How much will these projects be over budget? What guarantee will we the taxpayers of HENRICO given that the real cost of the schools be set. Who pays if the budget is blown?

Whooooo hoooo guess what illegals who filled out tax returns with the earned income tax credit also gets the rebate.

The current system can not sustain itself. How do illegals get all their colleges paid for? How can they afford college Nancy Peloci

These greedy colleges are destroying college and for example our son got accepted into VT at 35,000 s year and we live in state. The same degree at Moorehead Kentucky is 21,000 a tear out of state tuition. But hey illegals get in state tuition and our son has to go out of state to get a a…

People in short pump are house poor. They buy these overpriced homes and for at least 10 years really cannot afford to eat out and the next one to close is a Mellow Mushroom

We don’t like the meals tax

Good ... this place was totally over priced and the service really was the worst . I picked up so many people who were totally disgusted with this restaurant and add the meals tax and you get closures..... next to be gone is Cabarras Italian restaurant. Chianti In Gayton Crossing is way b…

Memo the meals tax and parking. It’s expensive to eat in the City Of Ruchmond. So we boycott and don’t eat out in the City

Is this project over budget? Like all government projects they low ball it and suddenly it’s over budget by 5,000 000 RTD Uncover the truth

How about banning absent fathers and broken homes? The number one reason we have a pipeline from school to jail is our broken family units and fathers who simply run away before their children can walk ...... no matter the ethnicity of the children