Fred Talbott

Needs a better photo. Menacing look turns off voters.

I celebrate race coverage, but why do you continue to announce road closures two days after the event? In your 'main stories' lineup?

Voted for her when we lived there, and wish she would also investigate and expose the national child welfare system nightmare system of injustice erupting in the secret courts of California and elsewhere. Countless thousand innocent families are being falsely accused of child abuse by "ch…

Time for the Dems to man up and woman up and pass laws pronto to scrap disturbing and demeaning Confederate and other racist statues. Time for Virginia to enter the 20th Century, and if it's not too challenging give the 21st Century a try.

I think the story says he paid it back a month after her returned. Yes, right there in your story, it says it. So why is this a story? Seriously. Why?

Don't. It will make our streets and highways even more moronic and deadly. Remember, Virginia is one of the only states where you can text and kill and get a hand slapping. And one of the weakest in the nation regarding dangerous tailgating. Virginia has for the most part abandoned highwa…

Bless our good veterans, but the first story makes no sense.

Awesome play, but I can take the train to NYC and see four Broadway plays in Broadway theaters for the price of 'Hamilton.' Think I will wait for an area high school production.

Hope he warns them to avoid vaping and vaping products. Seriously. As a doctor I am sure he will take the health of our trading partners into consideration and warn them. Wishing him a safe and fun trip!

Great restaurant, staff, and eats. So sorry it is closing. Wish Richmond would get over its "nostalgia" and "tradition" speed bump and try new things. We would love to have you join us in the 21st Century!

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