Tempest in a tea pot.

This is a weird "opinion." He says: "humans have altered the rate of change, which increases the magnitude of the effects. Examples of the effects of human activities include the more recent increases in the rate of sea level rising, increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide and other compo…

There were reasonable proposals that are supported by a large majority of Virginians that could have been passed. The GOP needs to respect these proposals. If they don't, they will pass control to the Democrats.

Good riddance. Maybe press conferences will return? But who could defend Trump every day?

Make America Great Again, like we were in the 1930s.

What? No recommendation from RTD? Just as scared as everyone else. The two great disasters of our time: senior entitlement collapse and climate change. And no one is willing to make any sacrifice of what they got. The next generation will send us all to Mexico.

Chalking doesn't seem like an unreasonable search to me.

Separation of church and state is a fundamental distinction of the U.S. Laws that favor no religion over others is critical to the rights of all believers and nonbelievers. Use of government land or resources in support of one sect or another alienates all outside that sect. A huge Cresce…