Crossing even with a green light is dangerous. Turning vehicles care not nor look not for pedestrians.

With respect, no American police officer on this green earth has ever been trained to shoot to kill or to shoot to neutralize. When I was training we were taught to shoot until the threat to our lives ceased. I am in my 60s, too.

Do you define "common sense gun laws" as confiscation? The citizens of the UK are practically disarmed.

A trip through "Hogan's Alley" would well serve the commentators on this story.

She's pro-abortion and so is the Governor. They don't care what Catholics or Evangelical Christians have to say about anything.

I suggest to my reflexively anti-Catholic friends concerned about the abuse crisis check out the Arlington and Richmond Diocese websites to see …

He was held accountable in terms of the law. Let me tell you, as somebody who worked in a big city psychiatric hospital, faking mental illness is practically impossible. We had people who tried, while under court ordered observation, but the ruse was shortly revealed. Faking mental illnes…

Excellent ideas. Thank you!

There's an important difference between the two men. Jackson had honor and physical courage. Old Hickory didn't sit out a fight because a paid doctor gave him a pass. Jackson loved his wife Rachel, who died just days after his election, and protected her reputation. Jackson never would ha…

Here's one of the many things about this economy I don't understand. I know salaries are low. At the same time, market rents are what they are. If I priced my property below market value, I'd be overrun with applications. If I priced it above the market nobody would give the place a secon…

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