Ken Martin

Citizens have more important things to fix first.

The best news so far for 2019-20 season.

They didn't hit my street in the Fan.

The Richmond Commonwealth Attorney's office allowed the killer of Virginia State Police Special Agent Mike Walter to get a get out of the death penalty free card. Some might say, well that was the old leadership. I say it is the same leadership from the past 10 years or so. I doubt it wil…

He is such a disappointment. He can't go away quickly enough.

Alcohol involvement is never a good thing when operating any type of motorized vehicle. There is a much higher authority that all involved will answer to one day. You can count on that.

The property owners should have done more to limit access to this place. The visitors were also trespassing. It was a no-win situation from the beginning.

Another good thing about this change it police will now know where to patrol in the hopes of catching DUI offenders.

As long as he is paying for Degrees, I wonder why he didn't go for his Ph.D.