, including at Amazon, helping to boost our economy and quality of life in every corner of Virginia,’ the governor said almost exactly a year after the state …

How can Virginia be a blue state when all but three regions are red? Northern Virginia and the Tidewater area are filled with people who are merely passing through.

"The election earthquake in Virginia: What happens next?" What a ridiculous title! If you think there will be tons of major changes in the state, dream on!

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