William Howard

Really surprised that NOVA schools were lower than expected. That is what liberalism does to education!

Robert Barnett is just stirring up racism by filing this frivolous lawsuit that has no chance of going anywhere. NAACP has become a racist organization just like the KKK!

In previous post I meant this woman as it was a female!

An example should be made here and this guy should get at least 25 years in prison. These hackings must stop and severe penalities given when caught!

The Judge was too lenient in his sentencing. Does the Judge really thinks this guy is going to pay over $400,000 in restitution....get real! This felon did a lot of damage and should have at least gotten 10 years! This Judge is terrible in his sentencing practices!

I-81 is more dangerous mainly because of the tractor-trailer traffic. A lot of I-95 traffic in Northern Virginia is lower in speeds and comes to complete stops due to afternoon & morning commutes. I-81 tends to have more cars maintaining speed and several of these accidents involve th…

And to think the old idiots including members of the General Assembly in the past wanted to privatize ABC stores!

The School City Council is only worried about changing the names of schools...they could care less about the children and low SOL scores!!!!