Jeff Woods

"Trump followers" That speaks more about his base and yourself then anything you've ever said. Not voters who use common sense and critical thinking or even supporters. Nope "followers" just like the followers of David Koresh, Jim Jones, or Marshall Applewhite. My only question is can he …

"There is much in the NDAA of which we approve. It provides service members a 3.1% pay raise, funding to refuel the USS Harry S. Truman, and authorizes the procurement of 11 battle force ships." Yeah sounds like they'll be struggling......*sarcasm*

I have a clue since when I served we saw crews on aircraft carriers dumping excess supplies overboard just so they keep their same budget the following year. Or maybe the fact that when we leave a war zone we just leave all our weapons there, ya know since it's "cheaper" to just buy all n…

Now? It's been like that for decades genius. Losing ground under Obama, that's rich. Got anymore partisan Rush Limbaugh BS to regurgitate here without a single fact to back up your delusional nonsense? Of course not.

Heck our defense budget INCREASE was more than all of Russia's defense budget.

Yeah, I mean that massive military industrial complex isn't going to pay for itself.

"Diversity, revenge and hate is killing America, not bringing us together." Says the Deplorable who regularly spouts partisan nonsense. Did you sneak out of the old folks home again Tracy?

Oh please tell us where you live where you are "tripping over homeless" in Richmond? Yeah, cause you aren't.

You really don't see the slightest hint of hypocrisy in your statement "white students having to show the "stupid little monkeys"" where nobody said anything about monkeys previously, outside of you, yet here you are closer to the bottom of the page calling someone a bigot?

" as well as a follower of a party that is always babbling about how much they hate Trump for preventing Hillary from realizing her dream of becoming America’s first lying Queen. " You can't control yourself can you? You start making trying to make a point and then veer off into the MAGAl…