Outside of Canterbury and the Masonic Home of Virginia, there are 2 deaths from the Covid-19 virus in the County of Henrico.

Didn't see any Giants or Redskins on this list, not surprising considering their records for the past 10 years.

Great story. I remember that UVA win in Louisville and Pittman's $5000 pledge.

Booze, the "medicinal" medicine for pandemics, and everything else.

The number 1 Down will be the coronavirus for as long as it lasts.

"...refucilous..."?...........Did you study at Trump University?

The title of this editorial should be directed to all females living in Afghanistan. The moment the Taliban take over, females there will once again become chattel.

I would go with Amy Klobuchar for VP to get the Midwestern vote.

Youngsters voting for Bernie, a great reason to take away the vote from anybody under the age of 30.

Norbert, good point, but have the hammer and nails ready just in case.

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