Other than judging good men who lived hundreds of years ago by 2019 social standards, what exactly was the purpose of this article?

Perhaps we should rename all of the schools, removing the names of any politicians - people who, as a class, were and are more repulsive tha…

If one places a semi-automatic rifle in a downtown nightclub district or a Walmart parking lot and walks away - it does NOTHING. Something else is required.

That "something else" is a polarized, radicalized psychotic - whichever "wing" he belongs to is irrelevant. The res…

Any American urban leader who is so petty as to avoid appearing with his President does not deserve the courtesy of listening to him present his "vision" for our city.

This imbecile delegate should be censured by the full House for failure to show respect for his President at an official function. Who in Heaven's name elects these undignified poltroons? I am embarrassed for my state.

How interesting that the Black Caucus should call The President a "racist" because he is judging people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. Hey...that's a catchy phrase. I wonder who said that originally?

The reluctance of a few rather unnoteworthy Democrats to appear at a celebration honoring Democracy because of the presence of the democratically elected President of their nation is an embarrassment. It is a reflection on THEM rather than President Trump. Fools.

Given the response by "our" mayor, the best next move would be to invite Trump to Richmond!

We - meaning reasonable American citizens - are tired of our Congress persisting with this political nonsense instead of taking care of the people's business. I won't be watching. I have more important things to do - like arranging my sock drawer and alphabetizing my wife's spice rack.

Our Congress has been ignoring a massive crisis at our southern border for years. But a collection of socialist, foul-mouthed anti-Semites get their feathers ruffled and Congress acts immediately. These poltroons can say anything they wish - however foul, and enjoy the protection of their…

Seriously, can we stop this absolute nonsense?