The day when it seemed it would never stop raining.

They are good at killing their good people. Got rid of Cantor, now they no longer hold that seat.

Why does the Times-Dispatch keep sharing the false narrative that Arthur Ashe learned to play tennis at Battery Park. Jim Crow laws prevented him from playing there. Blacks used Brook Field and it was sold to the Postal Service to erase that history.

A human disaster. And not a single comment.

I know Charles Bonaparte and Donald Ross from Armstrong will be on the list, however, please include their teammate Alex Moses who meant so much to that them.

Is not resigning because of innocence male arrogance? Is resigning seen by many as an admission of guilt?

No pictures of Rosa D. Bowser Branch that was the only branch black Richmond residents could use.

Expect more. People these days just don't pay attention to the rules of the road. Fast and Furious or You Won't Chance it With my Big Truck. That driver forgot that was a big bus.

And for those that don't remember, this was the group that worked so hard to bring horse racing to New Kent years ago. Hopefully, they will come back once Colonial Downs reopens.

If the trade associations stopped fighting the efforts to help the environment, maybe these companies could and would do more. It just might take a tax on plastic bags to make people consider their use.

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