Laura Graham

I don't think you can blame the UVA fan without knowing the details. There are no details in this letter. Maybe he just stumbled.

He doesn't consider there is a case.

Good letter, but if one looks under the "Buy, Buy, Buy, one can find many organizations dedicated to helping those less fortunate have a happy Christmas.

Good letter, but if one looks past the "Buy, Buy, Buy," one can find many organizations specifically set up to help those less fortunate enjoy a happy Christmas.

Good letter, and I agree, but a young lady planting a garden to feed her neighbors is hardly a drop in the bucket. More like a full bucket.

Asia Goode, I am so happy to hear this. You are a wonderful young lady. Keep us posted.

He put one foot in front of another.

Clothes hung on the line in freezing weather will freeze dry. The wind shakes the ice crystals out. I grew up without a dryer so I know this is a fact.

The crowd can excitedly enjoy the lighting of the Christmas and reindeer, as I stated in my letter, without creating unnecessary light pollution and waste of energy by outlining tall buildings in lights. Not a puritan, not a Grinch, just someone who cares about all those birds who die fro…

It's cumulative.

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