The country is already divided enough, to impeach the President, will almost totally destroy any chance of bringing the people back together. A house divided will fall! We the people must speak out at what is going on to everyone of our house representatives, and our senators. This can be…

Maybe he will get all his forms in on time, so he won't need to do another write-in!

Onee question is why did the Republican committees in 23 districts NOT vote to put a candidate in the race to run against the Democrat. They basically left those districts without any competition.

OMG! the same ol' same ol' Time for both Norment and McDougle to go!!! Both have been in office way to long!!!!

I agree, Hanover has needed to replace both schools for years, now is the time for new up to date schools, with the best technology.

Oh well this will be the end of this, the city taking over anything usually spells disaster. They can't even fix the roads in the city, why would anyone think they can run this event for another 34 years. Sad to see it go.

It's as if you are white you are an enemy somehow today.

Integrity and trust begin within the parties, and from what I have seen of late one party in particular is a train wreck, and many leaders need to be purged, and the HRC needs to be shutdown.

OH SNAP!!! the Republican Party of Virginia lost BIG TIME, oh my what will they do now??? Blame someone else like they usually do.

Like your letter Wendy Brooks, I'll vote for Doran!

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