Studies I have read say alcohol is the first drug used by future drug addicts. Is this a surprise that a heroin user first tried a Budweiser before sticking a needle in his arm? Do you therefore believe a Bud or a Miller leads to heroin addiction.

Fred, Randall is correct about the 50% of DUIs. You may have gotten your % from a source you trusted, but they mislead you badly. I do not remember the actual numbers but Randall's seem to be what I remember. Fred, you can verify online fairly easily.

Whoever is in the White House is hated by the other side. If you think Trump is bad, just wait for the next Republican President. You will remember Trump fondly compared to the next one. There was no one worse possibly than Bush just ten years ago.

It will be legalized and it is only a matter of time. All across the country. Good post but I believe politics remain a factor in slowing the approval process.

The stuff we wear about Trump was little different than what we heard about Bush. Romney was a ruthless asshat who killed his employees to increase profits. Trump will be remembered more favorably with the next Republican candidate. You better believe it.

To so many, bipartisanship is that everyone must agree and accept their political opinions.. Democrats hate Trump. Republicans hated Obama. Democrats hated Bush.

No doubt someone will respond that the shooter was a law-abiding citizen who would have never have broken any gun-control laws. And we all know there is no successful illegal black market for prohibited products.

Name calling results when one has nothing else to contribute or is unable to defend their own positions.. they resort to ad hominem attacks. We see it from liberals and conservatives.... Democrats and Republicans.

Steve, you have a good post, and I did mean sound critical. However I am leery of suggesting what all people of a specific religion, nationality, color, sex, age, etc believe or have experienced. I don't think a white kid who 'summered' in the Hamptons can speak to the experiences of a wh…

You may or may not have a point, Steve. But any personal 'polling' an individual may do among his/her friends and acquaintances are purely anecdotal, and likely misleading.