Thank goodness we finally have some fiscal responsibility in government. After years of republican spending for corporate welfare then cutting necessary funding of schools to pay for it. Its like a breath of fresh air.

Wow, profits over life. And this is the man who is going to the March for Life tomorrow. Seems he is more interested in oppressing women's rights than in protecting 'life'.

The only people who wanted violence were the ones hoping to use the March as a stepping stone towards a civil war. Seems you are attempting to pick a fight rather than address the problem of suicide by gun.

The good news is that no one is attempting to take away your 2nd Amendment rights or deny you the opportunity to self protect. Liberal Democrats also own guns for self protection. These are simply commonsense laws designed to reduce gun violence which would keep all of us safe. It's not l…

Before you advocated for the death of the family of the mentally ill, did you stop to think that generally it is the family that reports that guns needed to be removed from the home. If they are the gun owners then the red flag law would not apply. The gun owners would have removed the we…

Did you look how these people were dressed to defend themselves from some random criminal or bad guy with a gun? How else do you describe what was displayed in our streets if it is not angry gun nut. They meant to be intimidating and they were successful. Anytime you purposely intimidate …

Hallelujah, we finally have a government that respects the rights and liberties of all Virginians as opposed to the previous majority who just pandered to the highest bidder.

Honoring civil war generals was an attempt at changing history. Nice to see that we are finally recognizing the civil war for what it was, an attempt to keep slavery as an American institution.

This admin seems very determined to start a war before the 2020 election. I'd say I don't see how things could get any worse for America but one thing we've learned is that when it comes to corruption, never underestimate Trump or his trumpettes.

In other words, the Republicans in the Senate think he is too guilty to allow evidence into the trial. As we all expected the republicans are ready to toss the Constitution in order to save their political party. Now that the rule of law has been eliminated for the President does that mea…

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