greta shefers

Mr Leavy-It was more complicated than you presented

Chuck Howard-"Constructive debate of competing ideas"

At lest there was no mention of "horse poop" in the comments here today.

Kenneth-I found this informative.

Mr. Mayr-I would say that "I vote for the person, not the party," is the very definition of an Independent. Ms Stephens just points out the reasons why she believes more Independents should vote for the Democrats.

Ms. Stephes- LOL-Aside from your disclaimer of "I vote for the person not the party) your letter is a love letter to the liberal, progressive Democrat party.

To which devotion you are entitled.

But why hy not just say so in the first place?

Kenneth-A simple Google of "recidivism rates for violent sex offenders" yields this response

"Treated sex offenders had a violent crime recidivism rate of 42.9 percent and an overall recidivism rate of 56.6 percent. Untreated sex offenders in the study had a violent crime recidivi…

Mr. Mayr-You don't remember Barack Obma's official presidential portrait?

Mr. Stafford -Mr. Schiff just got 4 Pinocchios from the Washington Post for his blatant lie about the when he heard the whistleblower account, which is at the heart of this latest flap.

Lying in Washington is as natural as breathing. Thinking that "your guy" doesn't do it is at th…

Ms. Samuel-The ERA has been DOA for years.

The powerful women who could have spearheaded the movement lost interest somewhere along the line.

Perhaps the latest gender liquidity movement will revive the interest. Or keep your eye on all those new, young , female l…

Viewing art of course is very subjective.

But I think that the sculptors view makes a very important contribution to this discussion.

"I believe that when dealing with a troubled past and arguably a beautiful future, artists should use every tool in their wheelhou…

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