Jeff Woods

Reflectively speaking, yes. It’s a little more than half a sandwich bag.

Maybe because they can see past the fake reverence that Trump tries to conjure up to garner religious support. Shame that Christians would vote so heavily for a man who goes against most of their beliefs in regards to the Bible. I mean come on, how many of the Ten Commandments has he brok…

As he should. Republicans had their opportunity to do the same but didn’t. Sorry but someone carrying a small amount of plant matter (that’s safer than alcohol) isn’t what any sane person would consider a crime. Unless you just have a penchant for having your tax dollars going to the arre…

"Trump could be just the opposite of what he is"

Oh, so if he was an honest man with integrity and class who was doing whats best for country and not for his bank account we'd still hate him? Probably not as much as we do already. But hey since we're in fantasyland, can I have a pony?

And especially don't have Aramark do it. Nothing say s "quality" like contracting the same company that provides food for jails and prisons.

Ok Mnuchin. Big talk coming from a guy who had a hand in what that led to the financial crisis of 2008 and the following Great Recession. Maybe when Trump "drained the swamp" he shouldn't have scraped the bottom of said swamp for cabinet positions.

Yeah Dillan Roof, Stephen Paddock, Patrick Crusius, and Omar Mateen all big Hillary voters.... Got anymore nonsense you want to word barf out for the internet to laugh at?

Aww, can’t take some true criticism? Living in your little Trump cult bubble?

You won’t catch me within 10 miles of the city this weekend.

Yeah, they learned that from Republicans during Obama. Stop acting as if the GOP majority was all kumbaya and bipartisanship.

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