greta shefers

Jeff- LOL I agree with many of the suggestions in Ms/.Parker's letter. My family were big on repurposing when I was a a kid and I have always carried on the tradition.

But the clothes line is out for me. I lived it when there was no choice. The clothes would be frozen in the winter …

Well said Jeff

Those called out never seem to recognize the "soft bigotry" in themselves.

Well said Jeff!

Ms. Hunt-Exactly what form would these "reparations" take?

Not exactly on topic, but I as appalled just last night while driving after dark on JDH at the number of cyclists on the and pedestrians trying to cross between traffic lights.

Ms. Stella-I enjoyed your letter. I have had similar experiences at the DMV. I always take a crossword or my latest book. I love to people watch too and it is a great spot for that.

Despite long waits and complicated issues I have rarely seen anyone acting badly. I was there recentl…

Of course it does Mr Bradford, of course it does.. And no thinking is required.

I am so glad to see that the RTD are using the "comment deleted" option.

All that dripping hate is very disturbing.

Mr. Carchman-I agree with you Mr. Schiff's methods have caused much controversy.

Most only want to "wait and see" the results that fit their agenda.

And some, as we see in here have assumed the role of judge and jury.

This impeachment may very well end up just like the partisan inquiries mentioned and the reaction from the inquirers will be the same.

We wuz robbed of our pound of flesh.

And on to the next scandal real or imagined.

There is no reason to believe that the IG report will …

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