These changes are needed in Chesterfield and reflect the direction that criminal justice reform needs to go. The old approaches had many bad outcomes.

So the GOP is mailing their campaign material to the RTD for reporter Patrick WIlson to further publicize. This is news? When will they cover one of Ms. Hashmi's campaign mailings?

So, paying your fair share and having a fair system is an election issue? It should be a positive election issue for Ms. Hughes. The GOP likes unfair tax systems that favor the rich.

When is a campaign volunteer an aide? Was he paid. An aide implies someone who has an official paid capacity with the campaign. I notice on the web, the headline says "associate." How about volunteer? That puts in a more correct perspective.

Is the GOP ghost writing RTD news articles now? Shades of Rao.

Anyone who has heard Scott Miles speak in the last year knew that he would be implementing this. This is a welcome change and the rest of Chesterfield needs to be part of the reform, not obstacles. The headlines the RTD writes must have come straight from the GOP. So far, this has affecte…

I hope they all meet and get this resolved. Nothing I read here differs from what I have heard Scott Miles say at various public meetings, so it should not be a surprise. We commend everyone's work on this difficult problem and hope they all find a way to work together.

Let Era have a vote and bring Virginia into the 21st Century!

Virginia bought into the idea that having insurance companies rum services for individuals with disabilities was cost effective. High overhead by insurance, high salaries, lots of staff, companies who cut services to people with disabilities and offer inefficient services, poorly run manag…

Not a government run program, but one run by the insurance companies. It was easily predicted when you add to the costs of services by paying insurance overhead. High salaries and lots of staff.

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