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Just quit fiddling around and legalize it already so it can be quality-controlled.

Parnas grew up in Brooklyn and got his start in real estate selling condos for Fred Trump in the late 1980s.

I think it's worse than that, Bob. These Republicans are willing to do a #2 on the Constitution that they swore an oath to defend and, as far as I'm concerned, do not deserve to be in Congress at all. They dishonor America as much as Trump does.

How many of these masked white dudes were asked to remove their masks and how many times were the same ones asked if they didn't comply? If the answer is zero in both cases then the charge should be dropped and there should be some required additional training in unconscious bias in the p…

And your point is?

I think you ought to look up Giuliani's and Lev Parnas' contacts with Lutsenko and Dmitry Firtash who have had their own agendas to further by trying to tar the Bidens. Not to mention how much Paul Manafort has been involved in it. It helps Russia as well. As for Trump, he got a lot of mi…

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There was a reason that Senate proceedings did not begin until 1 pm this week -- Chief Justice Roberts' regular job. There was no interference with the US Supreme Court.

Knowing that Trump's D-list of attorneys will begin their 'Fox & Friends' show tomorrow in the Senate regurgitating all the bogus claims and demands we've heard before I will be watching movies. I suggest that anyone who wants to keep their breakfast or lunch down do the same.

Melissape commented on Your Two Cents

Nah, at gun shows they just recognize each other -- it's like looking in the mirror. You don't shoot your own reflection.

Melissape commented on Your Two Cents

How many death threats have you personally received, Eaton, that could justify the purchase of a weapon? Dr. King got plenty, against him and against his family.

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