Georgia Reynard

Bob, really enjoyed this story and photos! Cannot believe it was 50 years ago. I graduated from Madison in June, bought my first car - a VW Beetle with a strange automatic transmission - and was getting ready for my first year of teaching at Lee HS in Staunton. Remember my brothers going …

Nothing new. Incompetence and mismanagement appear to be prerequisites for working for the City of Richmond.

If the plan is so wonderful it should be able to withstand careful scrutiny. Thanks to those who supported this scrutiny. Richmond doesn't need another Redskins debacle on an even larger scale.

As a 1969 graduate of Madison College I am both dismayed and disgusted by the poor judgment and underhanded events described in the article. I appreciate the reactions of Republican Delegates Landes and Chris Jones in questioning the poor judgment and unethical decisions. Did the others fo…

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