The dumbest, biggest waste of time and money in "history". Who comes up with this stuff anyway and manages to convince others that it's the right thing to do?

History cannot be erased. We can't continue to blame our ancestors for being products of their time. And if anyone remembers, slaves were sold to us by their own people. The point is, we need to leave things alone...statues, school names, roads, etc. We all need to move on from all of thi…

It seems obvious these cases are isolated to a particular area of Chesterfield County. If it has happened because of hospitalization or nursing homes, etc. we should be informed. I wouldn't think it should be that hard to pin down.

Yes, this article leads one to believe that the details aren't important. Someone needs to find the answers and report them to the public. This is the type of news we need to know about.

How is dressing up as Milli Vanilli or Michael Jackson or any real "person" considered racist? Isn't it a compliment to who and/or what they represent? Why can't we all just get along and quit trying to make everything a racist issue. Also, back in the 60' and 70's the culture w…

If only everyone could see it the way you do...

What does "mainly" of African decent mean? Were they all from West Africa? Were some from other races? What exactly does that mean?

LOL....guess the above won't be a problem now ;-/

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