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we teach kids about peer pressure and how to handle it - yes? I think our local leaders and businesses can do the same. Again, this isnt about Trump - its about Richmond and whats happening here. This has become an "ecodemic" (yes I made up my own word) as much as pandemic now. We can be …

This isnt about Trump Drake - this is a Richmond issue. Period.

I'd really like to see the RTD report on the overall business environment during the 3 months of C-19! No disrespect to restaurants - but we get the picture. How have (all) local businesses been effected - whats the REAL economic picture for Richmond and surrounding is appl…

CATCH 22...if we do more and more testing (finally able to do so) economy of scale says you are going to have more positive cases? So where do you see us being able to ease things next Friday? Should be interesting...... bad (or good) would the original Navy Hill Project look now given the Richmonds need for jobs and city developement down the road AFTER this Corona-virus debacle? You know SOMEONE had to say this (Whether it be right or wrong)...Im sure many of you will have more to say!

Thanks for the articulate article Karri - amazing what area restaurants are dealing with - God bless them all . 'Man Corbett'

When they say "could open " next Friday - strap yourself in. We shall see.

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