You really need to get s new hobby, Ron.

Fred, I worked in a prison school for five years, and for the most part, the officers were professional and competent. The facility I worked in was NOT run by the inmates. A lot of the officers were retired military, far from failed individuals. I never had an incident needing their help,…

I was under the impression outgoing mail, except for legal correspondence, was checked. Apparently I was wrong. Probably a result of understaffing.

I was pulled over on Jeff Davis Hwy on Labor Day weekend of 1981. My six-month-old daughter had thrown her bottle on the seat and I took my eyes off the road long enough to grab it. (This was before air bags, when you could put car seats in front.) I swerved a bit, so the county officer b…

I can’t drink for medical reasons, but if I could, I’d do my drinking at home, and stay there until I was sober. If I absolutely had to go somewhere, that’s why Uber exists.

Ron, that’s a completely inappropriate comment. Have some respect.

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