same old corrupt behavior that will always be part of the city's political climate

Anyone who flies the confederate flag is flying a symbol of hate to alot of people. I'm all in on keeping the monuments, they are a symbol of Virginia generals who fought for the Commonwealth, but it's time to retire the flag , especially on highways that represent our state. We want our sta…

The south lost the war, take down the flag. It's a symbol of hate to too many people

I guess that's why he didn't go to the White House

Just another example of the lawlessness of illegal immigration. A 4 year old dies because of someone who did not belong in this country and repeatedly committed crimes.

Very solid article. Most americans would agree that we have no problem with LEGAL immigration. We just need to know who is coming into our country and account for them and make them pay taxes, not give them the handouts that are breaking the back of our country's financial picture.

Are you kidding, why do the Debbie downers have to bring this up in the midst of a celebration of a great achievement of the UVA basketball team winning the national championship.

UVA's athletic directory should just give Tony Bennett the checkbook and have him fill out the amount!!! #hooforlife

sad to see the restaurant close, but seriously, why bring Trump into it. The election is over, your side lost

Another example of a death that would not have happened with better immigration policies. How many deaths are we going to tolerate until we build a border that works.