Tech is basically a damaged product. It’s sad.

What knowledge did the officers have about Mrs Plack before they forced their way into the bedroom? What training did these two officers have in crisis management? What are the work histories of these two officers? What did the doctor tell the department about her situation when he asked …

Everyone is being a little kind here. Sturtevant is playing a variation, however subtle, of the Willie Horton card. Pure and simple. He is appealing to the social, cultural, and economic fears of, hopefully, a minority of his constituents. It would be sad if not so predictable.

Every school does not have the same resources.

Have to wonder what he was thinking or whether he is capable of seeing the line he may have crossed.

Wasn’t there also reports of video being destroyed and a potential obstruction of justice charge?

How often do school officials and board members invoke the term “unacceptable?” One of the most fundamental tasks of a school division’s central office is to count students and add up the figures, especially the data tied to qualifying for funds. We heard about a reorganization of the cen…

Basically an ad for the Cavalier. A room midweek will cost over $900 for two nights.

This is unfair to 12 year old kids. The more accurate question is “are you 6 years old?”

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