People convicted of B&Es, committing robbery and other crimes will be punished for those actions.

Their illegitimate "excuses' will not affect their sentencing although I am fine with providing rehab during their prison time and after their eventual release.

We always seek…

Antifa = oxymoron.

But we will agree to disagree on the current usage.

Legalization of marijuana, and decriminalization of all drugs for possession should be approved. For hard drugs, we encourage & support rehab of users, not prison.

Of course, distribution should remain a crime......no different than moonshiners who sell illegal alcohol.


This was a morning event and unless I am mistaken, their permit terminated the event before noon.

By afternoon, it had obviously warmed, making masks less needed and seemingly more problematic.

Having said that, without probable cause in a public venue, harassing a citizen wea…

Yeah, Michael, it certainly had nothing to do with the fact that it was a very cold morning.....for Mid-Atlantic region standards.

This is a superb point.

The RTD could easily do a story on one individual caught speeding on any street, and then easily show others not being arrested.

Depending on the person the RTD selects, it can create any narrative they desire.

However, the RTD ignores that this l…

This law written to expose the KKK members long ago, can be highly effective in protecting us.... similar to stop and frisk.

However without probable cause, they are a violation of the 4th Amendment protections. The law prohibiting masks violates our rights.

We must understand…

It is emblematic of many old laws written 50 plus years ago that need to be removed. She was asked a number of times to remove it before being arrested. There is no way to know specifically why the Police was concerned about her, but the RTD and others implicitly suggest sinister evil Pol…

The evolutionary of our media from the Tim Russerts, Jim Lehrers of the past to the Jim Acostas, John Hardwoods, of today is why the Mainstream Media has lost its credibility to all but the Left.

It is why so many recognize little difference in the DNC and MSM.

Northam removes 2nd Amendment protections for law-abiding Americans.........headline for the recent article by the Associated Press.

No, I am certain we did not see that.

Many of our posters cannot understand this irony.....but neither can the Associated Press.

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