Only the RTD could write a story about breaking a state record and not talk about the previous record holder that held it for 68 years! It was Hopewell High School. This is what passes for journalism these days. Joke.

What do you call that gathering? A coven?

Congrats, Russell!

“Stoney knew his top administrator and Brown - secretary of the NH Foundation board - were related, but said in an interview this past week he did not view it as a conflict of interest.“ ****************

Really ? You have lawyers to explain that little misconception. Truly a mayor…

Another woke Soros-funded prosecutor? How about the RTD finding out before he turns the Chesterfield justice system into shambles.

Animals don't have rights but they do have feelings and experience pain. This abomination of an empathy-impaired person needs jail and a psychological evaluation thereafter. Do this to a defenseless animal? "Depraved" is just a warm up word for this guy's problems.

Right that's why blue collar, stressed out Catholic parents handed their kids over to Catholic schools where they excelled because discipline was rigidly enforced.

Sure Ken. Government good -- citizens bad. All the parents do is dutifully hand over the cash to bureaucrats who make excuses like you do for their failure. 58% pass rate versus a 75% state average and 85% passers at rural Prince George. You get the government you settle for. The citizens…

mespo727272 commented on Third grade reading scores

Richmond (58) is almost 20 points behind the state average (75) and almost 30 points behind predominantly rural Prince George (85). Tell me again why we pay six figures for Kamras and his DC education mafia. The parents in Richmond should revolt, throw out the School Board and the Mayor a…

Actors are responsible for their deeds, not pundits or politicians.

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