Tracy Jr -As G-wizard, get your cone-hat and pom-poms ready to celebrate Epstein’s old partner-in-crime to the rape-fest.

Who asked if canvassers were paid? Stupid question.

Armstrong’s Alumni Association, keep up the discussions until a resolution is found.

The now repealed One-gun-a-month Law saw Virginia drop from #1 supplier of guns to other states, to #8.

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Hear-Hear! Putin doesn’t want to destroy America, like a tick that wants its host to live.

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Ed Kamer -Voting restrictions, taking away health-care, and watching their leader schmooze with murderous dictators is -now-idolized by those super-Christians. They question, why aren’t we on-board.

Mr Williams sharing of Mr Imad Damaj and Ms Vilma Seymour’s observations were genius! A Lebanese, and Puerto Rican, migrant said more about about what America stands for than some Americans. They understood the distinction between Americans, and those chanting ‘U.S.A’.

Another set of eyeballs is a good thing, right?

History will smile on Ms Coleman; not so much for Mr Davis.

Her vote to change names were not a factor, said Sean Davis. WOW!!