greta shefers

My Dad used to say there are some things that can't be had 'for love nor money"

I was so relieved when the statue of Fredrick Douglass came down.

And that one of Grant, on a horse with a hat!

A very interesting bite of political history.

Worthy of further research.

And how different would history have been if the Democrats had condemned the KKK at the time.

Europe is busily and randomly opening their non-existing borders to each other. Subect to change when and if a surge should occur. And usually an imposed d 14 day quarantine. Citizens of The UK and Ireland are also banned from travel in the EU.

"Outcasts" "Typhoid Marys" hyperbole much?

LOL-Methinks that you are the only one who hears that dog whisle.

The CDC and WHOs downplaying the importance of masks at the beginning of the outbreak caused confusionl in world populations not accustomed to wearing masks.

George Pugh. Well said sir!



Personally I think that all of those explorers should have stayed at home and minded their own business![whistling][wink]

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