Scott Pewter

Why is he focusing on things that will improve education in no way, shape, or form? If the school system was fully accredited, then fine, let's work on optics things. But we are so far from there. Waste of energy.

The parents who live in the Fox district have every opportunity to live out in the suburbs and go to very white schools. They chose to send their children to an academically good, DIVERSE school - which is what Fox is right now. They did NOT sign up to send their children to Carver, which…

Is the PDF still the slightly older options? Says 8/6/2019

Great area Cary Elementary is in :-( How's about we don't pair it with Fox, OK?

Exactly! Fox is already very diverse. Making the children go to a majority black school half the time doesn't really help diversity. So confusing. Just let the kids stay close to home - walkable, siblings in same school, keep the strong PTA the whole time, etc. Cary gets the same benefits…

I just don't think the Richmond school system is strong enough right now for this social engineering. Fox is one of only 2-3 elementary schools that parents with options regularly consider sending their kids to. Make that one worse (and having your siblings in multiple schools, kids in an…

That article implies that the people renting in the Fan are the ones doing the thefts? I *really* do t think so - the thieves are almost always coming from other parts (sometimes the counties).

Fred, the Richmond police have the highest murder solve rate in the country (of cities). They’re literally the best at solving things.

Maux - if the house of delegates is republican because of this stunt, SHAME ON YOU