LD Lanberg

Six thousand bucks -- which they split?

For murder? They give out stimulus payments that size

Wussy Ralph Northam has gone from bad to worse. This kind of thoughtless decision is going to ignite problems -- big ones.

"Healing"??! We have Richard Simmons for a governor. Ralph Northam is transgender, I'm now convinced. Those kids are committing arson and smashing small business. Our busses can't even travel. And wussy Ralph wants to heal them? God ....

Ok, and in return for the firings of these officers we want full & swift criminal prosecution of the GRTC bus burners. And the window smashers. Gives us those people, we'll give you what you want.

Have you been to the hood and tried to take their(illegally aquired) guns? Good luck with that.

Peaceful protestors open fire on two Richmond police officers, injuring two of them. The shooter, who was swiftly taken into custody, was charged with violating the curfew and disturbing the peace. Governor Northam and Police Chief William Smith both issued statements of empathy for the p…

Trump and Barr are doing the right thing. It's just a shame that they have to do this, once upon a time governors were real men.

Governor Ralph Northam is a Weakling; Levar Stoney is a toothy Clown.

At least when the nation & state were run by racist goobers, people were safer and things were cleaner. Give me racist goobers any day -- they know how to run things, unlike the 'other side'.

Governor Ralph Northam is a Weakling. We need a real governor.

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